Soooo my friends

Soooo my friends

Will try not to make this a long post. I've been known to ramble at times.LOL Was out on our deck last week with my wife. She was drinking wine as usual and I with my Jim Bean Devil's Cut ( highly recommend it :-). We were chatting about our performance model S. I asked her why she won't drive it? She has driven just a short distance only once in 2 years. She said she was afraid she might damage it and its such a big car. She said if I got curb rash or someone damaged it if she was away from it she couldn't live with herself. She has always been a muscle car and sport car lover. She loved driving our Acura NSX and our 911 Porsche. She can drive a stick better than anyone. Definitely better than me because I have stalled the Porsche a few times and her never. So after a few more drinks I asked if she had ever driven a Corvette? Myself I had new one when I was 19 and loved it. She said no she had never driven or even been in a Corvette. I said you would love it and she agreed she probably would. So the conversation changed to something else but my mind was thinking of other things. So the next day I'm off to the GM local dealership and see this beautiful black Corvette in the showroom. A sales rep comes over and says do you want one of these? I said its not for me. It's for my wife.He didn't know what to say then. So we talked some trade in numbers and came up with a figure. Other posts have mentioned about how crappy trade in values are on Tesla's. Try losing $78,000.00 less than I paid for it two years ago. Maybe that will make you feel better. I loved the Tesla, I didn't love when they lowered the charging rates and took more than twice as much time as before to charge on a trip. So after the paperwork was all done they prepped the car and I had it in a couple of days.I take the Tesla for its last drive to the dealership and told my wife I was going out for a while. She said ok will see you when you get back, and her usual I love you as I left. Little did she know what I was coming back in. I pull in the driveway and went inside the house. Asked her to come outside I wanted to show her something. So she did and saw the Vette. She said where is the Tesla and why is there a Vette in our driveway? My response was it's yours. She thought she was dreaming and was speechless for a moment ( does that ever happen with a woman? LOL ) Still not knowing what to say she finally said can I drive it? I said I told you it's yours. You can do what ever you want with it. So she hops in the drivers seat and heads for the open highway. I had it left in track mode to get the full exhaust sound. When she hit the on ramp on the highway I said stomp on that gas pedal. Didn't have to ask her twice. I was just praying there were no cops ahead. She loves the car. Not as much as she loves me... I think. But I just wanted to thank the amazing people here on the forum. Everyone, well most everyone has been so kind and helpful. Who knows? Maybe down the road a Tesla roadster will be in my future. Then I can keep up with my wife. :-)

SnowFlake | 13. Oktober 2019

Vetting on the slowed charging ....Mmm
But will not go for an ice again.. Rather I'm willing help as early adaptors and share the experiences...

SnowFlake | 13. Oktober 2019

For future EV owners.

rxlawdude | 13. Oktober 2019

Doesn't sound very much of a reason to go all EIV ICE, but best of luck you, @kerry.

*EIV = environmentally irresponsible vehicle.

redacted | 13. Oktober 2019

whatever you wrote, you did not make it concise and provided a useless subject line.

RedJ | 13. Oktober 2019

Sorry to see you go. See you in a couple of years in your roadster ;)

Uncle Paul | 13. Oktober 2019

You think you lost money on your Tesla...wait until you found out that Chevy has just released a 2020 MID ENGINE new Vette, starting at only $60,000. Lighter, Faster, much better handling, quicker 0-60, Dry Sump technology, better interior...all that and a bag of chips. The old vette design has now been abandoned. Chevy has moved on and it is now yesterdays news. Everbody want the better and far cheaper MID ENGINE car.

Chevy dealerships are dumping their old front engined Vettes in order to get allocations for the newest kid on the block.

PS. Tesla has significantly increased charging rates and range on their cars over the past year.

PSS. GM is once again facing bankruptcy as their workers have gone out on strike to try to protect their jobs as GM makes plans to replace their ICE production with Electric Drive. Unless they promise the workers that they will not lay any of them off in the conversion, they will stay on strike until the company dies...

PSSS. My Wifey says she love our new Model X. Never will subject herself to standing out in the dark, pumping polluting gasoline into her tank. She also wants a cleaner future for the kids.

PSSSS. Vette owners gonna be crying when Elon released the New Roadster. Smaller, more nimble and much much faster than the last generation Vettes.

PSSSSS. Still I'm glad that your Wife is happy with her new black Vette. They are amazing cars, but your gloating about it burns my Ass...

Boonedocks | 13. Oktober 2019

My wife would never want a car sight unseen and not driven.

She had a Model X loaner for a full week before deciding to trade in our Lincoln Navigator and BMW AH7 for it.

I do believe if BMW ever decides to go all in on a 7 Series BEV that would be the ONLY car she would walk out to the driveway and see a new car and smile.....

Good story Kerry....hope she continued to love her new Vette

GHammer | 13. Oktober 2019

"I didn't love when they lowered the charging rates and took more than twice as much time as before to charge on a trip."

I am getting real tired of seeing this totally debunked claim.

Enjoy your loud, small, impractical gas guzzler.

Bighorn | 13. Oktober 2019

Different strokes. My wife didn’t drive the S for 5 years. Now that she’s comfortable with the 3, she’ll take whatever car is available. Plus she’s suggesting we replacing the F350 with an X.

You did kind of lose me at supercharging taking twice as long. NFW. It’s a 17 kW difference. Do the math. But, glad you’re happy and that that sort of unilateral decision flies for some.

mcmack15 | 13. Oktober 2019

I will miss you. Your voice of reason and common sense responses to the threads were always welcome. You were the very 1st person to respond to my 1st post on this Forum. You were helpful, polite and made me feel welcome. You warned me about the nuts and told me they were in the minority and that most of the folks were great---you were right. Best of luck to you and your wife. You will enjoy the corvette-----my two cents---I don't see what all the fuss is about the mid engine. I think the C7 you got will be just as much fun).

ST70 | 13. Oktober 2019

Wow what a horrible dream you had last night...I don't know what I would do if I woke up with a Corvette in my garage and my Tesla missing.

thranx | 13. Oktober 2019

Wait until somebody sneezes on your vette and you get charged $1000s to fix cracked fiberglass. Vettes are beautiful (my first car was a '69 vette) but they break easy and repair costs are absurd. As for safety, fiberglass is great...for surfboards.

But...enjoy. Just don't run into anything, and don't let anything run into you.

GHammer | 13. Oktober 2019

@kerry I apologize for my previous snideness. I let my personal bias against Vettes and irritation about the supercharging rate debate get in the way of what was a very magnanimous thing to do for your wife. I really do hope you enjoy the new ride.

barrykmd | 13. Oktober 2019

Enjoy, Kerry.

SbMD | 13. Oktober 2019

@kerry - Appreciate your post. Really nice thing to do for your wife. A 'vette is a good way to step someone up to a Tesla :)

Be well.

sentabo | 13. Oktober 2019

You knew what would make your wife happy, and you went for it. Good on you for that. I do hope after the Corvette "honeymoon" is over that you come back over to the EV side.

Darthamerica | 13. Oktober 2019

Enjoy the Vette! They are awesome cars and a worthy source of pride vs the European sports cars.

NKYTA | 13. Oktober 2019

I used to own one. No.

EV better, by a lot.

NKYTA | 13. Oktober 2019

@Darth, don’t you get tired of being wrong?

Darthamerica | 13. Oktober 2019

Do you get tired of being all on my nuts because you have nothing meaningful or informative to contribute?

jjs | 13. Oktober 2019

Be safe. Enjoy.

TesMD | 13. Oktober 2019

What year was your car? How much was the trade in value? That seems like a good buy for someone. For me personally, I would not trade my Tesla for any car except a Tesla. Enjoy the Vette.

ST70 | 13. Oktober 2019

"So the conversation changed to something else but my mind was thinking of other things. So the next day I'm off to the GM local dealership and see this beautiful black Corvette in the showroom." ....that was a costly blow job :-) ....seriously enjoy it! Your wife sounds awesome! Drives a stick shift and into sports cars!

kerryglittle | 14. Oktober 2019

Thanks for the few positive comments. Especially mcmack15. People forget to realize it's my life and my money. I love my wife very much and this made her happy. The smile on her face when she took her car for the first ride was worth it. A car is just a car. Gets you from point A to point B. Nothing more. I have nothing bad to say about Tesla and still own shares in the company and hope it succeeds. I hope they improve some of the things they could easily do. Having Apple CarPlay would be my first suggestion. I tried it out on the Vette and realized it is way better than the Waze program you can get on your browser screen that keeps disconnecting and you have to reboot while driving to get it back up again in ten minutes. Not everyone on here owns all EV's so they shouldn't judge to much. Just sayin.

inconel | 14. Oktober 2019

If a car is just a car to get you from point A to point B then everyone should be driving an EV, or at least the smallest ICE engine for the least pollution. Would not make sense to drive a Vette.

Mathew98 | 14. Oktober 2019

@Kerry - A happy wife makes your life a lot easier. Don't worry about what others think as they don't live with the choices you make. However, please let go. A car is just a car. Let her drive in the rain, snow, winter, and whenever it blows!!!

Tropopause | 14. Oktober 2019

Be safe and have fun with the Vette! Wish GM would make an EV Vette.

Curious- doesn't the Vette feel kinda slow after a Performance MS? I know I've outrun a couple of Stingrays and a ZR1, not from a stop but, on the freeway with my P100D.

NE_Xplant | 14. Oktober 2019

Congratulations. Like you said, not everyone owns all EVs, but I'm finding that judging comes for absolutely free and sometimes especially so on this site. Enjoy and have fun!

Bill_75D | 15. Oktober 2019

@Tropopause - Pretty impressive that you outran a 212 mph ZR1 on the freeway.

Bighorn | 15. Oktober 2019

Average owner age is 68, so a lot of nostalgia buys with homeopathic testosterone levels. Lots of sedate highway encounters don’t do its performance justice. They’ve grown increasingly gorgeous, quasi-exotic over the years at bargain basement prices. Came upon a troop of them blocking the Mitchell, South Dakota superchargers, but they weren’t looking for trouble. Just a prostate break.

Anthony J. Parisio | 16. Oktober 2019

I guess some people don't care the future generations will have a clean Earth.

nukequazar | 16. Oktober 2019

@kerryglittle +1 for CarPlay! Tesla MCU is totally pathetic; nearly unusable in comparison. Have fun with the 'vette!