Startup malfunciton on "Blindspot", "Emer. Lane Departure" and "Regen"

Startup malfunciton on "Blindspot", "Emer. Lane Departure" and "Regen"

Every morning since cooler weather started the car gives malfunction alerts for "Blind Spot Detection" and for "Emergency Lane Departure". They typically go away after a few miles and then pop up a few more times and then go away. Not sure if the functions are restored or the malfunction alert simply goes away after a set time but they shouldn't come on at all. There's no message like left or right camera malfunction, no suggestion like wipe off camera so no action to take.

Both of these functions have been subject of two service sessions on the car, one mobile where the tech drove in the car with Fremont tech on the phone and another where the car was dropped off for two days due to "Get Service Immediately" message. This was over last two months so fairly recent check ups.

BSI and ESL alerts say to get service if they persist so service call scheduled.

lbowroom | 15. Oktober 2019

Thanks for the info, keep up the good work!