Tesla Andriod app

Tesla Andriod app

Tesla never seems to be specific as to the requirements for the remote app to work with car ( blue tooth WiFi GPS LTE service).
For example Home link needs a GPS fix. If the fix is not there it will ask you to move closer to the car.
If you car is in the garage and you are indoors it is unlikely a good GPS fix is available if you move closer but that's not what is displayed as the error.
This is in stark contrast since the honk the horn flash the lights will work if both the car and the phone are on the same home WiFi.
Next the request for service just doesn't work. I doubt this is a way to avoid a service backlog but who knows?
I definitive statement as to the specific prerequisites for each remote function would be friendly.

murphyS90D | 17. Oktober 2019

The car talks to a server in CA. The phone talks to a server in CA. The phone does not talk directly to the car. That is why if you use the phone to drive your car and park in an underground garage, you will need a tow truck to get out of the underground garage unless you call someone to bring you one of your fobs.

Silver2K | 17. Oktober 2019

Homeliness needs gps? I thought the homeliness device is in from of the car and communicate with your garage opener?

Service appointments works just fine.

Silver2K | 17. Oktober 2019


barrykmd | 17. Oktober 2019

Silver - where ya been? Forum isn't the same without your misspellings :-)

dougk71 | 17. Oktober 2019

"The phone does not talk directly to the car." This is not completely correct. I have a phone without a SIM card ( no phone service) however if it is connected to WiFi it can talk to the car open doors honk the horn. I say not completely correct in that WiFi could be considered to be indirect..
The issue here is it would be nice to have the necessary and sufficient parameters for the app to work.
This helps when you get a fuzzy message like get closer to the car when what in this specific case is that there is no GPS fix inside a building.
It is good to here that the request service is working for some...I know it doesn't inside the house maybe it requires a GPS fix who knows and that is the overall frustration maybe the car knows it doesn't need service either way all I see is a frozen screen big Tesla logo on the app.
Just saying

EVRider | 18. Oktober 2019

"The phone does not talk directly to the car." This is completely correct (for Model S). Whether you use WiFi or cellular, the phone is still using the Tesla server to access your car.

I’m not getting the point you’re trying to make about “GPS fix.” What exactly isn’t working for you?

dougk71 | 18. Oktober 2019

If I have a GPD fix on the phone ( a geolocation) it will work home link. If I don't have a GPS fix like inside a building it doesn't work but without a cellular connection but the same phone connecting to a home WiFi or any WiFi that the car shares you can honk the horn. Tesla is a sophisticated car and the owners I surmise are equally why not gives us the technical parameters.
I was hoping the necessary and sufficient conditions to operate all features of the app would be disclosed.
Like Homelink via a cell phone requires the cell phone to have a GPS fix.
Honking the horn will work with WiFi only connection.
Why ask some might say?..It's when things don't work there are either no error messages like a frozen screen with the Tesla logo or a message like go closer to the car for remote home link when without a GPS fix on your phone will never work even if you are touching the car.
Now if service would answer the phone and just maybe they could help with this it wouldn't be frustrating.
If Tesla would only state the prerequisites it could be so simple to diagnose.
There are two ways to schedule service one over the phone which doesn't work for me ( screen is frozen) and the other to put 4 hours to one side and wait for service to answer the landline. I know they are swamped.
You should be able to schedule service via the Tesla web site... if you can order a car you should be able to schedule service via the web site.
Sure these are small things and when the Tesla is functioning to perfection all is good but when something small or big happens it is frustrating just to be able to report the issue.
With an ICE car the dealership contacts you for service...sure you don't get ripped off with Tesla service but it is a hurdle to jump just to ask for service on a Tesla.

NKYTA | 18. Oktober 2019

Homelink is a chip in the car that can open your garage door. It is programmed from the 17" touchscreen in the car.
The Telsa app on your phone talks to Tesla's servers via Wifi or cellular network as EVRider said.
GPS is yet another avenue - location, location, location. Your car has a GPS chip, as (likely) does your Android phone.

"With an ICE car the dealership contacts you for service...sure you don't get ripped off with Tesla service but it is a hurdle to jump just to ask for service on a Tesla."

There is a current thread on Tesla Service, so you could share your gripes there, instead of randomly here on questions about Android.

Stealerships == bad.