Temp Tags for out of state taking delivery in Texas

Temp Tags for out of state taking delivery in Texas

I live in Louisiana and in 2015 I took delivery of my Model S at the Dallas Service Center. At that time they gave me a temporary license plate until I could get the vehicle licensed in Louisiana. Yesterday my delivery support specialist told me they would not give me a temp tag to drive the car back to Louisiana and to drive while I have it licensed in the state. Has anyone else had this problem and what was your solution. Did they change the law?

CatTrax | 28. Oktober 2019

@whartine - Can't speak for TX or LA laws, but I received delivery of our new X in mid August 2019 in Chicago. Our vehicles are titled in Tennessee. We were provided a 30-day temporary tag from the State of Illinois through our Tesla service center that enabled us to drive the car until the permanent Tennessee plate arrived. It is strange that your SC would hesitate in providing you a temp tag regardless of where you live . . . TX . . . LA . . . wherever. You can't legally leave the SC in your new car without displaying a tag of some sort. Escalate your case to a higher level at your SC or to corporate in Cali.

whartline | 28. Oktober 2019

I live in Louisiana and my service center is in Texas. Louisiana doesn't have a service center. I was told the Texas service center would only give a tag to cars going to be licensed in Texas.

Triggerplz | 28. Oktober 2019

I live in New Jersey I picked my MX up in Pennsylvania they put a New Jersey temp tag in my front window I drove to Maryland the police there pulled me over saying the temp tag should be in the back window so I moved it to the back window drove back to NJ. NJ police pulled me over saying they couldn’t see the temp tag in the back window because the back window is so dark..