Turned off Stopping Mode in Latest Update

Turned off Stopping Mode in Latest Update

As posted previously, the latest update (2019.361) received some notable changes. One of those being the new Stopping Mode.

I thought I would love the true one pedal driving and it does deliver at that. But for me, after giving it a few days, gave up on it and switched back to the "rolling" mode.

Was more work having to perfectly modulate the accelerator at every single stop. Is also a little jerky when it actually comes to a stop.

Where it bothered me the most was simply pulling in and out of the garage. Usually, just put it in reverse, get it rolling and the car rolls out to the driveway. I can put it in Drive before it stops rolling and it continues to roll until I'm far enough back to just hit the accelerator and take off in the forward direction.

Same thing, pulling in. I have a little bit of a tight fit in front and like the car just slowly rolling until I reach my mark then tap the brake and put it in park. With Stopping Mode on, was just constant jerky stops trying to perfect the spot where I place the car. With the tight fit, I roll in very slowly. So doing that with stopping mode wasn't practical.

For traffic lights, I use regen to slow down and same thing, let it roll to the crosswalk and tap the brake. With Stopping Mode, have to keep hitting the accelerator to get it to the line. More work than just free-rolling to the line. Don't mind the quick tap of the brake. Certainly easier for me to do when I reach the point where i want the car to stop rather than constantly modulating the accelerator all the way there. Takes more effort and thought.

Love the concept, but it's just not for me at this time. I'll give it another try after Tesla improves it, as I know they will.

The positive is that I still have the power increase benefit and, at least to me, it feels like overall regen is stronger than it was, which I do like. Thought I would want the auto stop feature too, but turns out, the last little freeroll is nice. It allows for a smoother stop and takes less effort by the driver.

Just my two cents.

flickroll | 04. November 2019

Wish I could get my hands on 2019.36..., but maybe it’s only for P cars? I have a LR. I want the 50 hp increase (definitely), plus the 3 more miles of range :-)

2015P90DI | 04. November 2019

@flickroll, won't be 50 HP, it's only a 3% increase in power for Model S. Also, the 3 mile range increase is not anything software related. It was simply a correction to the figures reflected. No change whatsoever regarding range to the cars. They just updated the website to match the actual EPA numbers. The update was just released three days ago, so you should be getting it soon. Be sure you have WIFI turned on and connected in your car so it downloads updates.

bhanuk99 | 04. November 2019

@flikroll-seems like Model 3 and Raven cars, permanent motors PM, got those single pedal stop mode and other stuff OP posted here and elsewhere. If you have Raven you may be in luck. My 2018 S100D did not get any of those with 36.1.

Bighorn | 04. November 2019

Not surprised that some will turn it off given your initial description. It was a feature request and not what JB et al envisioned, I suspect.

The 50 hp increase figure came from Elon after the Top Gear race fraud with the Taycan, so it’s unclear if it’s something beyond this planned 3% increase from the Q3 call.

Boonedocks | 04. November 2019

@BigHorn “ The 50 hp increase figure came from Elon after the Top Gear race fraud with the Taycan”

And will only make a difference if Top Shmeer decides to actually USE a Raven with the update instead of a 2017 P in range mode lol lol loo lol

nukequazar | 04. November 2019

So this option is called “Stopping Mode?” And it actually puts the car into Hold automatically? That does not sound good at all. What we want for one-pedal driving is stronger regen not adding braking without touching the brake pedal.

Are the regen options left the same as before or does this replace the regen options?

Bighorn | 04. November 2019

It's one pedal mode and it's what a lot of people with cheaper EVs have been clamoring for so the Tesla acts like their old car. They didn't like having to touch the brake pedal. No change in regen options. | 04. November 2019

Some owners coming from a Bolt has asked for the one-pedal driving feature, where you can come to a stop without touching the brake. I understand this is Tesla's answer to that. I don't have the update yet, so I can't comment on the implementation. It is an option, so you don't have to change if you prefer the current design.

A stronger regen is a different feature/option possibility and is not related. | 04. November 2019

@BH - you type faster :)

Bighorn | 04. November 2019

and less!

nukequazar | 04. November 2019

No, I understand, but stronger regen is what people want. I have driven an i3. It comes to a stop (or almost), if you're careful, with one-pedal driving without the use of brakes. Stronger region for one-pedal driving is the feature people want, not automated braking.

So my question is, again, does this update leave the region options as is and add the auto-hold? Or does it replace standard regen with this new mode, which would be terrible, IMO?

And it's not about "cheaper." The i3 is >$50k so not cheeper than a Model 3. Its one-pedal regen capability is very cool, trying to get from stoplight to stoplight without using brakes. Faking this by automating braking is not, at all, the point.

Bighorn | 04. November 2019

I’m not convinced that regen alone can stop a car in all circumstances purely from a physics standpoint. How would one know whether the BMW were using friction brakes as well? If the Tesla didn’t go into hold, I imagine it would be impossible to tell unless you had squeaky pads. I certainly can’t tell the mix of regen and braking when TACC does a quick decel. Don’t have the new FW, so don’t know if standard regen is stronger now. Sounds like the feature is limited to Ravens, so most will not get to find out.

nukequazar | 04. November 2019

Like I said i3 stops, or almost stops, without using the brake pedal. It feels pretty certain to be regen only, otherwise it would always come to a stop even if moving downhill which it does not.

Bighorn | 04. November 2019

I was just thinking it might be a permanent magnet motor thing that allows one pedal stopping. I don’t think the original motors can stop with so little current flowing.

nukequazar | 04. November 2019

That may be true which would be very cool. That’s why I was asking. Hoping someone who actually has it could enlighten us.

Bottom line, though, I really like regen braking and wish it were stronger on my S so that’s what I was hoping for. I wouldn’t want auto-hold.

2015P90DI | 04. November 2019

Regen remains unchanged. I feels a little stronger than it was before, but not drastically so. So, just as it was before, if you plan your stops ahead and life appropriately, the car will slow itself down to 4-5 MPH. If you have "Stopping Mode" on, then it apparently applies the brakes at the last part of it. Problem for me, is that it applies the brakes pretty aggressively at that point and is a bit of a jerky stop. So to be smooth, it's like trying to inch forward with the accelerator, but then hitting the brake pedal quite hard. The only way you can smooth it out is to perfectly time it all so it doesn't slam the brakes until you're under 1/2 MPH. Again, was too much work/effort, far more than just coasting down to 4-5 MPH and tapping the brake manually for a nice smooth stop.

Putting the car in "Roll" mode instead of Stopping Mode, returns the functionally to exactly as it was prior to the update. Regen works just as it did before, but maybe a little stronger than it was, which is a good thing.

Good concept, just needs fine tuning. Don't imagine too many people will keep it in Stopping Mode for long. I haven't driven another EV that's allowed for true one-pedal driving. Curious if those come to an actual stop more smoothly?

nukequazar | 04. November 2019

@2015P90DI, thanks! You should test drive an i3 some time, if you haven’t. It’s pretty fun. If you’re careful you can really minimize brake use, maximizing efficiency, range, energy use, etc. No stoplight drag-racing, though!

EVRider | 04. November 2019

@nuke: My wife had two different i3’s before she got her Model 3, and the i3 can definitely come to a complete stop without using the brake (not just almost stop). I don’t know if this works entirely using regen or the friction brake was used too, but it was seamless. Another braking-related difference in the i3 is that it won’t roll backwards when stopped (and in drive), there’s no hold feature (but it will roll forward).

Haven’t received the latest update on either of our Teslas yet, so I haven’t had experience with the new Stop Mode.

PrescottRichard | 04. November 2019

I manage to stay off the brake pedal by using TACC, more often AP1 when approaching stopped traffic after regen drags me down to 20 mph or so.

This works, but I suppose if you find hitting the brake pedal annoying you’ll find turning AP on and off annoying as well.

EVRider | 04. November 2019

TACC won’t help if there are no cars in front of you. Did anyone actually say that having to use the brake to stop is annoying?

Yodrak. | 04. November 2019

"What we want for one-pedal driving is stronger regen"
"stronger regen is what people want."

Sounds like Republicans and Democrats, both of which claim to know what Americans want. The problem being they claim very different things for what "we" want.

"I really like regen braking "

Now you're being truthful about it - it's 'me', not "we". :-)

PrescottRichard | 04. November 2019

I guess that was the vibe I was getting from the posts. I wouldn’t mind one pedal driving to include stopping on my 2016 S but sounds like that won’t happen.

Yeah, you’re right TACC and AP won’t stop for you when there’s no one in front of you.

NKYTA | 04. November 2019

Yodrak, ;-)

dborn | 04. November 2019

I want stronger regen and stop light recognition so the car WILL come to a full stop WITHOUT a car in front of you. My understanding is that the IQ3 chip is capable of that, but of course Elon ditched Mobileye before that feature was activated. (I also believe that the full features of the IQ3 chip have NOT been unlocked!) Maybe I am a conspiracy theorist, but there you go! I feel the same about the severely limited suoercharging rate on my “free for life” AP1 car. 1 fire and alleged battery life reasons don’t cut it for me. They just want to stop me using the inner city supercharger 3 miles from my home by making it inconvenient. See, I told you I am a conspiracy theorist!!

nukequazar | 04. November 2019

@Yodrak, Jesus H. Christ.


I was replying to a previous mention of people requesting one-pedal driving (erroneously ascribing it to only Bolt drivers) plus others I have personally talked to about this feature, who enjoy regen braking and would like for it to be stronger enabling one-pedal driving, as in the i3, which uses only regen (magnetic) braking when letting off the accelerator and friction braking only with the brake pedal.


BMW i3: How Far Can You Go Without Touching The Brake Pedal?

2015P90DI | 05. November 2019

As noted, the current version is not very polished with the jerky braking. But some of the above posts have reminded me that Tesla has a huge advantage over all other EV's. Thinking about it, when using AP, the car comes to a stop for other vehicles or obstacles and does so reasonably smoothly.

Again, I don't know how other cars with one pedal driving are in terms of smoothness when coming to a stop, but seems to me that Tesla could integrate the two features together. Use Regen to slow the car down, then use AP to bring the car to a SMOOTH stop at the crosswalk line. If the driver doesn't have a foot on the accelerator,that's the car's queue that the driver wants it to stop. Would be great if it coasted to a nice smooth stop at the crosswalk of an intersection (when available of course). Obviously, it can already do that when behind another car. The problem is, in the current Stopping Mode, the car still just slams on the brakes when it gets to the point where it would normally coast or "roll". At that point, engage AP to do the rest of the job.

I don't know, just a thought.

Sailfast | 05. November 2019

@2015P90DI. I like your idea and it should work for older cars, not just the Ravens

inconel | 05. November 2019

If Regen is not enough to bring the car to a stop below 5mph, and instead of using frictional brakes, could Tesla apply some tiny energy to go backwards to counter the forward momentum?

Bighorn | 05. November 2019

Apparently the permanent magnets can stop it, but reverse polarity on the old motors could presumable work. That's the least efficient option--worse than using the brakes.

kkillebrew | 05. November 2019

I am confused as to which cars actually will get Stop mode. Nearly every post on the Tesla Motors Club forum alludes to Stop being a raven only PM motor feature. 2015P90D is your vehicle the same model as your forum ID?

Bighorn | 05. November 2019

He has a new Raven. You are accurate.

ALSET | 09. November 2019

+1 for stopping mode. Got the update last night on Raven LR, only tested it in the cold today with about 50% limited regen but even then I like it a lot. Don't really need to touch the brake pedal at all anymore.

Tropopause | 09. November 2019

Got the Stop Mode feature last night on my Model 3. Love it!

Just feather your Go Pedal foot as necessary for precise vehicle movement and stopping. I noticed there is a slight delay from when the car comes to a complete stop with regen to when the brake hold is applied. I can hear the process in action and thus have learned not to remain at 0mph too long between "pulses" or the car will enter Brake Hold. It's no big deal if Brake Hold activates but it does slow down the process if you are trying to make small vehicle movements for precision. If you don't let the car remain stationary too long you can avoid the Brake Hold and simply move the car as desired for precise placement.

Thanks Tesla!

ALSET | 09. November 2019

@Tropopause - even in the old Rolling mode I felt brake hold had become more sensitive. When I first purchased the car 5 months ago I had to consciously step down into the brake pedal after stopping to activate brake hold. Somewhere along the lines with the updates I noticed brake hold just comes on when you come to a stop with the brake pedal.

Tropopause | 09. November 2019

ALSET- Seems Tesla is always improving and tweaking. I'm sure the new Stop Mode will get even better but I'm happy with it so far. Still need to do more daily testing though.

Boonedocks | 10. November 2019

Absolutely LOVE the be brake hold feature. Can’t wait for my commute Monday morning. So it seems like the extra regen helps with my brake pedal thud using AP in stop and go traffic

Boonedocks | 12. November 2019

Had my first day of true rush hour traffic. I am now 100% hooked on the new “Hold” one pedal auto stop feature. My car now slows and stops in traffic like a seasoned driver actually paying attention. I have posted several times before that my car always acted as if it was a distracted txting teenage driver and too abruptly hitting the brake pedal causing a thud and too quick of a braking reaction. Stopping using A/P or TACC is now everything I would have wanted it to be.

Tesla PLEASE do not mess this one up. It is that good.

Smooth and quiet as it should be.....

flickroll | 12. November 2019

First, thanks for the comments to my first post in this thread. Too bad it’s not 50 hp, but I’ll take 12 hp too.

I got the new s/w last week and absolutely love the new Hold mode. Took a little getting used to, but as it is now I rarely touch the brake. Using the brake now is mostly only when regen is restricted due to temperature.

Boonedocks | 12. November 2019

I 100% completely DISAGREE with @nukquazar above. The one pedal driving with auto brake hold is perfect and everything I would have asked for. I feel pretty sure that those that have it will find the same true.

marcustcohn | 12. November 2019

Having driven a Bolt for two years as the around the town car I have come to really like the one pedal feature. Have not yet gotten the update (the last attempt failed) so cannot comment on Tesla version of this but if implemented as per Chevy the driver function is very nice.

EVRider | 12. November 2019

Just tried Hold Mode for the first time today on our Model 3, and I like it. Even better than the i3’s one pedal driving because that doesn’t stop you from rolling forward on an incline.

Sadly, my pre-Raven Model S won’t get this. :-(

NKYTA | 12. November 2019

Pre-Raven, sorta funny.
Pre-2013 S is a bit sadder, but she is still soldering on.

Took the wife’s 3 on my overnight to collect a few SCs. Just got the update last night, but haven’t tried Stop Mode.

MarylandS85 | 16. November 2019

I concur that Hold Mode on the 3 is superb. It only took a little practice to get used to it. Sadly, my 2014 S85 will not get this feature, but I still love my classic blue beauty and her beautifully efficient 286 Wh/mi (given her size; can’t match the Model 3 LR single motor’s 218 Wh/mi). Now I just need to get those yellow screen borders sorted out.

2015P90DI | 16. November 2019

I turned it back on and gave it another couple of days. It does stop smoother now than it did after the initial release. But, after a couple of days, still chose to go back to what it was. I still prefer being able to let the car free-roll in and out of the garage slowly. Still prefer being able to free-roll until I reach the cross wall / intersection line rather than having to modulate the throttle all the way there. It's not a bad feature by any means, but does actually require more driver input than the "roll" option. I've gotten good at lifting early enough for regen to slow the car in plenty of time, letting it roll the last 5-10 feet with no input from me from the time I lifted off the throttle, then just gently tap the brake pedal to engage "hold" and wait for the light. With the hold option turned on, requires that I modulate it all the way to stop.

Just a personal preference. But is a cool feature. As are a thousand other features that I don't regularly use! But, they have use for someone and would rather have the option available than not have it all, so props to Tesla.

sentabo | 16. November 2019

I love the Stopping Mode and found it to be a quick adjustment. Unless there is a sudden or downhill stop one can experience one-pedal driving continuously. And the regenerative braking in Stopping Mode seems considerably better.

Good stuff!

EVRider | 17. November 2019

After driving my wife’s Model 3, which has Stopping Mode, the regen in my Model S, which doesn’t, feels really weak (not because of SOC or temp).

Bighorn | 17. November 2019

Finally got to test out the new FW. The aggressive regen in reverse is going to lead to collisions with the pedestal backing up at the supercharger, especially in Performance models. Very easy to overshoot your intended slow, controlled roll.

NobelPrizeforMusk | 18. November 2019

I don't agree with the requirement of a PM motor for brake mode. Teslas are simply induction motors controlled by an inverter or variable frequency drive. These units have been around for decades will full braking capabilities. The only limitation is rotor heating, which is also true with a PM motor. The PM may be more efficient at braking but there is no reason Tesla can't provide this function in older, all induction motor drivetrains.

gigwatt | 25. November 2019

Have a 2018 Model X 75D. Stop mode did not show up on my latest download. Am new at this so don't understand why. I have done a manual download since but still not there. Any idea why.
Thank you

Bighorn | 25. November 2019

Because your car is not able to do it. You don’t have a permanent magnet motor that was introduced this spring