Should i trade in for the new X

Should i trade in for the new X

Got a 75x with 34,000 miles on it, in the shop for a bad 12 volt.....Love it, have had it for two years....Would it be financial stupidity to trade in for a new raven???? Is the new X that much better? The trade in was 59,000, if I wait another year i assume the depreciation will decelerate a bit...Thanks

Vawlkus | 04. November 2019

Do you want to? Only you can answer that question.

hoffenberg | 04. November 2019

I feel like I am being impulsive....Looking for a father figure here!!!!

Saxman | 04. November 2019

I have a Dec 2016 75D, with EAP & FSD. I also love it. I could definitely use more range, especially driving between TX & CO, twice a year. However, even though the MCU2 , Sentry mode USB recording, Theater, etc.would be nice, for me it's not enough to justify the additional expense, at this time. Hopefully we will get a free upgrade to HW3, which should be a significant improvement.

At this moment in time, it would take a HUGE LEAP in technology advancement (like 80% SOC in 15 minutes) for me to trade in my MX...but that's just me.

hoffenberg | 04. November 2019

That seems logical and a very adult viewpoint.....I tend to agree with you

awajr31 | 04. November 2019

I made the trade and am very glad. YMMV!

hoffenberg | 04. November 2019

How much did you get on your trade in???

jimglas | 04. November 2019

I dont plan to trade unless there is a significant battery breakthrough. Say 500+ miles. Otherwise, I dont see any compelling reason to upgrade. I probably wouldnt notice the difference. I dont really push my cars anywhere their limits now.

Saxman | 05. November 2019

That 500+ battery would be incentive for me also to upgrade.

In that situation the only other technical breakthrough that would get me jazzed is FSF(Full Self Flying). Utilize
our Falcon Wings to maximum potential :) .

hoffenberg | 05. November 2019

325 compared to 225 is pretty significant. Good week in the stock market, I may just be silly enough to do it

rdmdrd | 05. November 2019

I’m planning to. But it was a tough decision. Also with 75D currently. Going for long range because of extra mileage and better AP hardware. I’m in a lease though. I debated hard and am still unsure about the decision. Disappointed that after 3 years very little has changed with the car - same minimal interior, less customizable options, no more ventilated seats, still no surround camera and other electronic perks that are typically seen at this price point. But it came down to need for 6 seats and space without driving a tank!

hoffenberg | 06. November 2019

What is your trade in value?

Bagzzz | 06. November 2019

We are thinking of trading ours in for a Y sometime before the warranty ends. Originally this was going to be our final retirement car, but if not for the warranty, we would be out significantly for FWD actuators, towing, computer problems, extreme tire wear, and door seals. To make it worse, the lower cost cars have better batteries, faster charging, better infotainment, and all the newest over the air updated we don’t get. Elon then admitted that they are only keeping these for sentimental reasons. There is no way we are keeping this past the warranty as originally planned, and we don’t see any reason to pay almost double for what is quickly becoming an outdated car relative to the new favorites of Elon.

inconel | 06. November 2019

The outdated cars might soon get larger batteries possibly with newer chemistry and other cool techs...

Uncle Paul | 09. November 2019

Tesla says he keeps making the S and X because he loves them, but that they do not add significantly to the viability of the company.

He has lowered their pricing and added lots of capabilities.

Will soon be adding a PLAID model that will be the highest performance (escept fot the new Coupe) vehicle they will be making. Just improved the front seats to give additional rear seat legroom. New batteries for longer range and higher performance in the works as well.

gene | 09. November 2019

Question, I had a 18,000.00 accident moving 5 to 7 miles per hour. Repairs on the undercarriage and nose cone and right front fender were the only parts replaced.
My is a ‘17 x P100 with 24,000 miles. What experience has anyone experienced with loss of value

Uncle Paul | 09. November 2019

How did a accident requiring so little repair cost $18,000?

There is a strong market for used Model X right not. Might not see all that much difference in offers. Inagine that $5k reduction would offset the accident.

gene | 11. November 2019

Uncle to mention Paul
I forget to mention that I have custom Vossen forged aluminum wheels. Had a minor rash on one wheel and State Farm wanted to replace one. Also, both front tires were replaced. There was nothing wrong with either. My guess is that State Farm wants to remove any future responsibility. So, that’s how the price can move quickly.