2019.32.12.7 update...anyone know what it is yet?

2019.32.12.7 update...anyone know what it is yet?

My car is downloading this now, anyone know what it is yet? Maybe that 50hp boost or sms notifications? Would love BOTH of course.

EVRider | 06. November 2019

What about SMS notifications? I think the good stuff is in 2019.36.1, so you’re probably getting bug fixes.

mcdonsco | 06. November 2019

Yeah, it completed with the EXACT same notes as previous updates...kind of annoying, why can't they just say "Bug fixes" if that's all it is rather than stating the same thing as the last 3 updates? Ugh...

Ohmster | 06. November 2019

Might just be me, but my lowly 2017 75 just got 12.7 and midrange power seems 'better'? There seemed to be more head pushback when I punch it on the freeway.

‘17 S75 + ‘17 X75D Both: Uncorked [E]AP MCU1 FSD AP2.5 Intrusion Grin on!

jcg-it | 07. November 2019

S75 quicker? Intresting! Hope late '18 100D will get some too!

martypayton | 07. November 2019

I downloaded it yesterday and woke up with 4-5 extra miles of range on my '17 S75 HW 2.0. As far as any extra punch, I haven't tried it.

Boonedocks | 07. November 2019

@Martypayton "As far as any extra punch, I haven't tried it"

And you won't until you receive V2019.36.1+

jcg-it | 07. November 2019

Just read that the release notes in Belgium are not saying anything about range/power in v2019.36.1

rdevdyuk | 07. November 2019

Will I get power increase on my uncorked 75d 2016 ap1?

Boonedocks | 07. November 2019

Must not be a Belgium approved release. Sorry... | 07. November 2019

@Boonedocks - Also that screenshot is from a Model 3. Still unknown which car variants may get the power increase. It could be only Ravens get it, and Elon said 3% for the S/X.

bhanuk99 | 07. November 2019

My MCU 2 2018 S100D got 36.1 on 11/1. No power increase. Just Scheduled departure and automatic navigation from release notes. I posted elsewhere on this forum.

bhanuk99 | 07. November 2019

This is from my release notes:

Boonedocks | 07. November 2019

@TeslaTap....yeah...more of Elon's "selective use of words" or ommitance in the case. From the Quarterly Report Call

"I forgot to mention, we’re also expecting there’s going to be an over-the-air improvement that will improve the power of the Model S, X, and 3. That’s, by the way, coming in a few weeks. It should be in the order of 5% power improvement due to improved firmware."

He did NOT say Raven who knows.

Ohmster | 07. November 2019

I can only subjectively state a perceived increase in mid band power (passing speeds). My son commented on it as well this morning. Maybe they just made the go pedal more responsive?

‘17 S75 + ‘17 X75D Both: Uncorked [E]AP MCU1 FSD AP2.5 Intrusion Grin on!

john | 07. November 2019

My 2016 S 90D had downloaded 95% of this update, and it just stalled and then vanished. Still on 2019.32.12.1. Connected to stable Wi-Fi service. Seems that I am not missing much.

hikerockies | 07. November 2019

Just got 2019.32.12.7 this morning. Web browser now works on MCU1. Yea!

barrykmd | 08. November 2019

I'm half way around the world and got notification for 2019.32.12.7. So it's safe to install?

Bighorn | 08. November 2019

I installed it yesterday. | 08. November 2019

@Boondocks - you missed what was said immediately after:

Elon: .... Should be in the order of 5% power improvement due to improved firmware. Drew, do you want to say anything on that?

Drew Baglino -- Chief Technology Officer

Yeah, we just continue to learn how to optimize the motor control in our products. And yeah, so 5% improvement for all Model 3 customers and 3% for S and X.

Me: A safe assumption is if it is not explicitly stated, it applies to current production. Yes, it could be clearer.
The fact that Drew said all Model 3 customers, but didn't say all S/X implies not all S/X will get it. Still, I'd love to be wrong on this one.

Bighorn | 08. November 2019

Wouldn’t be surprised if it only pertained to PM motors, so Raven only.

kyw92 | 08. November 2019

Tesla SW still have a bug: "unknown call" notification from VoIP calling such as Facebook, FaceTime, KakaoTalk, etc.

kyw92 | 08. November 2019

Tesla SW still have a bug: "unknown call" notification from VoIP calling such as Facebook, FaceTime, KakaoTalk, etc.

Boonedocks | 08. November 2019

@TeslaTap just as I said....selective and purposeful use of words to cause the exact situation as in the thread above.

Boonedocks | 08. November 2019

as in clearly stating "S & X Models manufactured May 2019+". That was my point.....

OurTesla | 08. November 2019

With my old '14 P85+ I'm happy to get the notes of stuff my car can't install. Kind of a marketing tool I'd guess.

"You'll get nothing and like it punk...". LOL | 08. November 2019

@Boonedocks - Agreed!

jordanrichard | 08. November 2019

Speaking of release notes, when I got V10 a while ago on my '14 S85, one of the notes was that for the app, if your car has a garage door set up with Homelink, you will have a Homelink symbol on the app. Why you would need that, don't know. Anyways, anyone have that on their app. I can't find it and yes I do have the latest version of the app.

Bighorn | 08. November 2019

It's so you can open your garage with your phone. A lot of folks, myself included, have not been able to get it to work.

jordanrichard | 08. November 2019

BH, do you even have the Homelink icon, on your app?

In what situation would you need to open your garage door via your phone? When I walk into my garage, I just hit the button on the wall to open the door.

Boonedocks | 08. November 2019

@Bohhorn I don’t know when it stopped working but the button is still there in the app but when pressed it says “No Homelink Close By” (something like that) even when my car(s) are in the garage

RAR | 08. November 2019

@jordanrichard The Homelink icon is under Controls. Mine works. 2019.32.12.7

avesraggiana | 08. November 2019

Just downloaded 2019.32.12.7.

What's in it? The "What's In This Update." window has remained inscrutable (as in utterly, completely, unhelpfully blank), all morning.

Bighorn | 08. November 2019

i do have the icon. You could open or close the door remotely if the car is nearby. It's not a feature I would normally use, but others have said they value it. You could let someone in your garage to deliver a package if you were away, for instance.
I had a blank page for what the contents were, as well.

Bighorn | 08. November 2019

I should note that I just have it on my 3 app, not my S.

Tropopause | 08. November 2019


I took my wife's Model 3 into the Service Center for a new bumper cover. I was not provided with alternate transportation because the bumper was not a warranty item but rather an insurance issue. I do not have rental car option on my insurance so had a family member follow me and drive me home.

Upon arriving home I quickly realized I had no keys (thank you Model 3 ;)) nor garage door opener. Locked out and 45 miles away from the Service Center. Then it dawned on me to utilize the new Homelink feature from my mobile app. Being that my Model S was still parked in the garage that feature saved the day!

If I never use that feature again, I'm still very grateful.

NKYTA | 08. November 2019

Just tried on my wife’s 3, worked! Not sure when I would use it.

Alas, no love for the 2012 S.

jordanrichard | 09. November 2019

Well, I am stumped as to why all cars don’t have this feature on the app, since it is indeed an app feature vs say an AP related feature that only AP cars would get.

NCC1701S | 09. November 2019

This feature works perfectly with my MS 2015 85D AP1.

Yet another reason to keep a pair of adult diapers handy if someone ever steals my phone and gets around the passcode.

Tropopause | 09. November 2019


Just to add to your comment- I have a 2018 Model 3 I bought new with NO autopilot and a 2017 Model S with EAP/FSD 2.5HW, MCU1. I have a single, combined app for both cars yet the Model 3 does not have the Homelink feature in its portion of the app, while the Model S does.

Seems like it not tied to model or hardware configuration but rather to AP, EAP, or FSD activation despite being a phone app feature.

jordanrichard | 10. November 2019

Well I am certainly not losing any sleep over it, because I really can’t see when/why I would need to open my garage via my phone.

Ohmster | 10. November 2019

^I do it all the time using the MyQ Chamberlain app. Let service folks come in do their stuff and then close up behind them. Use the Tesla app to do same for myself when the MyQ gets finicky about the network (we have horrible cellular coverage at the house).

Darthamerica | 11. November 2019

@JordanRichard when I go running in the AM or ride my motorcycle, I can leave my keys behind and open the garage to get back in the house via app with HomeLink. That’s been useful. I just depends on your situation.

AERODYNE | 11. November 2019

I just tried that, works great. Thanks for the tip DA...

TSLC | 11. November 2019

...some mention of 32.12.7 reducing or eliminating heavy logging to the older MCU’s. This makes this update mandatory in and of itself. No bugs or other issues detected so far. Voice control still no longer plays voice request initiated songs since 32.11 and this one does not address that sadly.

Darthamerica | 11. November 2019

My pleasure AERODYNE, glad to help.

Darthamerica | 11. November 2019

All... the naming convention for the SW versions seems to be the year, week of the year, version and then any revisions. So the “.7” is the 7th release of 2019.32.12 and most likely just has bug fixes for known issues/regressions. No new features.

steve.ramsthel | 17. November 2019

When do I get 36.2.1 for my model x?

Bighorn | 17. November 2019

You have a Raven?