36.2.1 with LR RWD M3?

36.2.1 with LR RWD M3?

Anyone notice improvements with power and/or range with long range rear wheel drive version of Model 3?

MichaelB00012 | 12. November 2019

Just got it yesterday and it's too icy to really do anything related to power testing, but I can say I do love the scheduled departure addition!

vmulla | 12. November 2019

The estimated range on the screen is 278 @90% (~309) - so no improvement there FWIW

TAC | 12. November 2019

I absolutely love the power boost in my LR-RWD.. 2018 build .. feels more like 10% I really mean that. Did the RWD get a special treat here?

guydude | 13. November 2019

march 18' build here. LR rwd. zero difference in range but the power boost is definitely noticeable. In fact, when I am at 100% acceleration there is a noticeably different tone emitted from the electric motor now. Lower pitched. I'm happy. Stopping mode was enabled automatically for me and I am very pleased with it.

Slonkis | 13. November 2019

My estimated range went from 289 to 279 at 90% with this update (LR RWD). Probably means nothing in terms of the real range.
I could not detect a difference in power, but I usually drive conservatively.
Hold mode is what I've been waiting for. Now I just need to calibrate my driving to stop precisely at the line. It is very smooth.

M3phan | 13. November 2019

Power: absolutely
Range: will see tomorrow morning when charged up

rehutton777 | 13. November 2019

Just downloaded 2 days ago, so not much experience yet. Have not noticed significant power change (maybe a little, but it could be all in my head). Set my regen setting on "Hold", and I am still trying to get used to that. Tried to back my car out of the garage this morning, and I swear it was going to move. The regen change in "Hold" mode takes some getting used to, especially in reverse! But, I'm sure I'll love one-pedal driving once I get used to it.

rehutton777 | 13. November 2019

..was NOT going to move.

AZTesla | 13. November 2019

Yes, I definitely noticed the power boost when traveling at highway speed. I even detected it when I switched to Chill Mode. My range appears to be unchanged, however.

Still, a nice upgrade...

eandmjep | 13. November 2019

Power: Oh yeah!
Range: No change.
Hold: not activated at update, turned on. I'ts different but I'm getting used to it fast.
Other features: Departure will get used for leaving work. It will be nice to not have to manually preheat interior.

billtphotoman | 14. November 2019

The pavement has been too wet for me to try to test the power increase via my butt dynometer and falling air temps would dwarf any efficiency improvements but I sure do love 1 pedal driving. It is everything I thought it could be.

M3phan | 15. November 2019

No change in my range either

richard | 12. Februar 2020

I was about to buy another Mercedes but I hear the model 3 lr rwd is back in China. If they are making it back to the USA I would consider that instead but I need to know now... Any news? And is the price reasonable?

spuzzz123 | 13. Februar 2020

richard are you saying you won't buy an awd model 3? Is the tiny bit of extra range that important to you? (I have the LR RWD version and am really envious of the folks who got into AWD at a lower price than me)

bradbomb | 13. Februar 2020

I have the LR RWD too and there are days when I'm envious of not having the AWD, but I'm definitely happy I got the LR RWD in 2018 as I got the lowest price model available at the time and I got the full $7,500 federal tax credit plus the $2,500 rebate from California.

Frank99 | 13. Februar 2020

I’ve got a lr rwd, and I don’t NEED the AWD here in Phoenix, but I WANT the AWD acceleration (and the white interior that wasn’t available when I ordered). Ah well, still the best car I’ve ever owned.