HW3 upgrade starting!?!

HW3 upgrade starting!?!

I just saw a video post from someone who has a 2018 Model S HW2 that just got a upgrade to HW3!! A couple others posted that they were scheduled to have theirs done too. It seems that they are rolling it out to cars who have the newer MCU2 but not the cars, like mine 2017 X MCU1 HW2 FSD. They say Tesla is having problems getting HW3 to work with the MCU1 and working on a solution. Anyone else hearing anything? I'm starting to feel the pain of the older HW2 and the MCU1!! chomping at the bit to get upgraded.

Bighorn | 12. November 2019

Started in September

inconel | 13. November 2019

Maybe they will then throw in the MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade for free? One can hope :-)

fdelzingaro | 13. November 2019

@inconel, I am hoping!!

bp | 14. November 2019

Since we plan to keep our 2017 S for at least another 60K miles, we'd likely consider a reasonably priced MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade, if that would also provide all of the other features that are not being implemented on MCU1.