Some help for where to look next for rattling sound

Some help for where to look next for rattling sound

2018 DM M3. A rattling started couple weeks ago and I'm trying to figure out what's loose. The car has 15k miles and I've heard Tesla doesn't care about rattles after 12k miles. Last time i made an appointment, had to wait a month so ideally, I'd like to find it and fix it myself. I've narrowed it down to something related to the front seats. I can hear a rattle from the right side of the car and it stops if i push passenger seat away from me. I'm thinking maybe a bolt is loose because I have to push with some significant pressure to stop the noise. Figured this out last night so I haven't had a chance to go and revisit it. Anyone have similar experience or have an idea where i should look next?

Just_Ted | 14. November 2019

Check to make sure the seat belt on the passenger side is laid flat and not twisted. My wife twists her belt on exiting and every so often the buckle portion will lay twisted and rattle when the car hits rough road. (it just tap, tap, taps until I lean over and flip it over... just enough that it gets caught between the side of the seat and the pillar, and tap, tap, taps... like the tell-tail heart!)

jim0266 | 14. November 2019

Check the vent under the seat. Mine was loose. I secured it with Gorilla Tape and eliminated one source of noise.

vmulla | 14. November 2019

Hmm..Tesla does care about customer satisfaction (and rattles/squeaks). AFAIK they ask you to pay a diagnosis fee upfront, if there is a true warranty concern they will cover it. If the problem (rattle in your case) is something that isn't a manufacturing problem, you pay the bill for any work performed.

dwejr99 | 15. November 2019

Same rattle in mine. Read somewhere here that moving seat a bit stopped sound. Tried and it worked.

Varricks | 18. November 2019

Car rattles have been known to drive popes pagan.

Have someone else drive. Get some ¼" tubing about five feet long, and while you hold one end up to your ear, use the other to beagle around until you can (hopefully) find it.

And good luck. You'll need it.

foodking | 19. November 2019

Thanks for the input. Checked the passenger seat belt and that was it. Not sure why it all of a suddenly is making a rattling sound when it vibrates against the seat. I'm glad it wasn't something where i needed to get under the seats. Fat fingers and clumsy hands makes those things difficult. I'll ask my wife to move the seat around (while keeping herself comfy) and see if that stops it. I resorted to clipping the seat belt during my commute.