Doug DeMuro P3D Review Hit nail on head when describing "Tesla People"

Doug DeMuro P3D Review Hit nail on head when describing "Tesla People"

This guy does good reviews. This one of the Performance Model 3 is no different.

But had to laugh at the 30:52 mark when he describes the "Tesla People" (Fanbois). This coming from a non-Tesla guy. So apparently you guys are pretty obvious to even those that don't live and breathe all things Tesla! LOL

Just prior to that, as well as earlier, he talks about the need for a head up display. I couldn't agree more. One of the reasons I missed the Model S, having all the added info in front of you. Not to mention, being able to use the FULL center screen instead of losing 1/3rd to driver info. Another thing I missed about the Model S. Most people argue back that "you get used to it" and while that's true, that still doesn't make it better.

WW_spb | 15. November 2019

HUD would greatly compliment model 3, I think it will be added sometime in the future

Lorenzryanc | 15. November 2019

Obviously to each their own, but I don't see the desire for a HUD. Before I got the car, maybe, but now that I've had it over a year, I'm glad I have less stuff in the way. What do I need to see? RPM? Oil Pressure? Gas gauge? I speed anyway so seems I never cared about speedometer.

I've only sat in an S and X, but their dash looks pretty busy to me now. Still better than when I see a truck commercial and the whole center of the cab is buttons and switches. It looks like an aircraft! :)

WW_spb | 15. November 2019

You talking about Dash, I am talking about Heads up display that is projected to the windshield. It can give you speed right a front of your line of sight, directions and other information. It wouldn't change minimalist design at all.

SnowZA | 15. November 2019

I got used to the HUD in a friend's BMW a while back on a road trip (we were taking turns driving). I think an implementation similar to that would be wonderful in the Tesla - it didn't show that much information, but what it did show was useful, things like your current speed, the current speed limit, the cruise control set speed, and navigation instructions. Stuff which would translate well to the Tesla as well.
While I don't really miss the HUD per se, having never actually owned a car with a HUD myself, I certainly do see the benefit of it, and it would have been a nice addition to the Model 3, I think.

Lorenzryanc | 15. November 2019

Well... even if one had a HUD, one could turn it off as desired? Sounds like a win win.

calvin940 | 15. November 2019

I haven't watched it, but when someone decides to paint an entire group of people with one brush, I tend to dismiss that person, so he would serve himself well to pass on the people generalizations.

Bated Breath | 15. November 2019

My wifes Audi SQ5 projects the speed onto the windshield. It looks like the number is floating out over the hood. It's cool but not necessary. For me, it would come down to price. I'd pay $50 for it but not $500. I wonder what the added feature would cost.

Lorenzryanc | 15. November 2019

@calvin You made me laugh! Don't get me wrong, I agree, but I thought, "When people paint an entire group with one brush, I dismiss them all." as super contradictory in the best way :)

You caught yourself with "tend", but I still had fun

M3phan | 15. November 2019

HUD: as Elon has said in the past, the goal of tesla vehicles is full autonomy, therefore adding something to the car which would not be at all necessary in the future is not the direction they will go in manufacturing, therefore, no HUD. It’s why there’s no binnacle.

WW_spb | 15. November 2019

Even with full self driving(not happening soon), information a front of your eyes is better then information to the side or below line of sight.

Joshan | 15. November 2019

WhiteWi | November 15, 2019
Even with full self driving(not happening soon.

Why do you say that? I already use FSD 95% of the time I am behind the wheel. When I get stoplight and Stopsign recognition that will go to about 99% I imagine.

Unless you are talking about sleeping in the back seat, I do not agree.

SamO | 15. November 2019

Ninety-nine percent of respondents said they would recommend the Model 3 to their family or friends, and 98% said they would buy the vehicle again. Ninety-eight percent of respondents also said the vehicle had surpassed their expectations.

so I guess all owners are fanbois?

Magic 8 Ball | 15. November 2019

What was the description? I watched but there was no description. It appears he used "Tesla people" instead of just saying "owners" but I missed where he described Tesla people???

neylus | 15. November 2019

We have the BMW HUD on our X3, I never look at it though the info is always there. Just pointing out that it would likely be a feature used by some but not for everyone as it generally provide redundant info.

calvin940 | 15. November 2019

@Lorenzryanc | November 15, 2019

lol... Had I actually said that sentence you pasted, it would have been extremely funny! Thanks for the chuckle. :D

neezer | 15. November 2019

They will not add a HUD. It goes against the philosophy of centering everything in a singular place.

TickTock | 15. November 2019

I think M3Phan is spot on - makes no sense when considering the Tesla long-term vision. However, I think it is a risk. Essentially doubling down on FSD. If FSD doesn't happen as soon as Elon thinks and competitors have a really cool HUD with gesture recognition in their EV's (or even ICE's), Tesla will lose customers.

JAD | 15. November 2019

HUD's have been around since the 80's. A few people like them, most don't so most cars don't have them.

I am very glad Tesla doesn't use them, just drove my friends new S5 and was really annoyed by it just like it annoyed me on the Nissan 240SX in the late 80's.

jimglas | 15. November 2019

The only appropriate use for HUD is for Tracking and missile lock

finman100 | 15. November 2019

so...ACTUAL defense mode. not just BIO-defense mode. for those times traffic REALLY pisses you off.

TabascoGuy | 15. November 2019

Good thing that's not an option, I'd have used it already.

rsingh05 | 15. November 2019

as @neylo above said, it is adding a redundant feature. I have the audible indicator set to when I exceed speed limit+x. I have no need to constantly know the exact speed - as long as it feels right to me, and I'm not violating speed limit laws. And when I do need to see it, its right there on the center display.

I bet most people who are asking for it now wouldn't use it if it were implemented. and providing redundant features (including virtual displays) does get in the way of minimalist design.

Joshan | 15. November 2019

and raises the price, which is counter to the goal of the 3.

gballant4570 | 15. November 2019

I believe nearly anyone who knows me has by now decided that I am one of those "Tesla people". Actually, its nice being one of them. Anyone who needs to "get a life" would be substantially aided by becoming one themselves.

M3phan | 15. November 2019

Don’t need info in front of my eyes. Having it slightly to the right peripheral vision is absolutely fine. It’s not we’re turning our heads to the right noticeably. Crucial info for driving is right there. And because I use AP/NoAP everyday Onhardly have to look at the screen anyway.

2015P90DI | 15. November 2019

I think the bigger point to having HUD is not the HUD itself, but getting FULL USE OF THE 15" SCREEN. I hate losing the most valuable real estate of the screen (that closest to me) to the driver info.

I love the Model S screen because i get ALL OF IT

2015P90DI | 15. November 2019

And these cars are not going to be truly self driving for MANY MANY more years. Still need to build the cars to be user friendly, not for what it might be 5-10 years from now when half of them will be off the road already.

SamO | 15. November 2019

These cars are going to be FSD next year.

TabascoGuy | 15. November 2019

I have to agree with SamO, they aren't that far away. The hands off FSD demo they showed us was what, 2 years ago? They have not been sitting on those hands since.

Feature complete by the end of the year is the stated goal last i heard.

Earl and Nagin ... | 15. November 2019

I like an unobstructed view of everything outside that's probably trying to hit me or jump out in front of me. I'd prefer if the A and B-pillars were thinner even. I don't want my irrelevant speed blocking my view.
That's just my $0.02 though but I hope Tesla doesn't waste time designing a HUD and, instead, spends the money I've invested doing something more useful such as installing more Superchargers, tuning the assembly lines to run cheaper, or designing the next vehicle.
When they install IR cameras that can see through fog, perhaps a HUD will be useful for augmented reality projection but that's a few years away.

IHaveArrived | 15. November 2019

The best part about watching that video was when the playback was interrupted to show an Audi ad :-)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 15. November 2019

Doug DeMuro does very good reviews of various vehicles... that I don't give a [FLAMING FIG] about. I would have enjoyed his posts on YouTube a lot more perhaps seven-to-thirty-five years ago. Even as a longtime 'car guy', who prided himself on largely being 'platform agnostic' for a very long time... But now there's Tesla. And most of the cars he covers simply do NOT matter any more, and never will again.

TickTock | 15. November 2019

When I say HUD, I mean Tony Stark HUD with full gesture recognition and augmented reality. Agree the piddly speedometer in center is lame. However, if you give techno geeks a Stark interface I will definitely have a hard time saying no.

gparrot | 15. November 2019

jimglas: "The only appropriate use for HUD is for Tracking and missile lock". Not quite true, it’s very useful to shoot an ILS CAT II or III.
Joshan: you use FSD 95% of the time, I use it 0% of the time. I simply don’t trust it enough. I’ll wait for a few more SW upgrades before turning it back on. At least, we get upgrades now and then, and so far, I’ve noticed the car getting better and better, in baby steps.

gballant4570 | 15. November 2019

I am needing HW3 to really get into FSD. At this point I don't have high confidence using HW2.5.

AZTesla | 15. November 2019

Depending on how it is implemented and its cost I'd consider getting a HUD for my M3.

PteRoy | 15. November 2019

FSD will be like the reserve army. They only work when the weather conditions are perfect.

SamO | 15. November 2019

More like FSD will only work in certain jurisdictions. Tesla can apply for a permit in a handful of states including California and I expect they will switch it on for employees soon.

45k employees and counting with at least 70% in California. Quite a big cohort of trained users to start the Tesla Network.


2015P90DI | 15. November 2019

Hey @TabascoGuy and @samo, I'm a representative of Mr. Musk, I've got some oceanfront property in Kansas I'll sell you real cheap. Then when you get your FSD, you'll be able to have your Tesla drive you to it next year. Just e-mail me at and I'll send you the payment instructions and location of your new ocean front property!

WW_spb | 15. November 2019


rsingh05 | 15. November 2019

@P90 full use of the 15” screen for what exactly? If looking at the screen for the speed is too distracting, why do you want to look at anything else there? You’re not making sense.

calvin940 | 15. November 2019

There is no reason to have a HUD. Set a chime relative to the speed limit and it let's you know when you have exceeded the value set. Slow down.

If you are going slower , who cares. Even if some places aren't accurate for speed limits, they will be so that problem is short lived. Driving normally does not require paying attention to the speed you are driving , just to the driving itself.

SamO | 15. November 2019

Oh I’m sure you are an expert in Ai.


digithedd | 15. November 2019

I thought I'd hate the speed to the side. But I can read it without glancing down and to the right. I wonder if ot comes down to peoples peripheral vision which varies widely in people.

OrhanBlue | 15. November 2019

Thank you. I saw Doug’s first video two years ago. I had not seen this video until you mentioned it. I saw the whole thing. I’ve had my Model 3 AWD for over a year now and I learned so much about my own car watching this video. Excellent video. Great work. If anyone wants a Tesla Model 3, this is the tutorial video to see. Amazing.

2015P90DI | 15. November 2019

For me, the biggest thing about the gauge cluster screen is having navigation directions there. Given, in my work, I am on tight canyon roads quite often and the different format used on the gauge cluster is HUGELY beneficial. In the M3, trying to look all the way over to the right side of the screen in the google format quickly on a winding canyon road coming up to multiple splits in the road was near impossible without stopping to look which of the three roads next to each other I needed to turn onto. Which is the other benefit if I had the full screen available, not having to look that far away for the nav map.

I've lived with both cars for lengthy periods of time. The M3 is 100% without a doubt more distracting to drive than an MS or MX. Wouldn't be as bad if everything I used the big screen for was all the way to the left and closer to line of sight, but that's lost to the driver info.

Aside from that, my personal likes much enjoy being able to have multiple forms of data ready and available without having to switch back and forth on the screen.

Having the speedometer where it is, isn't a big deal, but having everything else pushed to the right definitely is less convenient. If you haven't owned an MS or MX and driven on for several months at least, then you don't know what you're missing. Driving for a day or two doesn't allow you to truly take in the benefits of it. It is a far more user friendly car, hands down. I work out of my car quite often, so that's important for my personal use and why I gladly ponied up and bought another S. And as far as I can tell, these cars still require a DRIVER and for my use, user friendliness is GREATLY appreciated. Was worth every penny, to me. Haven't been annoyed by it once.

M3phan | 16. November 2019

@ 2015P90DI, every other car I’ve driven for decades prior to the 3 have info right in front of my eyes, and I was delighted to have that all gone in my 3. I have never found the directions on the 3 far right. It’s always been a glance. Then again, most times I know where I’m going so don’t need to look, and when I don’t know where I’m going, the nice Computer lady tells me.

Scrannel | 16. November 2019

My C6 came with a HUD, which did nav. For a while I liked it on, at night, with a sort of ghostly speedo and for nav., but remember, our nav. screens back then were much smaller. In the end, most of the time, I left it off.

2015P90DI | 16. November 2019

@m3phan - For typical roads and intersections, that's fine. Get back in the Hollywood Hills were 6 small canyon roads come together with three going in nearly the same direction and poor sign identification, having that blue line on which of the 3 you're supposed to take helps immensely. In my M3, was constantly picking the wrong one. With no place to turnaround on these tight little roads, wasn't fun. With the M3 instructions, it highlights the one I need to take (the one in the middle, the second one or whatever. Almost never miss with it. Again, for my personal use. For most, no, it's not an issue. For me, and any others that are commonly on these types of roads, it is.

M3phan | 16. November 2019

Yep that makes contextual sense for you.