Ford proudly presents the MS/MY clone

Ford proudly presents the MS/MY clone

All the research $$$ at Ford's disposal but the Mach-E couldn't get away from using the original nose cone of the MS. Nicely done...

The specs are a bit shy of the MY head to head, but they're targeting the same price points for all trim levels. Where are all those MIA fast charging stations? Right, let's go to a nearby stealership to get some free juice.

I suppose there will be some diehard Ford buyers out there who wish to buy American. Oh, wait...

You know what they say about flattery...

jimglas | 15. November 2019

If Ford can actually deliver, good for them.
Nothing wrong with another good BEV

jordanrichard | 15. November 2019

Jimglas, while I agree that more EVs the better, at the same time those additional EVs could also hurt the EV movement if they are gimped and complex to use. Basically perpetuating the myths/“problems” with EVs.

inconel | 15. November 2019

But I am sure the Mach-E will crush Tesla. I read it somewhere in the Internet.

PrescottRichard | 15. November 2019

Hmm, just read / looked at TechCrunch’s article.

Yeah, that front end- was there *no* other option? Inside it looks like the Model 3’s sparse screen theory applied to the two screens the S & X have. Kinda reminds me of a Chinese knock-off version of a Tesla.

Having said that- good for them, FINALLY. It’ll be interesting to see how accurate all the info is from that article. For example- the top of the line / fastest one really have the 230 mile rated range? Vs the middle one that has a 300 mile rated range?

Can’t wait to talk to a owner of one of these cars while charging at a supercharger. Oh, right... Sorry.

SamO | 15. November 2019

I’m glad that Ford is trying.

I’ll just leave it there | 15. November 2019

Not a lot of details yet. Revel coming November 17 or 18th (not clear which day). Here's one article:

I think it's great Ford doesn't want to go out of business. Now let's hope they can deliver a compelling product that's not a compliance vehicle (limited availability, limited quantity, limited functionality). What has been stated so far is positive.

SamO | 15. November 2019

Only question for me is “where is the charging?”

If there is none planned, I’m going full troll on their punk asses.

carlk | 15. November 2019

"All the research $$$ at Ford's disposal but the Mach-E couldn't get away from using the original nose cone of the MS. Nicely done..."

Have you seen the interior yet? I thought only the Chinese do this kind out things. Maybe Ford sought help there.,f_auto,fl_prog...

murphyS90D | 16. November 2019

I doubt that they will be charged at a Ford dealer. In 2013 I bought a Ford Fusion Energi PHEV. One of the requirements to be an "Electric" dealer was they had to install a level 2 EVSE on the outside of the building. They did that but I was never able to use it. It was always blocked by cars waiting for service. Then they expanded the building and the EVSE disappeared. | 16. November 2019

@carlk - I suspect that is not a real interior, but someone's idea of what it might look like? The non-hooded instrument panel is particularly ugly and I can't see it working in many lighting conditions.

Tldickerson | 16. November 2019
2015P90DI | 16. November 2019

That thing actually looks pretty good. The front end is a million times better than the Model 3 or Y, yes, I know, I know, "IN MY HUMBLE OPINION". Sorry, have despised the front end of the M3/MY since day one. Primarily the big white blobs of light (Daytime running lamps) on top. Not as horrible on a white car, but man, or me, they are just flat ugly on any other color, yes in my opinion.

The Ford is reminiscent of the original Model S front end, only because they chose to designate a place where a grille would normally be, as Tesla chose to do originally. But, it's the shape of Ford's grille. The front end is sporty. The Tesla front ends, even the S, have always been a little on the plain side to me. My personal tastes like a more aggressive look though. Obviously some love it. I don't hate the S or X like I do the front of the 3/Y, but still plain to my tastes. I've owned 12 of these things. In the past, car looks were probably 80% of the reason I chose a particular car. Despite not being in love with the Tesla looks (too elegant for my tastes, all the other benefits have far outweighed the looks and kept me in them for 7 years running.

Also, I lived with the M3 for 8 months, much prefer the vertical screen in the S. So much easier to see. While I'm not a fan of these slap on screens as so many are doing, including the Ford and M3/MY, at least they put it vertically. Really so much easier to see a screen that big from the driver's seat. I prefer the S being integrated into the dash, but for whatever reasons, even Mercedes are all going to these slap on screens instead.

And it has a gauge panel behind the wheel. 300 miles in range! With the charging network soon to not be an issue, if my only choice was the 3/Y or this Ford, I'd probably go for the Ford, because it's built with user friendly features, not to be an autonomous vehicle way before its time as true full autonomy is still several years away.

But, don't think this car is enough to get me out of my Model S. I was ready to get the Jaguar & Audi, but the small screens were a turnoff. (combined with short range and no AP). Ford appears to have removed two of these factors. The only thing left, being AP.

If the Ford comes with a passive key fob, normal friggen door handles, an automatic hatch/trunk, it will be a serious competitive, possibly with a leg up on the M3/MY, especially for buyers that won't pony up $7,000 for the FSD option on a Tesla. At least on paper and photos, this car appears to be the first EV that truly competes with just about all aspects of the Tesla.

Unless of course you need video games, a whoopie cushion, digital fireplace and a map of Mars. :-). Fortunately I love my S, so I'm staying put, but seems like the competition is definitely getting closer.

2015P90DI | 16. November 2019
2015P90DI | 16. November 2019

A more fairly based, subjective, comparison of Non-Tesla owners here....Of course on a Tesla site, the opinions are biased towards the Tesla. This appears to be more real world people that don't own either and how they are viewing the comparison between the two...

carlk | 17. November 2019

@TT I did not want to believe Ford would do that either but it does look that's what it will be. Such a lack of creativity.

Mathew98 | 17. November 2019

More proof Ford stripped the MS and build the clone from there on. Come on now, have a little originality and creativity!

inconel | 17. November 2019

A Tesla forum is biased but a "Mach-E" is unbiased?

Now if we agree that the Mach-E forum is biased then the general "on the fence" opinion from the thread is saying a lot.

Anthony J. Parisio | 17. November 2019

I just hope they are smart enough to put the batteries in the floor.

TripleTrucker | 17. November 2019

Looks very, OK. Nice, but nothing groundbreaking. Specs are very Tesla-like also.
All in all, good to have choices out there. Charging is what to look for. What will Ford do or say about that?

Bill_75D | 17. November 2019

I expect Ford will be good at keeping repair parts in stock and available. And they will answer the phone when it rings.

Tropopause | 17. November 2019

You mean, the dealerships?

Daisy the Road ... | 17. November 2019

Yes, the same dealer chain that will steer you away from buying this car due to the low recurring repair costs.

Tldickerson | 17. November 2019

You Tesla clowns just can't keep from putting other auto makers down when they make a new electric car that just maybe close to being as good as your Tesla's.

SamO | 17. November 2019

Sooooooo close. Like this close (holds fingers 1cm apart).

OTA updates

“So close”

Yodrak. | 17. November 2019

At first glance the Mach-E looks like a good product, a Tesla competitor but not a Tesla killer. Ford fans will love it, and it will have a price advantage until Ford sells enough EVs to lose the tax incentive. | 17. November 2019

It doesn't do a lot for me, but overall it could do well and I actually hope it does. No car (including Tesla) is perfect and when it comes to styling - owner preferences are all over the map. I'm not a fan of grab bars and other ugly inside protuberances, but also many do like them. Nothing wrong with either desire.

@SamO, you're right about all those items missing, but some people will be fine with that. It does make for a smaller list of potential customers and keeps Tesla a better solution for many. I'm sure Ford will learn a lot from this first EV and make future versions even better.

@Tidickerson - Consider trying to sell Teslas on Ford's forums. My guess is you'd be crucified. I think most posters here are being quite fair with comments on the Mach-E. Also, consider most here own a Tesla, and have bought it because it meets their specific needs. And those posters that didn't buy a Tesla are here likely because they want to buy a Tesla. Why else would anyone hang out in these forums, unless a paid disrupter? If you want a glowing comments about another EV, you may need to visit that automaker's moderated forum that doesn't allow anything negative about their products.

Tldickerson | 17. November 2019

@TT, I'm not trying to sell a damn thing. Just pointing out how members like the OP needs to put down a new car and compare it to a Tesla. Who cares if they created a nose cone like the 1st Tesla had? Bill_75D said it best when he pointed out trying to get parts and having someone answer the damn phone. Your a good guy and your overall remarks about the car are just fine. Enough said!

lacourlance | 17. November 2019

Everybody is jumping into the pool now the we have established that the water is warm. Better late than never. | 17. November 2019

@Tldickerson - Sorry, I came on stronger than I intended. Just trying to explain why comments are often negative on a new EV that doesn't measure up in some ways to cars we already own. The competition is getting better but still lags Tesla IMHO. I know several friends that hate the look of Tesla Model 3 - so I hope another EV style will appeal to them when it comes time to buy that new car.

There is another thread for new EVs by Ross1 that has very little negativity. I don't have the link handy.

Tldickerson | 17. November 2019

@TT, no problem but these new cars have yet to be able to prove what they can and cannot do. I don't think their trying to compete with Tesla. I think it's just now that some are waking up to the fact that electric cars are here to stay and they have to try and be as competitive as they can be. When I bought my 1st Tesla there wasn't a super charger even near me and I didn't buy the car to drive cross country. No one is going to be able to do what Tesla did there but before I did buy I made sure I could charge somewhere other than my house. I think most new buyers aren't really to worried about long distance driving otherwise cars like the Volt which I almost bought wouldn't have even made it, but they did!

Mathew98 | 17. November 2019

"Tldickerson | November 17, 2019
@TT, I'm not trying to sell a damn thing. Just pointing out how members like the OP needs to put down a new car and compare it to a Tesla. "

Tldickerson | November 17, 2019
@TT, no problem but these new cars have yet to be able to prove what they can and cannot do. I don't think their trying to compete with Tesla.

Every new EV is compared to a Tesla. Why? It's because every new comer would like to compared against the leader. In the EV space, it's the Tesla. However, instead of spending their billion dollar R&D budget on a revolutionary EV, they decided to strip down an MS and clone its features, both exterior and interior.

If that's a negative sentiment to you, you'd be correct. How far has the mighty fallen? Ford was once a pioneer that brought in the Model T. Now they're relegated to replicating the Chinese manufacturers's template.

The Mach E is not inspired by Mustang. It is inspired by Tesla. If you see it otherwise, then you must have screwed in you head in the wrong direction.

Earl and Nagin ... | 17. November 2019

I, bought my first 3 EV's before there was any quick charge infrastructure. At that time Ford and the rest, chose to, rather than compete in the EV market, fight it in PR campaigns, lobbying efforts, etc, then follow when it becomes the only option.
Now that they're starting to show efforts to join the game, a decade later, its a different game. They've ceded a decade of lead to Tesla. Its much more expensive to play now. A Tesla can do nearly everything an ICE can. This means a Tesla owner can pay more for the Tesla by trading in his/her old ICE.
While I like the specs on this new Ford, with only 890 kW charging and only a handful of chargers in many key areas, Many (most?) of its buyers will have to keep and maintain their old ICE. Sure, there's still that $7500 tax rebate that may offset the trade in value of their ICE but potential buyers will have that weighing over them.
I think that going with a "Mustang inspired" CUV is a brilliant market entry point for Ford. It will allow them to appeal with the performance the EV brings while opening up the market to families who need space as well.
To their credit, they're risking their Escape and Edge markets and the EV performance/Mustang cache may allow them to get people to dig a bit deeper into their pockets than they would for those family staples. The truly 'green' aspect and TCO benefits won't hurt either.
This is arguably the best news we've heard outside Tesla since the Bolt came out.

NKYTA | 17. November 2019

@E&N “This is arguably the best news we've heard outside Tesla since the Bolt came out.”

I tend to agree. Certainly will sell better than Taycan (and Taycan owners will be happy that they are “exclusive” [idiots] ;-) )

My wife gave up a 13 year old Mustang for her AWD 3. We don’t need an SUV, and she doesn’t like the nose much in the Mach E.

Cost $11B to get your manufacturing research sorted, so definitely a higher bar if they would just started earlier.
It looks like “All our patent are belong to you” resonated.

Skateboard + low center of gravity, check.
Large touchscreen and less tiny buttons that are unknown, check.
Future driver assist, check.
Voice assist, check.
OTA updates, we’ll see how that works out.
Infotainment, pass.
Dealership, ugh, just NO.
Charging? Not. Even. Close. 80kW??

The presentation was all marketing speak, and ugh. The charging screen they showed looks like an EA charging screen that I was debating with DarthEvil some weeks back. Half the stations aren’t open, and have at most 3-4 stalls of varying adaptors.

Get all your charging cards, EVGo, Chargepoint, Blink, etc - crossfingers - hope for the best.

But again, probably a better entrance.

jjs | 17. November 2019

I feel sorry for the great engineers at the major manufacturers that are truly trying to build the best EV that they can. When it comes time to sell them, the dealership relationship is going to prove to be a debilitating liability. The pain for all but Tesla is just beginning. I predict that soon the manufacturers will push the issue of direct sales into the courts in the hopes that dealership protectionist laws are stuck down at the federal level. This will give them the ability to sell directly, a necessity to compete with Tesla on a level playing field.

We will see. I continue to enjoy the drama of this epic battle.

2015P90DI | 17. November 2019

I'm not saying it's better than a Tesla, but I will say this, if it delivers anything close to what it says it will, then it's certainly the best EV to come along from one of the major manufacturers thus far. Seems to blow the I-Pace, E-Tron and others out of the water on price, range and even features, likely only lacking the high-end "luxury". Tesla is far from a "luxury" car and it's done just fine. Giving credit where credit is due. Ford seems to have done a great job with this offering, period. Regardless of how it compares to a Tesla or anything else.

carlk | 18. November 2019

Like everyone else it benchmarked/copycated Tesla which is unavoidable. However one thing I like how Ford did this here is it has not tried to do anything to knockdown or give Tesla a jab to promote its car. Everyone from Bolt to I-Pace to Taycan has done that.

carlk | 18. November 2019

Sorry that was not true. Elon must be fuming that Ford did not allow him to use "E" but now is putting it on its only EV. Think it's intentional?

Mathew98 | 18. November 2019

Ford Mock E.

Enough said.

dougk71 | 18. November 2019

Ford has to build into the price the 10% the dealership demands. This will mostly offset the tax incentive Ford will enjoy for the first 200,000 cars. Ford will have to deliver to the dealer lot the car at a loss to steal sales fromTesla Often EV service requires high priced diagnostic tools and dealers may try to skimp of the equipment given EV's are less frequently in for service. Ford as a mature manufacturer has brand recognition but if the Ford EV is too successful it will hurt Ford's ICE sales. A damned if you do and a damned if you don't business model.

Darthamerica | 18. November 2019

The biggest threat to Tesla here is that Ford can actually mass produce these “soon” and the will be no quality control issues. They will also be readily available at dealerships which is the buying experience people are used to. This vehicle will probably get a Super Bowl commercial.

Mathew98 | 18. November 2019

When are you buying one?

reed_lewis | 18. November 2019

The Mach E is a fine EV. It does not have the efficiency of a Tesla, but will satisfy most people who would buy one.

I hope that this results in more EVs being sold.

SamO | 18. November 2019

No fast charging = no satisfaction

The one redeeming feature of the Maki is that it won’t be delivered in any great number for two years.

reed_lewis | 18. November 2019

They do have access to the other networks out there so there is fast charging. I do not know if the real time status will be displayed like the Tesla super charger network, but there are DC charging ports available across the country. Tesla is not the only source of DC charging. It may not be a widespread as Super Chargers, but they are available.

Mathew98 | 18. November 2019

Other charging networks available including L2, L3, DC, and campgrounds plugs. Check.

A single L2 charger per Ford dealership (all 1100 of them). Check.

May not be as widespread as Tesla SC. Check.

BTW, Tesla can use other "fast" charging networks too, but what's the point?

jimglas | 18. November 2019

Where is ford going to get mass produced batteries?
And at what cost?

SamO | 18. November 2019

In Europe, Ford is an investor in Ionity.

They should serve their largest customer base (US) at least as well.

Model Y will be able to charge 3X+ ass fast (80kW vs 250kW) plus more efficient charging (more miles added due to 25% more efficient batteries)

Doublelift | 18. November 2019

Let’s see...

Ford Mustang Mach E:
Is built in Mexico with batteries made in Poland
Has a 3 year 36000 mile warranty
Has no reasonable network (yet) for long distance travel most anywhere
Is sold through one of the most disliked American institution, car salesmen
You have to take it to the dealer for any repair, just ask them to come to your home


It’s a nice car, I’d be happy to own one, but at first glance not my first choice.

Doublelift | 18. November 2019

...reasonable charging network...

Anthony J. Parisio | 18. November 2019

Ford has the biggest “headwind” to overcome. That is the resistance from the dealer network. They don’t want to loose all the repair money. It is the dealer’s biggest source of income. I hope Ford is intending to compensate them well.