Anyone else see their car disappear from their account?

Anyone else see their car disappear from their account?

I just logged into my Tesla account and my Model 3 is no loner there! I now see a red Model S and it asks if I want to place an order. My Silver Model 3 is no longer shown. Anyone else experiencing this?

dan.umina | 16. November 2019

Yes this just happened to me as well... no idea why.

vmulla | 16. November 2019

I saw it when I logged into the forums a while ago. I didn’t think much of it and continued to the forums section :))

AZjohn | 16. November 2019

I thought I got a free upgrade to a
Just a normal web site glitch and sure they will get it fixed soon

vmulla | 16. November 2019

The info on the app is all correct :)
Maybe it's just some website refresh going on. Maybe even a new forum :))

Tyerc | 16. November 2019

Yes same thing happened to me.

anhlue | 16. November 2019

I have a random order or test drive a red model s today. I went in to check to see if VIN has been assigned to the Model X I ordered but can’t find my TM3 or X at all. Weird.

Magic 8 Ball | 16. November 2019

Website glitch, it happens.
Car is still in driveway, all is well.

bjrosen | 16. November 2019

Looks like they've changed the website. Seems like a screwup.

Magic 8 Ball | 16. November 2019

My account is now restored. I just noticed I now have an "invoice" next to my FSD purchase (I don't think that was there before).

Teslanene | 16. November 2019

Mine went from pay per use supercharging to free supercharging until September 24, 2019 which already pass. I thought maybe free supercharging got active again.

Wilber | 16. November 2019

I have a blue M3 and a Silver MS. A couple days ago the MS displayed as blue! but the next day it was back to silver.....

bigroccrek | 16. November 2019

OK Mine is back to normal.....damn I wanted the red Model S.......