Elon is distracted by Porsche

Elon is distracted by Porsche

I've been hoping for and waiting to buy a refreshed Model S (interior and exterior) for over one year. I don't want the entire car redone, but how about new tail lights and fenders. Modify the interior, but not drastically. Add the little basics that most cars have, and how about a 360 degree camera (or use the existing cameras to create a 360 picture) or a front lower camera like the Porsche Taycan has - great for parking and not hitting the front air dam. In other words, a REFRESH! It's been written here numerous times that Tesla doesn't have the resources to revamp it, that their focus needs to be on the Model Y, pickup, semi, etc., and that the Model S just isn't important to the big picture/master plan anymore. You remember, to promote EV usage and make them affordable for everyone. Then why is Elon tasking his engineers and spending valuable resources to increase its already ludicrous speed by a few tenths of a second? Who cares if Porsche builds an EV that is faster. The last thing that I need is greater acceleration. Is the new master plan now to build the world's fastest EV? If the Plaid version is going to be on the same nine model years old, stale Model S, it will truly be a waste, at least for the vast majority. If it comes out next fall and is labeled a 2021, it will then be on a ten year old car. I would rather all efforts be directed to a new version 2.0, where its features would not only equal, but surpass all existing Teslas, as the flagship should.

I'm hoping that there really is a refreshed version coming, and that the Plaids we have seen raced at the Nurburgring were really just there to test the three motor, new battery design, and that when released, will be on an all new (refreshed) Model S. It's probably a long shot, but hope springs eternal, and Tesla is very good at keeping secrets, ie Cybertruck. Maybe something coming on Thursday, 11/21? Fingers crossed.

NKYTA | 16. November 2019

You’ve heard of and seen the Roadster II I presume?

jordanrichard | 17. November 2019

Concerned about hitting curbs when pulling in, then do this. Pull into a parking spot to the point you are comfortable. Get out look at the distance of your nose the curb. Get back in the car and move if the distance is too much. Get out and check again. If all looks good, get back into the car, look just under your driver’s side mirror and see what you see. From that point forward, just pull up until your mirror lines up as it did before and you are GTG.

For me, I pull up until I see the curb just start to appear under the mirror. This puts me 6 inches from the curb. In almost 6 years I have yet to bottom out my nose. Along the same lines when backing up, I go until the curb edge meets up with the edge fo the bumper, as it is seen in the rear view camera. Again, this puts you several inches from the curb.

Just because other cars have a particular feature, that doesn’t mean it is a meaningful feature vs just “neat, cool” etc..

redacted | 17. November 2019

How can you hit the curb with the air dam when you're backing in? Oh. You don't back in? OMG what a noob, even auto park does that, and it sucks. Please see

I wouldn't count Tesla out on a refresh, however, the car is still a marvel compared to anything else, and looks better than anything on the road (except the 3), and certainly looks better to me than Roadster 2. Although I would pay for cold gas thrusters no matter the cost.

DRFLGD | 17. November 2019

Improving the specs is far more important than refreshing the car more than once every 3 years (which it would be considering the last refresh was 2016). | 17. November 2019

@dtodd16 - No idea if a refresh is in the works. The car today is quite different than the one sold in 2012. Yes, much of the external styling is similar, but it's still quite fresh, especially when compared with the competition. I know some automakers make changes every year to create a new "model". Often they just make it uglier and uglier with strange grills to the point it's time to put it out to pasture. I like that Tesla is continuously improving the car, with new batteries, new electronics, new seats, new suspensions, new features and more.

On having a 360-parking view - it's not possible with the current cameras. They are directed outward for AP and do not cover the ground (except for the rear camera). Similarly, cars that have a 360-parking view can be made to have AP using downward-facing cameras (ignoring that they don't have the electronics to do it). Now Tesla could add three more cameras and perhaps offer it. Then again, you could just use the Auto-park feature and let the car park itself. | 17. November 2019

... can NOT be made... | 17. November 2019

@jordanrichard +1. I use the same technique. Works great.

IflyI95 | 21. November 2019

So I've been waiting and praying for a Model S refresh. Did the same team that created the gorgeous Model S create the Cybertruck? I'm thinking that maybe now I should quickly order a new Raven before the design team gets their hands on my beautiful car and "refreshes" it! OMG.

nukequazar | 21. November 2019

I agree. I think a Model S Plaid is a big mistake. Chasing ego. The Roadster is for that. Refresh Model S instead, and improve handling but it didn’t need to be any faster, and add industry-standard options like sunroof and CarPlay.

Darthamerica | 21. November 2019

Definitely needs a refresh and CarPlay/Android Auto! Look at Taycan, Mustang E, e-Tron etc... the competitors have “caught up” and in some ways exceeded Tesla. The only tangible Tesla advantages are FSU and OTA. I don’t think 0-60, range or Superchargers are enough claim to fame anymore! 0-60 and drag racing are cool for YouTube, but 99.99999% of the time no one races on city streets and those who do end up crashed or arrested eventually. All current EVs have more than adequate 0-60 for daily driving as an inherent characteristic. Tesla’s range is best in class but remember, we charge at night in our garages. If your EV can do 200+ miles and you charge at home or work then you’re effectively not impacted by range 99.99999% of the time. The other .00001% for long distances are covered by Superchargers. Yes, TODAY, Tesla has the lead. But by Q4 2020, when most of the others EVs arrive in large numbers, Electrify America and other DC Fast Charging will significantly close the gap. So that leaves FSD and OTA. All other automakers have driver assistance features. Not as good yet but enough to improve the driving experience vs not having it. And by the time laws and regulations catch up to FSD, it won’t be unique to Tesla. None of this means Tesla is inferior or that Model S isn’t great. But what made it even greater is that for almost a decade now it was unique and when driving it, you know it and so does everyone else. Without a refresh, Model S, the greatest car ever, becomes just another car by the end of next year. A glorified Model 3! It’s time for Tesla to raise the bar so Model S 2.0 can remain the flagship the original has been for many years.

jimglas | 22. November 2019

So wrong
in so many ways

Darthamerica | 22. November 2019

Jim I respect your opinion but I'd respect it more if you could support it with an argument.

Mathew98 | 22. November 2019

What if Tesla decided to put a quad motors, Beyond Plaid Cybertruck in the 'Ring and go below 2.5s in 0-60? Wouldn't that put all the mofos like dumb and dumber out of business?

PBEndo | 22. November 2019

The Cybertruck should lap the Ring with the ATV in the bed

NKYTA | 22. November 2019


40 people out of hundreds of thousands of Tesla owners.

Yah, Telsa owners are really "howling" for CarPlay.


SamO | 22. November 2019


I respect your opinion, but everyone knows facts hate Darth.

Can't you support this with more whining and crying?

Darthamerica | 22. November 2019

@NKYTA strawman. I didn't say Tesla owners are "crying for CarPlay". I said it's a feature Tesla should take advantage of. Potential customers coming from other cars will not like CarPlay being absent.

Mathew98 | 22. November 2019

What an enormously stupid assumption based on a personal preference.

Mathew98 | 22. November 2019

"Statistics and facts don't matter because I told you so..."

Mathew98 | 22. November 2019

"Grandma, stopped yelling at me! I'm chatting with my friends over the interweb. Just 5 more minutes in the basement..."

TabascoGuy | 22. November 2019

"I said it's a feature Tesla should take advantage of."

So they can bump that 40 up to 60 or 80?

Darthamerica | 22. November 2019

Tabasco Tesla has an EXTREMELY small market share. Even now people are early adopters who were willing to try Tesla. The people who actually car shop and are coming from other cars built in the last few years have CarPlay or Android Auto. They are not going to give a damn about fart apps and cow bells. You need to understand smartphone integration is a sticky feature. Tesla will add it. They have to.

jimglas | 22. November 2019

just stop

SamO | 22. November 2019

I mean "98% of Tesla owners would recommend the car to their family, but why not change over to use a different interface that almost 50 people want changed" is a hot take, but not the hottest i've ever seen.


TabascoGuy | 22. November 2019

Darth, I like how you tell me that I need to understand. Thanks for the laugh.

nukequazar | 22. November 2019

“The most impressive finding is how many respondents would now be somewhat or very unlikely to consider a future vehicle without CarPlay or Android Auto. Typically we find that infotainment is far down the list of vehicle purchase priorities, but it appears that mirroring solutions could be changing this.”

“One out of four consumers who completed our survey said they would not be at all likely to consider a vehicle without a mirroring solution; while more than half would not be at all likely or somewhat unlikely, to consider one,”

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Now Crucial Features for New Car Buyers | iPhone in Canada Blog

TabascoGuy | 22. November 2019

Canada, the bleeding edge of technology, eh?

nukequazar | 22. November 2019

Oh my god you guys. There are many, many similar articles. This was the most recent with most specific numbers. Whatever. Who are you in real life that you behave like this when hidden online?

TabascoGuy | 22. November 2019

Lighten up Francis. Laugh much?

SamO | 22. November 2019


lol. these trolls are so predictable.

TabascoGuy | 22. November 2019

I have no interest in CarPlay or Android Auto. Even if I did, I wouldn't push Tesla for it because they have already made a decision based on economics and 18 other reasons we don't know about.

TabascoGuy | 22. November 2019

Well, they both put down a deposit on the truck so it looks like 3 more years of this shit.

SamO | 22. November 2019

I predict 2 more years of concern trolling followed by declarations that the new Rivian/Ford/GM/RAM truck is sooooooooooooo much better/cooler/sexier/industrial and that it is stupid for anyone who is truly knowledgeable in off-roading to buy a Tesla.

nipper2 | 22. November 2019

There is no truck now or planed that can compare to the CyberTruck. I just love everything about

nukequazar | 22. November 2019

You guys can continue in your silo and be ignorant of what’s going on in the world, and limit yourself to what Elon tells you you need, or you could explore what’s out there...

“Two clear examples of technologies with rapid adoption are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, each of which are quickly becoming “must haves” for many consumers just a few years after their introduction. Both are showing rapid year-over-year penetration increases.”

J.D. Power 2018 U.S. Tech Experience Index (TXI) Study | J.D. POWER

PrescottRichard | 22. November 2019

So, about that Porsche distraction...

Maybe. I mean, why race a truck prototype against a 2 seat sporty car? Sounds like Porsche is committed to EV’s in the near future, better late than never.

TabascoGuy | 22. November 2019

Just because I don't care for something that you do does not make me ignorant or sheltered. Also, no one tells me what to want or how to feel (except maybe my wife and kids). If Tesla chooses to add these or any other features at some point, cool. If not, then I understand why.