halfshaft assemblies need replacement after 83000mi on 2013 Model S 85

halfshaft assemblies need replacement after 83000mi on 2013 Model S 85

Anyone else have this experience? Is there anything about usage that could have prevented this? I'm trying to relate this to ICE car's I've owned in the past. I do recall suspension work required about this time, but not to the extend | 18. November 2019

Perhaps hitting repetitive large potholes? Salted roads causing corrosion?

It doesn't sound like a common problem, even with cars with quite a bit more mileage than you have.

jordanrichard | 18. November 2019

You don’t say why they are being replaced. Axles themselves are just tubes that just don’t up and fail. So that means either a CV joint or splines failed.

PrescottRichard | 18. November 2019

I’d swear someone posted about getting these fixed vs replaced and costing a lot less, being impressed with Tesla for down selling a solution but for the life of me I can’t find it.

Perhaps it was a different problem I am thinking of, but if you have time you might poke around searching the board.

danielk04 | 18. November 2019

Yes, there was a post. I'll look for it tomorrow.

Bighorn | 18. November 2019

Mark K wrote about cleaning out and repacking the grease on the splines.

vlad22 | 18. November 2019

I believe the issue being referenced is a clicking/snapping noise which mainly happens on acceleration or initial regen event. In that case as bighorn pointed out it is a rust build up between the splines on the axle shaft and the hub splines. Tesla wants to replace both hubs and both axles, a hefty bill. People have said that removing the axles from the hubs, sanding/polishing both the axle shaft splines and the internal splines of the hub and then applying grease will solve this problem without replacing the parts. Although 83k miles seems a little early for the actual cv joint to fail without a cause such as a ripped boot, i think there is little knowledge about the strain put on this component by the electric motor instant torque and regen use. In a traditional car the load applied to the cv would be mainly on acceleration, so you would expect the balls and seats inside to mainly wear one way. I wouldn't be surprised that regen causing an opposite load could lead to earlier then usual life span.

Bighorn | 18. November 2019

I have over 3 times as many miles in a RWD performance model and never had an issue with the half shafts.

vlad22 | 18. November 2019

Bighorn, i could be mistaken but i believe the P models used different shafts and hubs then the regular models. Also there seems to be a design issue with those, which allows much more water/moisture to penetrate the contact area.

Silver2K | 18. November 2019


I had water get into my rear motor on my p90d. They replaced the motor, but was told that this issue is not covered under warranty by my mobile tech. His reasoning was that a seal (wear part) was the issue and wear parts are not covered under the 8yr unlimited mile warean6

Silver2K | 18. November 2019


Wtf is a warean6? LOL!

Bighorn | 18. November 2019

That might be. I’m not sure.

vlad22 | 18. November 2019

Lol silver. Thats kind of bullshit that they wouldn't cover it, unless of course you used your car as the submarine lotus tesla. The issue i am referring to is on the other side of the axle shaft, where the axle meets the wheel hub. A lot of manufacturers use little rubber o-ring on the output side of the cv shaft right before the splines and another on the front where the axle nut goes on. Others use the shape of the axle retaining nut to seal the outside surface and just make the tolerance so tight on the inside that water intrusion should not be an issue. Just out of curiosity, how much was a rear motor? My guess is 6-9k?

Mark K | 19. November 2019

MAG - this may help you -

Mine had gotten very loud, and is now totally silent and rock solid since the fix.

$100 total for both rear axles.

PrescottRichard | 19. November 2019

That’s it Mark K! I was searching for half shaft or something.

I really hope that solves the issue for Mag.

SnowFlake | 19. November 2019

85D both front shafts replaced under warranty , around 20,000km.
Now 161000km seals are leaking and paying to replace the seals and lubricating Spline . Since rear right wheel shows excessive tread loss.

jordanrichard | 19. November 2019

I did have the click vladd22 mentioned. The problem was a lubrication issue in the rear wheel hubs, specifically the splines. Mine were cleaned and repacked with an improved grease. No problem since and that was 89,000 miles ago.