Mobile technician access?

Mobile technician access?

I understand that there is a mobile technician service, but cannot see any way to access this service. The app functions indicate that we will have to travel for service. Can anyone advise--particularly if on Vancouver Island.

Red Zen John

M3phan | 18. November 2019

When you schedule an appointment in app, Tesla determines if mobile tech is an option.

pjwheeler83 | 18. November 2019

Just move to a state that doesn't have service centers like Michigan or Texas and you'll be good.

Actually just had my first mobile service appointment today, gonna miss the convenience when Tesla is finally allowed to open service centers in Michigan.

Can you believe we have laws here that prevent both direct sales models AND the ability for a manufacturer to service vehicles?

Thanks Boomers /s

Bighorn | 18. November 2019

Pretty sure Vancouver Island has a ranger or two.

gballant4570 | 18. November 2019

pjwheeler83 - "Thanks Boomers /s" You're welcome. asshole.

Sarah R | 18. November 2019

@pjwheeler I think you're blaming the wrong people. Remember that three ancestral home of the American automobile industry is in Michigan. They've got turf to protect. And when you're that powerful, you can ... influence legislation ... (yes, that's it!) to protect your business model. Kind of like those states that force EV drivers to buy energy by the minute. In that case, the electric utilities have created legislation to protect their business model.

That's how business is done. You use your market power to buy political influence in order to raise barriers to competition. Because every monopolist knows what Michael Corleone knew: "Competition is bad for business."

pjwheeler83 | 18. November 2019

@gballant - calm down bud, the /s stands for sarcasm. Im welcome for what exactly? I should be happy that the law of the land is being influenced by corporate money basically outlawing innovation and progress? Hard pass. The "Big 3" will cease to exist if they keep up their current bullshit.

@Sarah - I'm placing blame on the system of law and those who participated in making laws. You protect your business by making a good product, not outlawing others. The fact that those bills were even signed into law is testament to the rampant cronyism and corruption in our government.

Tesla IS the competition and they are KILLING the establishment. I'd like to point out that they aren't doing so but lobbying the government to outlaw ICE vehicles. They're doing it by building a better product.