We Activists Now

We Activists Now

A group of Tesla owners and electric vehicle proponents have initiated a new petition in hopes to boycott legacy automakers that have opposed a new California measure to enact stricter emission standards by automakers.

Following Teslarati’s coverage of California’s choice to stop supporting these automakers...

..., Tesla CEO Elon Musk expressed surprise with Toyota’s decision to not abide by California’s new laws. “Even Toyota, who made the Prius. That is sad,” he said, further suggesting that community members should contact automakers to voice concerns:

"Not sure. Maybe write or message carmakers who oppose the environmental initiative?"

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 18, 2019

What followed was a petition that calls for a ban on automakers that refuse to support regulations.

“Cars and trucks that burn gasoline and diesel spew carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. They also emit nitrous oxide and fine particulate matter — pollutants associated with high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and pulmonary disease. In other words, the emissions from these vehicles not only contribute to global heating, they make us all sick and can lead to premature death. These companies refuse to support regulations that would lower all forms of pollution from their products. General Motors is the worst offender. It accepted hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government 10 years ago and promised to support stricter emission rules,” the petition states.

The petition began in November and targets automakers who have chosen to not abide by the state’s rules regarding vehicle emissions. Once the petition reaches its goal of 1,000 signatures, it will be sent to General Motors and its CEO Mary Barra, Toyota, Chrysler, and Fiat Chrysler. The overall objective of the petition is to bring to light the issue of global climate change as a result of vehicle emissions.

California’s decision to stop buying gas-powered sedans was big to begin with, but their decision to completely stop supporting automakers who are not on board with this decision is arguably just as notable. The choice will affect GM’s Chevrolet the most, as California bought around $27 million worth of vehicles from them in 2018.

The support of the electric vehicle community to this issue...

...shows the passion and fervor of the beliefs of environmentally-conscious drivers. While California has made the initial steps to try and convince these large automakers to backtrack and rethink their choices, the choice can ultimately come down to support from the regular, everyday consumer of their vehicles.

You can sign the petition at here:

Sign up, peeps, comment if you like.

blue adept | 20. November 2019

Technically speaking my take on the matter is that California, Los Angeles, San Fransico and Berkeley in particular, each have certain atmospheric meteorological conditions that are specific to the state due to its geography and coastal orientation.

What I am referring to is known locally as the "marine layer" and has the effect of trapping heat and pollution emissions such as smog and dust collections that can form a brownish haze that can cause respiratory problems, close to the ground beneath what is known as a "temperature inversion" because it acts to suppress the typical convection of air currents by acting as a 'cap', so to speak.

In other words, California has a very specific set of environmental circumstances that mandates their emission's standards for health reasons and/or for the sake of their citizens lives and so, invalidates Trump's authority to revoke their stricter emission's standards:

Which really is only part of a broader push by Trump to punish the states that voted against him:

How much longer must we have to be oppressed and subjugated by this infantile man child who arbitrarily abuses the Office of the Presidency by retaliating against those who oppose him and/or don't coddle his obviously fragile, emotionally immature ego, by exploiting the power of the Presidency?

I can only hope you guys sign the petition...the choice is yours.

NKYTA | 21. November 2019


Uncle Paul | 21. November 2019

Concerned that the State of California is just Greewashing their policies.

Currently they purchase very few of the available EVs. Still almost all their fleet of State vehicles are gassers.

They want to bully other manufacturers to sign onto their policies, but are not taking leadership actions themselves.

Believe the Governor and most all the representatives also own gassers.

Frank99 | 21. November 2019

Uncle Paul -
"Separately, the state also said it will no longer buy sedans that are powered only by internal combustion engines..."

So, although their fleet may currently be all-fossil, they're taking the actions to change that. Not a full step - for example, certain public safety vehicles are exempt, as are SUVs and pickups.

finman100 | 21. November 2019

signed. seems to be the peachy thing to do these days.

Tesla-David | 21. November 2019

I signed!

RedShift | 21. November 2019

Signed and donated 18$.

blue adept | 24. November 2019

Bump for more signatures

blue adept | 24. November 2019

Donations are not required @RedShift.

Mike83 | 30. November 2019

Yes. This is so funny and revealing.

jordanrichard | 30. November 2019

Many years ago when visiting family in CO, specifically the Denver area, my cousin pointed out the brown haze over Denver, citing that due to the air currents coming over the Rockies, it puts Denver in a bowl, trapping the pollution.

blue adept | 05. Dezember 2019

Like elsewhere, the brown cloud over Denver comes mostly from vehicle emissions of nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, and benzene and while these noxious chemicals dissipate from being whisked away by prevailing westerly winds, the pollution hangs in the air most days.

rxlawdude | 05. Dezember 2019

@blue, not to mention the chemical plant fires that seem endemic to lightly-regulated Texas facilities. God only knows what stuff is in those combustion gasses.

blue adept | 05. Dezember 2019

Yeah, I feel sorry for all of those people around Port Neches.

There's no telling how whatever they might've inhaled is going to impact them / their endocrine systems or how lasting the environmental residue will be (because the plant supervisors aren't talking so there's really no way to gauge).

They should ALL be arrested and the plant shut down!

BadgerErickson | 12. Dezember 2019

Activists all; VOTE with your $$$ EVERYday.

No reason to wait every 2-4-6 years for BS polls.

Vote with your $$$$$.....

FactDoc | 12. Dezember 2019

Never buy from a company that pollutes more than another available choice

andy.connor.e | 12. Dezember 2019

Money makes companies rich who use that money to buy politicians. You are voting with your dollars people, not with your ballots.

BadgerErickson | 21. Dezember 2019

Exactly Andy!

The Boycott/Divest/Sanctions movement was made illegal from legislation in D.C., per Israel, and protestors not liking the way Palestinians have been treated/pillaged/murdered. (That's into the weeds, here, but a simple explanation is needed.)

There ARE now even so-called "green" 401(b)(k) options which allegedly have ZERO to do with investing our $$$ in fossil fuel/military industries.

Personally, our household has opted out of the GMO foods by planting our urban garden every year, after having removed most of the grass. Our property has been chemical free and organic with composting, etc., for almost 25 years now. Rain barrels take care of our irrigation duties.

VOTE with your $$$ every single day, make some progress with that and continue researching ways to get better/cleaner/greener. It's not a left vs. right or a blue vs. red state thing; it's a human rights thing to CHOOSE clean air, water, and a path towards better living all around. Merry Christmas!