White interior and scent free wipes

White interior and scent free wipes

I tried 3 different brand of non alcoholic baby wipes which they all labeled as fragrance free but all of so have a nasty smell which I kinda afraid it remains permanently in my car since I use it in a OCD manner! Litteraly whoever sits, I wipe it out afterwards. Is there any true scent free wipes that I can safely use?

-TheJohn- | 21. November 2019

A longish while ago someone recommended 70% isopropyl alcohol as being perfect for seats/interior and they were not wrong. It does smell like a distillery for 10-15 minutes but after that it's totally scent free and cleans amazingly well.
I asked 10's of Lyft passengers if they could smell it as I didn't want them to think I was plowed and Zero of them said they could btw.
Works great.

Scrannel | 22. November 2019

Baby wipes are not good for your seats as they are not PH neutral, but "alkaline" to counteract uric acid. And Isopropyl alcohol is a solvent. Here, you decide:

Scrannel | 22. November 2019

Look at it this way -- 99% of current leather interiors are spray-coated. The leather is, imperfect in its natural state, run through a "press" that creates a perfect-looking, artificial, leather surface. This surface is then sprayed with a "plastic" like substance. (This is opposed to vat-dyed leather which is more expensive because of the process, and the fact that you can only use unblemished hides). In other words, the material sprayed on the surface of modern leather is not that different from the material our seats are made from. So if pH imbalanced baby wipes can remove (and otherwise attack) that spray-on coating, it can also attack our seat material.

amirhnaimi | 22. November 2019

What brand/type of wipes should I use? I wanna keep it as clean as first day.

Scrannel | 22. November 2019

I would go with others' idea to use water or a very gentle detergent and a cloth. If you have a stain that's resistant, first try a higher percentage of detergent or as gentle a cleaner as you can find. I'm using water and a cloth, and sometimes, Lexol cleaner.

amirhnaimi | 22. November 2019

Water is not practical for me. I need something in my car ready to use immediatley.

billlake2000 | 22. November 2019

I'm a pro-pill inkahol

jnordland | 22. November 2019

@Scrannel - the interiors aren't leather though. It's artificial leather. I don't know how much that matters in the baby wipe debate but I just wanted to point that out. Personally I use diluted woolite and a microfiber cloth with no issues but I don't have the white interior.

St☰v☰ | 22. November 2019

Since April all I've used is warm water and a microfiber towel every couple of weeks and the seats still look brand new... no snake oils, no detergents, no baby genitalia wipes, just warm water and the towel.

Scrannel | 22. November 2019

I'm aware that our interiors aren't leather, but technically, neither are the "spray-on" color surfaces of todays leather cars. And baby wipes will attack those. There's a couple videos on YouTube showing this.

OC.M3 | 26. November 2019

I have black seats, but here's what I do:
I use organic soap, like Dr. Bronner's, mint or neutral flavor (the mint is mild and smell won't keep for long). I just put some in a bowl of water, dunk a microfiber towel in it, wring it out, start wiping. The bowl will ensure the towel gets an even amount of soap all over it. I use the mint but it doesn't smell minty at all after. Just a clean, neutral cleaner. Use this method on all interior, in fact.

lilbean | 26. November 2019

Are you an Uber driver?

rsingh05 | 26. November 2019

I use baby wipes (fresh scent) when I need to and they work just fine.

Pg3ibew | 27. November 2019

We have white seats. When we test drove the Model 3, that one had white seats. The first question we asked was, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KEEP THEM SOO CLEAN? The asnwer was: Baby wipes and Purell. Nothing more.
We went out and bought baby wipes and purell.

Scrannel | 27. November 2019

There are a lot of links claiming baby wipes are OK -- here's one where baby wipes attacked the varnish on a violin.

If you look closely, links are starting to appear with doctors recommending against baby wipes for…. babies. The Clorox ones are apparently the worst as they have been busted for removing stone seal from granite.

I once bought a Range Rover, just before BMW sold out to ford. I put nearly 200k miles on that car. I only used Lexol on the interior -- and that included non-leather, because there is plenty of non-leather areas on leather seats. Used it for dash, doors etc. The one comment I always got was how the inside of my car looked like new.

Baby wipes are intentionally not pH balanced. And, they were not designed for cleaning leather or vinyl. Use what you want.

Scrannel | 27. November 2019

This is what you are using on your white seats.