What are the width dimensions of cybertruck vs Model 3?

jimglas | 24. November 2019

231.7" x 78.8" x 75" high

BadgerErickson | 12. Dezember 2019

It's much bigger!?!

andy.connor.e | 12. Dezember 2019

double the corners, triple the bends, and maximum awesome.

Xerogas | 12. Dezember 2019

@BadgerErickson: "It's much bigger!?!"
It competes with Ford F-150, so yes, it’s much bigger than a small sedan.

humanoid_1 | 12. Dezember 2019

Interesting, it is almost exactly the same size as the 74 Cadillac Sedan De Ville my Dad had when I was young.

This being in the UK mind, so for us it was unusually big especially back then. Most times it was fine, but it definitely had it's moments in tiny country old towns or trying to find a parking place big enough in London lol

I think in this day and age a car that size is a little easier to deal with, but I am prepared to put up with a certain amount of hassle for This truck.

Who knows, by the time it arrives, maybe it can go find it's own parking space :)

FactDoc | 12. Dezember 2019

78.8 ‘’ width vs ?

jordanrichard | 13. Dezember 2019

78.8" wide.....? That is without mirrors. My MS with the mirrors folded out is 84 inches.

mycomics007 | 21. Dezember 2019

It’s cheap to run. Compared to other trucks it’s cheap to buy. It’s rugged with a big secure truck bed. It’s able to power electric tools and compressed air tools. Huge 16” ground clearance with independent air suspension and built-in ramp. It’s a real trucker working truck. Then there’s all the Tesla specific stuff. Instant torque, autopilot, FSD option, pre-cooling auto defrost, superchargers almost everywhere, over air updates. If you need a Truck, do you want pretty or tough? It makes me laugh people saying it’s ugly. If pretty matters don’t buy it. 250,000 have pre-ordered. No doubt there will be changes for local legal compliance. Don’t expect it to look much different.

hcwhy | 22. Dezember 2019

Some people love the way it looks....I'd be one of 'em.

billtphotoman | 23. Dezember 2019

I can see people who use a truck to earn a living being all over this. For example, the contractor who remodeled our house had about 350K miles on his RAM 2500 all of which was relatively short distances towing a trailer. So, he probably averaged 10 MPG. so, 35,000 gallons of gas + oil changes all of which came straight out of his bottom line (IE take home pay). So, regardless of his opinion of the looks of the CT I suspect he would be all over it. After all, it is a tool for him.

dmataftin | 23. Dezember 2019

its a game changer for trucks

FactDoc | 23. Dezember 2019

Watch The Game Changers

It’s now about the cybertruck, not about being vegan anymore

Cybertruckee | 24. Dezember 2019

Can we use this site to petition Tesla to have a dedicated site for Cybertruck like what they have with other Tesla mdoels?

Anyone with me?

Cybertruckee | 24. Dezember 2019

Can we use this site to petition Tesla to have a dedicated site for Cybertruck like what they have with other Tesla mdoels?

Anyone with me? | 24. Dezember 2019

@ramoncito - a petition is unlikely to help. Model 3 forum didn't appear long after announced. I can't explain why the delay, but it's always been that way in these Forums. Notice there is no Y forum or Roadster 2020 either.

andy.connor.e | 24. Dezember 2019

Have you seen the Tesla Energy forum?

Cybertruckee | 24. Dezember 2019

@TeslaTap -- oh, that sucks!

jordanrichard | 25. Dezember 2019

Ok, there are some changes coming and I am certain a dedicated Cybrtrk will be one of them.

m.smullen | 25. Dezember 2019

I can not wait, I order my on the 24th , I am a sale rep not Contractor.
It will I have a lot of storage solutions for me.

m.smullen | 25. Dezember 2019

I can not wait, I order my on the 24th , I am a sale rep not Contractor.
It will I have a lot of storage solutions for me.

FactDoc | 26. Dezember 2019

Model Y forum will appear late 2020
CT forum will appear 2022

jordanrichard | 26. Dezember 2019

Maxxer, no, it will be sooner than that. I can’t give you a set date, but changes are coming. | 26. Dezember 2019

@jordanrichard - have a question for you not for the forums. Would you mind emailing me at voting@ my name?

ForwardTuner | 27. Dezember 2019

Anyone know the dual motor CT weight yet??? >6000 lbs?????

dwightmiles64 | 27. Dezember 2019

I agree with HC, I love the way the CYBER truck looks!
Good looks, durable and powerful.
I've signed up!

BadgerErickson | 30. Dezember 2019

@ FT, IIRC I saw some registration figures recently at about 8-9K pounds. Not sure if that was curb weight with GVW?

andy.connor.e | 30. Dezember 2019

I dont like the back, but the other 3 sides are pretty cool. Its simplicity is very appealing to me. The front headlight bar is unlike anything i've ever seen, and has a true sci-fi futuristic look. I want. I want. I want.

BadgerErickson | 30. Dezember 2019

Yup, misinformed are calling it "medium duty", but it's nowhere near that class.

Here it was, CA filing for the 8500-10K weight class....

Ccoaston | 30. Dezember 2019

I didn't order the Cybertruck under my account when reserving it. So i don't I see my Cybertruck order in my account.

jordanrichard | 30. Dezember 2019

TT, just sent an email.

Ross1 | 30. Dezember 2019

When the legacy manufacturers make an EV, they make it too ugly to sell, which has been very successful for them.

When Tesla makes the CT too ugly to sell, everyone wants one.

Ross1 | 30. Dezember 2019

For my wife's benefit I describe it as a 4 door 6 seat indestructible big hatchback with adjustable suspension which we are used to, and since it parks itself who cares how long it is (20 ft with the towbar). And it come out of my shares not hers. We would never want a truck again (after the F100), but a big hatch: yea! .3 years to go...

jordanrichard | 30. Dezember 2019

Ross1 +1. If Tesla first came out with the CT, it would be DOA. The brand Tesla is what makes people buy/consider buying the CT.

BadgerErickson | 31. Dezember 2019

Eh, disagree w you somewhat, Jordan; if Ford or GM had come out with THAT truck first, that is where our $$$ would be.

Money-wise where is the Model 3 now? $40-50K? The CT has more of what I want in an F250, with Model 3 attributes for the EV stuff.

We're into the CT for the utility and the intro cost. The Tesla badge is certainly cool, but it's the design brains implemented that we're after; air ride, vault, solar aspects, AWD, EV range........It's the working man's Prius that I can mount a .50 cal in the back of, and that ain't no joke.

andy.connor.e | 31. Dezember 2019

I was initially going to get Model Y, but then i realized the Dual motor CT has more range, is $2000 less than AWD MY, more range, and you have the utility of a truck with 110V/220V plugs, air suspension and air compressor. Plus its made out of stainless steel thats dent resistant and rust proof. Not to mention no paint, so no worrying about scraping paint off.

Something about all of that makes the Cybertruck one hell of a deal. And then theres the Tesla benefit of million mile rated motor, and in 2 years no doubt a million mile rated battery. This could be the last vehicle you purchase in your lifetime.

Bond 007 | 31. Dezember 2019

Well said Andy. Exactly the reasons I ordered one too. However I ordered a Model Y as well for my wife. Hopefully that’ll come sooner and make the purchase of CT less dramatic to her. :D.

andy.connor.e | 31. Dezember 2019

i know i'll force myself to pretty much ignore the look of it just for the sheer functionality. my truck will have a vault! its filled with the riches for the [female dogs]

BadgerErickson | 31. Dezember 2019
hcwhy | 31. Dezember 2019

I ordered it 'cause it's cooler 'n s$#t.

davidmilan | 01. Januar 2020

It doesn't matter, but functionality us fabulous.
Thank You
David [ ]

andy.connor.e | 02. Januar 2020

Did anyone else go back and watch the unveiling event and realize the presentation of the truck going on stage was kick ass? Elon killed it.

BadgerErickson | 03. Januar 2020

We ordered the silver SS models.

Anyone gonna do a Line-X roller app?

sdond | 03. Januar 2020
Cybertruckee | 03. Januar 2020

Elon has been reading recommendations on Cybertruck in his Tweeter. Anyone given theirs, and what it is?

ccrulesn | 03. Januar 2020

I ordered the CyberTruck AWD version. I currently own two Model 3 - first LR AWD , second Std Range Plus. I will trade in the Std Range Plus when the CyberTruck comes out.

andy.connor.e | 03. Januar 2020

My ultimate goal is the tri-motor

BadgerErickson | 04. Januar 2020

@ castillo My recommendation has been to LEAVE it alone please, as is. We're already truck people who recognize what he's got in it now; a gem. No, he's done taking recommendations, I believe he stopped with that around December 7 or so....

Greenfishone | 04. Januar 2020

Can anyone get a question to Elon and ask if he plans on releasing a CyberVAN version of the Cybertruck? I just think something like a class B sprinter Van outfitted as a camper with FSD would be very popular. I know I’d want one.I am a reservation holder for a tri-motor Cybertruck . I currently own a Performance Model 3, and it is the best car I’ve ever had.

Ross1 | 05. Januar 2020

Once I have a CT: I dont have to prove anything.
Order number.... yep I did it , even tho I am not a truckie.
In 3 years, I probably cant drive, but with voicerecog,, autopilot, FSD, 700 HP, the biggest statement vehicle on the planet and 75 years old, did I say, I dont have to prove anything.
Get one.