Cybertruck, when will it get its own subforum?

Cybertruck, when will it get its own subforum?

Just wondering when a subforum for the Cybertruck will show up? Seem to remember that there was a subforum for Model3 before it was debuted. Of course I could be wrong...

sbeggs | 24. November 2019

I certainly hope so, and soon! All these threads proliferating are beginning to give me a headache! | 24. November 2019

Yes, but my expectation is not until Tesla is close to starting shipments, based on past forum enhancements. There is no Y forum either...

J.T. | 27. November 2019

June 1st 2021

lilbean | 27. November 2019

They can’t even fix the energy forum.

cprzywarty | 27. November 2019

Second and third this request. Makes sense.

Right now comments and suggestions for CyberTruck are getting scattered in the other forums as well as general.