What is my AP version number?

What is my AP version number?

Not sure how to find my AP version number? Want to know if I have HW2, HW2.5 or HW3 by seeing the factual details. Alsovwant to know if I have EAP or just AP (not sure if EAP was an option during purchase 5/2019). Thanks in advance.

Vawlkus | 25. November 2019

There’s a test on Teslataps’ website (, but I forget the url. | 25. November 2019

The test is for the MCU. You need the date of manufacture and then use this guide to find the HW version:

The date of manufacture is on the label when you open the driver's door.

Now for EAP/FSD vs AP, check if you have the Summon option in Controls -> Autopilot. It's not included with AP.