Tesla won't remove 4 panels for emergency roof repair until summer 2020

Tesla won't remove 4 panels for emergency roof repair until summer 2020

I have been a very happy customer with a 1.5 year old solar/powerwall system, until now. We have a roof leak, and the roofer says that 4 PV panels need to be removed for them to make a permament repair. Tesla cannot get a crew to our house to remove the panels until summer. 2020. We need the repair done ASAP. There is more rain in the forecast. The roofer can put some tarps in place, but also says that they may not be completely effective. Tesla says that I could have a 3rd party do the removal and replacement. However, if the 3rd party damages the system, the 3rd party is responsible for the damages.
I cannot believe that Tesla does not have a process in place for emergency roof repairs.
Any helpful suggestions?

Passion2Fly | 26. November 2019

Any local solar installer will offer to remove and reset your panels as needed. In San Diego they charge around $125 per panel to remove and reset. Don’t worry about damages, these guys are professionals...

gregbrew | 27. November 2019

My contract states that should it be necessary to do extensive roof repair, or even re-roof entirely, that Tesla will remove and re-install my array for a flat rate of $500 for the life of the system (20 years).

Now, getting them out to do the job might be problematic...

smat99 | 18. Februar 2020

Tesla has the worst customer service when it comes to solar panels. Last year a tree fell on our roof that damaged a couple of panels. I called Tesla multiple times, submitted photos and did all the paperwork. But they never sent the crew to replace those two panels. Finally, after the Powerwall installation, I had to hold their payment of Powerwall to come and replace those two panels. This weekend I discovered that my roof is leaking and I am in need of entire reroofing. Tesla is giving me their standard answer. They do not have ability to do this project and I should hire a third-party installer. If they do it for $499, I will have to wait till mid-summer. By that time it will be too late for my urgent job. Unfortunatley in my case I have 52 panels.