Don't see any mention of it on the Stats app, but it's installing now...

BTW, I just happened to look at the app on my phone earlier and I could see download progress for the update. Not sure I ever noticed that before. Has the app always shown a new update while it's still being downloaded?

Whdame | 03. Dezember 2019

The download progress with the percentage on the app is new. The previous update before the last one allowed you to see the version that you are getting, now with the latest update, you can also see the percentage of the download on the phone.

EVRider | 03. Dezember 2019

The download progress in the mobile app is fairly new. TeslaFi shows 36.2.4, but only 12 deployments as of 9:25pm ET.

MNDZA | 03. Dezember 2019

Installing this now. Wonder what it changes.

Mijak | 03. Dezember 2019

I just installed 36.2.4. No new release notes.

M3phan | 03. Dezember 2019

Fug bixes

stingray.don | 04. Dezember 2019

“M3phan | December 3, 2019
Fug bixes”


Wish it was FUD fixes!

Rippin1Gear | 04. Dezember 2019

Can someone school me on why so many people have more updated versions? Seems like my car is a few weeks or so begins updates available for me.

Lbanworth | 04. Dezember 2019

@Rippin1Gear What model 3 do you have and do you have FSD?

Teslanene | 04. Dezember 2019

Is this the update for faster supercharging?

jokerandthief | 04. Dezember 2019

I thought my energy usage was better today. Still not great with the cold but better than it has been.

vmulla | 04. Dezember 2019

This update broke the rear view camera for my friend. We did the two thumb reset and screen power off without any luck. Will check back tomorrow AM.

vmulla | 04. Dezember 2019

Broke=black blank screen, no image

M3phan | 04. Dezember 2019

@stingray.don, you and me both!

jimqjp | 04. Dezember 2019

After updated with 33, My LR AWD M3 drained lots of battery. I live in NJ USA, about 45 degrees in garage. It took at least 20 miles/day with (sentry mode off).

36.2.3 was much better (about 5 to 6). However the rear view lose three days ago, reset and power off could not recovery it. Somehow yesterday it came back its self. Wish this release can fix it.

beaver | 05. Dezember 2019

Major AP fail today, I don’t know if it is related to 36.2.4 but I just installed it last night. AP deactivates with the loud beeping sounds and flashing red steering wheel on the screen. That has happened only once before and about 6 months ago. This time the visualization froze, a cone was stuck on screen. No AP, no TACC, no visualization of other vehicles around me. After 15 min it went back to normal.

I will see if it happens again.