Lost TACC and Autosteer Functions.

Lost TACC and Autosteer Functions.

Still on 40.1.1 as of this morning.

Through about 40 miles of freeway driving today, the greyed out icons for TACC and Autosteer that appear at the of your instrument binnacle never appeared. I attempted to engage the AP anyway and got the message, "Cruise Control Temporarily Available. Reduced Radar Visibility." Or something along those lines. Performed multiple resets using both scroll wheels. No change.

Does anyone have ideas about what else I could try to bring back TACC and Autosteer?

raffidesigns | 08. Dezember 2019

This error typically means that the front facing camera is blurred. If you live in an area that recently/currently experienced snow, autopilot would be a bit shakey. Wash the car and everything should be all set.

avesraggiana | 09. Dezember 2019

Thank you for your reply. Will have to check the windshield area that covers the front facing cameras. We got a lot of rain in Southern California last week, some heavy downpours too, but no snow. Our Teslas are garaged every night, and I do keep them pretty clean. I had suspected that one of the windshield cameras might have been blocked, but a cursory inspection before I left town for work yesterday didn’t turn up any dirt or debris or smudges.

Shall have to wash the whole car down once I get back home. Thanks again.

Temerarius | 11. Dezember 2019

Is it consistent or random?

I had the same issue on mine... but it was intermittent. Turned out to be a label on the inside of the fascia was blocking part of my radar.

TSammy | 15. Dezember 2019

Run your front defroster on high and wash the windshield.
If that doesn't help, get a full car hand wash by a professional.

avesraggiana | 18. Dezember 2019

@TSammy. Haven’t tried the front defroster trick yet, but will do so when I get back home. Thanks for the tip.

Handwashed the car myself a few days ago. No change.

ScooterJim | 22. Dezember 2019

I have a December 2016 build AP2 & HW2. Recently after downloading 2019.40.2.1, I have lost the TACC and autosteer on a stretch of road I have driven regularly and several times on long trips across the US. I thought I had missed the warning about hands on the steering wheel, but did not. The error message came up all of a sudden and the functions disengaged. This has not happened before the latest update. However, in every instance after driving several miles, I was able to re-engage the TACC and autosteer. Anyone experience similar issues?