Upgrades just became easier

Upgrades just became easier

Just installed the new APP, they added an “upgrades” button. Now we can buy FSD or AP from the app. I didn’t even know they took Apple Pay.

SdpLV | 20. Dezember 2019


twizzler | 20. Dezember 2019

I hope returns are easy. Someone can hit those buttons accidentally.

Zakynthos | 20. Dezember 2019

I'm glad Tesla is getting in on the post delivery DLC game but they should really up the ante to maximize conversion rates on the offerings. Bundled pricing is one of the easiest ways they could do this. For example, if you're on the fence about the FSD, they could make an offer where you buy FSD and then you get the Boost for free or at a heavy discount. This boosts their profit margin significantly and doesn't cost them anything extra other than incentivizing the option to make it more alluring.

Sarah R | 21. Dezember 2019

"Try before you buy" and "pay per use" could become available, too. Imagine that you don't need FSD all the time, but ayou'd like to have it for a specific period of time for a road trip ...

EVRider | 21. Dezember 2019

I don’t think the app uses Apple Pay, it uses the credit card in your Tesla account. See this support article for details: