Will TSLA hit $500 - Yes, on 13-Jan-2020!

Will TSLA hit $500 - Yes, on 13-Jan-2020!

It does seem likely, but who knows! So much great news from Tesla in the last 3 months and I expect more to come. What day do you expect to see TSLA hit $500?

SamO | 08. Januar 2020

How funny. You can't even find the TSLAQ brigade here anymore. Probably ran out of data and electricity when their shorts went up in smoke.

andy.connor.e | 08. Januar 2020

definitely hitting 500 tomorrow

jimglas | 08. Januar 2020

will probably drp a bit tomorrow as peope take their profits

BuffaloBillsFan | 08. Januar 2020

I’m waiting to buy more stock until after Tesla releases it’s 4th quarter earning report. If the stock falls even a little, I will buy. If not, then I will stick with what I have.

Part of me wants the stock price to tank so I can buy more . . . If that makes me a bad Tesla owner and stockholder, then I’m sorry, but not really. | 09. Januar 2020

$497.55 at 9 am, but has since dropped to $480. So close!

jordanrichard | 09. Januar 2020

2pm EST, $484.07

Mtnrunner | 09. Januar 2020

Listening to wall street analysts TSLA will either crash or double so lots of useless info in the trade rags. IMO TSLA will hit $1k soon after earnings report and $4k once deliveries of Y and Cybertrucks occur with lots of ups and downs in-between. That's my hope anyway and knowing the product tells me much more than some analyst on wall st with an agenda! Go TSLA!!!

Ross1 | 09. Januar 2020

No, thanks to Grimes tweets.

rxlawdude | 09. Januar 2020

@Ross, why would that affect TSLA prices? | 10. Januar 2020

You'd think Tesla getting 1000 M3 orders a day in China would have an effect, but so far very little. Perhaps the Q4 call next month will add to the stock, but oddly, even good does not always affect the stock the way you'd expect.

andy.connor.e | 10. Januar 2020

I am sure there is some aspect of people selling to cash in their profits, Shorts getting the f#$@ out while they can, and more people buying because they realize the stock could easily double. I've said this before, that people really need to think in this perspective, that less than 50% of Teslas business is in production right now as far as products go. And that is limited to what we currently know about.

Ross1 | 10. Januar 2020

Grimes makes Elon look cheap.
As Dolly Parton says, it costs a lot of money to look this cheap.
And the stock has taken a big hit, all expected, but Grimes doesnt do me any favors.
I wonder if it was conceived in the Cybertruck.

BadgerErickson | 10. Januar 2020

Well no Officer, I have no idea what happened. What happened? ..........

Windows smashed and paint scraped on a bunch of cars?

No, we don't even know what a Tesla looks like. Why would somebody go downtown smashing windows and scraping paint on one kind of car? You got a bunch of egotistical dorks driving em, who think they're better than other folks?

Well I'll be......

andy.connor.e | 10. Januar 2020

I hear u. Those egotistical dorks driving Teslas are egotistical dorks with or without their Teslas.

BadgerErickson | 10. Januar 2020

Yup, it takes all kinds. Well, unless it's in the Tesla whirled of sabotage....eating their own....too bad it goes to the script of zombies so soon.....

billtphotoman | 11. Januar 2020

It does seem like FOMO (fear of missing out) and a short squeeze might be at play. Either way I won't be shedding any tears for the holders of TSLAQ. Betting against an American company that is single handily allowing America to recapture the lead in automotive technology is pretty slimy so I am happy to see it backfire. | 13. Januar 2020

Update: It hit $500 today. Sitting at $509 as I write this.

Tesla-David | 13. Januar 2020

Currently at $519.50 at 10 a.m. PST.

SamO | 13. Januar 2020

Climate denial is a horrible investment thesis.

andy.connor.e | 13. Januar 2020

"Teslas will soon talk and make fart noises"

YES!!!! | 13. Januar 2020

Closed at $524 for the day, and $529 in after-hours trading. What a ride today :)

jordanrichard | 13. Januar 2020

“....make fart noises”. Our cars have been able to do that for a long while already?

TranzNDance | 13. Januar 2020

@ jordanrichard, I think the new and improved farts can be played from external speakers that were installed on recent cars, for the benefit of pedestrians.

hcwhy | 13. Januar 2020

Elon's finally handing it to the shorts on a silver platter. The media's continual bad press.....punishment for not advertising....couldn't hold back the lemmings any more and the dam's been breached. What a great day!

OrthoSurg | 13. Januar 2020

It’s now uncontrollable

jordanrichard | 14. Januar 2020

TranzNDance, ya but one can stick their but out the window and do the same....... :-)

TSLA closed at $537

rob | 14. Januar 2020
You should bump the title to "$500@13-Jan-2020. Will the stock ever hit $600?

Ha ha, I can't believe it hasn't taken much of a breather during this run.

Ross1 | 14. Januar 2020

rob, do you mean $600 or $6000?
One analyst has toted $6000 | 14. Januar 2020

@rob - I thought about it, but I'll keep it for posterity:) I didn't think getting to $500 would happen so quickly!

rob | 14. Januar 2020

first one, then the other.

andy.connor.e | 14. Januar 2020

some of us are predicting $600+ before end of month

Nexxus | 30. Januar 2020


And it has happened. See my comment on the other thread. $646/share after hours.

jordanrichard | 30. Januar 2020

11:30 EST, sitting at $640

andy.connor.e | 30. Januar 2020

i know, i've been sick the past couple days so i got up today to take a look and its almost $100 up from tuesday

andy.connor.e | 30. Januar 2020

Just wait until next quarter. and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one. And then the next quarter after all the other car companies go bankrupt.

FactDoc | 31. Januar 2020

Now I look back when it was $180 and listen to my financial advisor who said it would go to zero.

andy.connor.e | 31. Januar 2020

financial advisors are only advising you on what is guaranteed to make money, especially someone who invests for you, because thats how they make their money.

jimglas | 31. Januar 2020

My financial advisor refused to buy it saying they had a “hard sell”
I open ended an Ameritrade account and bought it myself
Otherwise he has been very good for my money | 31. Januar 2020

Time for a new financial advisor?

jimglas | 31. Januar 2020

Other than that
Has always done well

jordanrichard | 31. Januar 2020

Closed today at $650.57

SamO | 31. Januar 2020

How has your advisor done compared to your self directed TSLA investment ?

jimglas | 01. Februar 2020

Not close

Nexxus | 04. Februar 2020

Up a $129 yesterday!!! Wow!!!

andy.connor.e | 04. Februar 2020

its already up another 100 points pre market