Sun Glare autopilot fix?

Sun Glare autopilot fix?

Surprised I’ve never encountered this before yesterday...
Drove from Napa, CA to Modesto, CA at 9am and 50% of the drive I couldn’t used autopilot or even cruise because either the front camera or the right column were constantly “blinded” by sun glare.
I know this is a known issue, but wouldn’t simple cosmetic glare shields fix this issue?
I mean, most driving is done when the sun is out is it not? Pretty big weakness in the autopilot armor...

apodbdrs | 11. Januar 2020

Several times AP has saved me because sunlight glare was so intense for to see clearly, but AP handled really well.

NorthValley | 13. Januar 2020

Are you sure it was sun glare and not fogging? I had, for the first time, the exact same issue on Saturday with a warning that the passenger B column camera was dirty or covered and that as a consequence AP was limited. When I got home I could clearly see it was condensation. 5 minutes of A/C and it was gone.

Effopec | 13. Januar 2020

I was getting the left door pillar camera fault the other morning as I was driving west in bright sunlight. When I switched to north it went away. It wasn't that dirty, but after wiping it off with a tissue it worked fine. Funny thing was it still let me go into AP and seemed to show all the cars on the left side just fine. It wouldn't let me use auto-lane change, even to move to the right.

guydude | 13. Januar 2020

I too have noticed this issue. Never had it before the holiday update.

M3phan | 13. Januar 2020

Ditto. 18 moths no problem. On last week had 3 AP warnings about either sun glare or right pillar camera blocked. Neither true. Car clean. I’m sure it’ll get remedied in an update.

F.vanalstine | 13. Januar 2020

I had that issue a couple weeks ago driving East in Minnesota one early sunny morning. Got warning for driver side camera. Soon thereafter headed back West home. Got same warning but for passenger side camera. Cameras were ok, sun angle was not.

Definitely sun glare issue from low sun in the sky at 45 degree North near shortest day in the year in Minnesota.

RayNLA | 13. Januar 2020

Its wintertime and the sun is at a different angle.

PagemakersS75 | 14. Januar 2020

Getting this for the first time in 3 years in my S

F.vanalstine | 14. Januar 2020

Whoops, got it backwards. Going East got passenger side camera warning. Going West back home got drivers side camera warming. Bright morning low in the sky was fooling the cameras.

M3phan | 14. Januar 2020

I’ve gone through a previous winter no problem with lower sun and brightness, as well as two summers of 100° plus heat and super bright sun, driving directly into it many times, no issues until the latest firmware update.