How does an owner get help with his new car?

How does an owner get help with his new car?

I have had a new Model 3 for about a month now. Every time I have a question, I look first in the fabulous online Owners Manual, which answers most of the obvious questions. Today, I needed to know the correct torque setting for tightening lug nuts because I bought a set of wheel locks from Tesla. Of course there was no information with the locknuts.

I have tried calling the Customer Service line, the Roadside Assistance line, and two different local customer service locations. Every time I get caught in an endless loop with the charming lady computer repeatedly offering the same options until I give up and when I don't press the number quickly enough, she says "goodby."

I love the car, but all affection I had for the company is being quickly squandered.

Any suggestions? Maybe Chilton will publish a service manual someday.

TabascoGuy | 14. Januar 2020

This is a very good place to start...

or go right to the source.

PrescottRichard | 14. Januar 2020

Congrats on your 3 Dan-

I’m guessing you posted your question in the model 3 forum? I would have thought something like that would be in the manual (or come with the locknuts?).

In addition to the TeslaTap site there’s the TMC forums (Tesla Motor Club I believe). I’m not on that one but lots of people here post links from there in answer to questions here.

Also, I don’t know if this has the specific info you’re looking for now but on this page-

There’s a bunch of links that are useful, the ‘Do it yourself’ guides are handy too.

My experience with asking questions to Tesla via my car’s webpage has been good. I did get answers, sometimes they take a week or so though. My bet would be that someone here or on TMC will give you the correct info more quickly than through the site.

andy.connor.e | 14. Januar 2020

You made this post on a thread in Model 3 section. See manual page 182, or see the comments provided for you from helpful forum members. Do not call Tesla because you did not use the CTRL+F function and search for key words in the manual.

GHammer | 14. Januar 2020

Very easy piece of information to find.

Xerogas | 14. Januar 2020

It takes 10x more effort to post here on the forums (multiple times!) than it does to google a five-word question

andy.connor.e | 15. Januar 2020

He had time to call Tesla multiple times though

jordanrichard | 15. Januar 2020

130 ft lbs.

johncrab | 17. Januar 2020

You are generally safe with 110-140 foot pounds for just about any car.

FunDriv | 17. Januar 2020

I do not know how to post a new subject on the forum. I have not been on the forum in years. I have had a model S since July, 2016. I never had an issue with dealing with service. UNTIL NOW.
I am in Orange County, CA. I scheduled an appointment through the mobile app. Mobile service was supposed to be to my office between 2:30 and 4:30. It is now past 5. I have received no contact from Tesla. I can't get through to a live person. Does anyone no a solution to my problem?
At this point, I am planning on drive to the Cost Mesa service tomorrow morning.

andy.connor.e | 17. Januar 2020

I dont understand how people claim to have such a tooth pulling experience with contacting Tesla. I literally just called them today to ask a question about the solar roof and i got through to someone after answering 2 menu items. That person even transferred me to the department that handles the roof.

FunDriv | 17. Januar 2020

What phone number did you call? Also, you are talking about solar - not service..

FunDriv | 17. Januar 2020

Sorry, solar roof. Ok. But, what number did you call to get through?

andy.connor.e | 17. Januar 2020

I went to manage my reservation and at the bottom was this number for Tesla Experience.

(877) 571-7652

jimglas | 17. Januar 2020

my experience
its quite easy to get in touch of sales
service is another question......

happy MX and M3 owner

andy.connor.e | 17. Januar 2020

i see the difference

FunDriv | 17. Januar 2020

Thank you Andy. The number you provided is actually for Solar. But, they, like you said, got me to the vehicle service, and I got the help I needed. I did ask the person who helped me what their number was. He gave me 877-798-3752. That is roadside service number - which is supposed to be for emergency service. But, they helped get my service issue handled. Take this as something to consider when not getting help from service. Thanks again.

andy.connor.e | 17. Januar 2020

glad you could get help