PowerWall Installed: Fair Price

PowerWall Installed: Fair Price

Here's estimate from San Antonio installer:

Solar will install a complete, turn-key solar
electric system at your site. All engineering,
materials, and installation labor are included. Wells
Solar will coordinate and procure all necessary
building permits, and administer the system's
interconnection to the utility grid.

$13500 cash

admin01 | 21. Januar 2020


patrick40363 | 21. Januar 2020

That is a high price for one powerwall.

gregbrew | 21. Januar 2020

The going price to install a Powerwall into an existing PV system is $8-9k each. That $13.5k quote is about 50% too high. Walk away...

kibhu | 21. Januar 2020

Rates might change per state / location. Here in Nor-Cal, I got a $11,800 quote to install a single PW-2 directly from Tesla.
Other installers (who may become eligible for SGIP when funded) are 1-2K higher than TSLA's price.

Passion2Fly | 21. Januar 2020

Total ripoff...