Corona Virus Impact on Tesla?

Corona Virus Impact on Tesla?

What is Tesla's contingency plan to deal with incidents like the current Corona Virus? Where can we get first hand credible information of this concern?

andy.connor.e | 27. Januar 2020

too many Coronas can get you sick

SCCRENDO | 27. Januar 2020

Probably not much. Isolation is the best measure. The most significant impact will be on the travel industry. So airline, hotel stocks etc will be severely impacted. Obviously it depends if the virus take hold in the cities where they have factories. This can result in loss of work man hours.

TabascoGuy | 27. Januar 2020

Get in your car, turn on the Bioweapon Defense Mode feature, then wait for the all clear to sound.

Orthopod | 27. Januar 2020

Corona virus mainly kills elderly people with already diagnosed pulmonary dysfunction from previous health problem.
It kills 14% of the hospitalized patients.

If you fit in the above category, activate biodefense mode while you have people visiting with flu symptoms and watch a Netflix TV show about Chernobyl to secure yourself

yourmail | 27. Januar 2020

It is indeed sad that in this day and age that we are still suffering from these kind of health problems and the yearly flu.

Orthopod | 27. Januar 2020

And people are following anti-vaccine influencers on Instagram
And there is a recrudescence of Measles

Ignorance will bring humanity on the brink of instinction

andy.connor.e | 27. Januar 2020

ya, its the anti-vaxxers

Orthopod | 27. Januar 2020

nice, there is a contraction word for it,
We don’t have that yet in french.

What a terrible phenomenon.

Social media brought us the
Flat earthers
Climate change deniers (climatoseptique)

Globalization and Mass tourism travel brought us
Transport induced climate change
World pandemics
Instagram influencers waiting in line 3 hours to take pictures on a rock in the Rockies national park

Where are we going

andy.connor.e | 27. Januar 2020

All of that stuff existed preceding social media and the internet. They are just platforms for those kinds of people to assemble in larger groups. Not that it matters really because that being said about the internet, trying to say the earth is flat when there is the entire internet of information available at your thumbs is uh..... well idk. Pretty interesting.

David N | 27. Januar 2020

@ stevencsimpson
“What is Tesla's contingency plan to deal with incidents like the current Corona Virus? “
I’d suppose there are no contingency plans. The government/Health ministry will be the ones who dictate what will be allowed and what will not be allowed.

“ Where can we get first hand credible information of this concern?”
From Tesla.

SCCRENDO | 27. Januar 2020

Apparently flu is worse. The benefit is that there is a flu vaccine that works most of the time (not always). There is no present effective vaccine for this. Just a friendly reminder to ignore the crazy anti-vaxers who are worse than climate change deniers and get your flu shot. Pray for a vaccine against this. Meanwhile as stated by @Maxxer, if you are old or unhealthy or both you need to take precautions.

andy.connor.e | 27. Januar 2020

old and unhealthy are definitely the ones who should be very careful

SCCRENDO | 27. Januar 2020

It sucks to get it even if you are healthy, just like flu. But more likely to be fatal in the old and infirm

andy.connor.e | 27. Januar 2020

Ya, i hadnt gotten the flu in like 12 years, and i got it end of 2017 because i was in the same room with a family member that had it during christmas. Are viruses typically too small for HEPA?

Orthopod | 27. Januar 2020

Virus will go through HEPA. The droplets transporting them won’t.
Usually viruses need a vector to live on while being transported to another respiratory tract to infect another cell to replicate.
That’s what was peculiar from anthrax, it survived inactive in powder sent in letters.

stevencsimpson | 27. Januar 2020

Complex issue: if the Corona virus spreads will China Tesla sales take a dive? How is Tesla going to screen & send home employees that are May be infected? The problem with this is virus, experts "believe", that the virus could be a-semtimatic for up to two weeks! I am all for Tesla, I own an S, have reservations for several Cybertrucks and sold a block of stock today. When the virus is defeated I will be all in again!!

andy.connor.e | 27. Januar 2020

This virus is temporary. If Tesla suffers any fallbacks from it, it will be temporary. China is also in CNY right now.

Orthopod | 27. Januar 2020

Sell and rebuy or hold, that is the question

andy.connor.e | 27. Januar 2020

To make money, or to make even more money.

SamO | 27. Januar 2020

BREAKING: @teslacn is notifying #Tesla owners across China about first-ever temporary free supercharging during #coronavirus outbreak. @teslacn says it’d like to help owners get thru difficult time in a small way it can. I can’t think of any other OEMs more considerate than Tesla

Tesla2018 | 27. Januar 2020

Great. Now they can touch a nozzle that thousands of others have touched during the previous month.

Orthopod | 28. Januar 2020

Oh god, and someone on Twitter complaining that is a publicity stunt.

andy.connor.e | 28. Januar 2020

Get yourself a charging glove.

SCCRENDO | 28. Januar 2020

Trump is gutting our public health departments. I believe these outbreaks would be better handled by Dems. And of course Elizabeth Warren has a plan

efuseakay | 29. Januar 2020

If they quarantine Shanghai then yes, it’ll be a huge problem as no cars will be built for the duration. Other than that, I don’t see much of an effect.

KY | 29. Januar 2020

Tesla provided free Supercharge in China.

efuseakay | 30. Januar 2020
advocadoss | 30. Januar 2020

I didn't expected to read about this virus here

gamedevelpr | 30. Januar 2020

The virus is transmitted by airborne droplets, so if the car doesn't sneeze, everything should be fine)

gamedevelpr | 30. Januar 2020

For those who are particularly worried (I'm with you guys), there is always an option to completely clean the car in some service.

rxlawdude | 31. Januar 2020

A timely watch is Netfix's "Pandemic." One episode discusses the anti-vaxxer movement.

Orthopod | 01. Februar 2020

You have less chance to contract Coronavirus where you live right now than being hit by thunder.

andy.connor.e | 01. Februar 2020

How does one get hit by thunder?

Orthopod | 01. Februar 2020

The same way you catch coronavirus,
By staying very close to someone who’s getting hit by thunder

andy.connor.e | 01. Februar 2020

guess you didnt get it

jimglas | 01. Februar 2020

My ears are still ringing since I was last hit by thunder

nukequazar | 01. Februar 2020

@stevencsimpson, I'm guessing you're talking about Tesla's plan for TSLA not the cars or sick people.

GS3 | 07. Februar 2020

Giga Shanghai looks to be resuming production on Monday!

Ross1 | 02. März 2020

This virus is suspiciously not a normal virus. It is a creation of the Chinese military laboratory.
It is highly probable it can be sent by mail. Carried on solids at ambient temps.
Dont expect a quick solution. And if you have had it once, you can also get it again.
If you were Chinese Military, what features would you specify for its design?

Xerogas | 02. März 2020

If I were Chinese military, I would design it so it doesn’t kill Chinese people

rxlawdude | 02. März 2020

@Ross, Got Paranoia?

jimglas | 02. März 2020

Why would a "chinese military lab" release their creation in china?
what a stupid conspiracy theory

andy.connor.e | 02. März 2020

They wouldnt have released it on purpose....

Ross1 | 02. März 2020

It was not released. It got out.
And it wasnt ready, meaning for one thing that there was and is no antidote. Not a completed work.

We had a virus in AUS got out early once, calicivirus, to kill rabbits. Not ready for release but it took out 90% of rabbits presto. (The other 10% had an immunity from having a similar flu in their systems).

Prove me wrong.

I suppose the 10% rise in stock today proves something?
Only that Americans have their heads in sand.

Ross1 | 02. März 2020

The lab this virus escaped from is the only one in China and is in Wuhan, as I read it.

Ross1 | 02. März 2020

...and all the supply chains are in place, Europe is in bonanza mode, China sales have taken off, you wont lose your job. You wont even know anyone affected. Your chemist hasnt run out of protection like here. You are able to buy food and meds like you ever did.

.........."The U.S. carmaker registered just 83 new cars in Norway last month, compared with 1,016 vehicles during the same period last year, according to data from the country’s transport authority. In the Netherlands, registrations plunged 68% to 155 units."

andy.connor.e | 02. März 2020

That doesnt mean Europe demand has dropped. It means they are probably prioritizing local orders because they are building a factory in that region.

andy.connor.e | 02. März 2020

Not you Ross, just to the shorts who use that as the article click-bait narrative.

sbeggs | 02. März 2020

Is Tesla China factory delivering cars, or just producing and stocking until customers come out of quarantine???

jimglas | 02. März 2020