Tesla Account Issue

Tesla Account Issue

When I placed my order for a model 3 last October I immediately received a ‘Welcome to Tesla’ email telling me that a Tesla account had been set up for me.

I took delivery of the car in December, and expected my account to be updated with details of my car in due course.

However, my account still doesn’t have any mention of my car.

I have contacted Tesla 3 times about this via the contact page on my account, plus I have rang their customer support number who told me to send an email to virtualserviceUK@ advising them of my VIN number, which I did.

Still no reply from anyone.

I’m not sure if I even NEED to see my car on this account. However, whilst I absolutely love the car this issue with the account and constantly being ignored is tainting my ‘Tesla’ experience a bit.

Does anyone else have a similar problem, or maybe a solution?

vanfriscia | 10. Februar 2020

I never experienced that, nor do I have a solution. However, in my experience Tesla is an amazing company that makes amazing cars, but their customer service & response times often leave something to be desired. I've used the "Ask a Question" feature in my account a few times, and they've always been answered...eventually, a week or two later. I never had much luck with calling them, though I've heard you'd have better luck doing so at night.

Regardless - When did you send your emails & inquiries? More than likely you just need to give them more time to respond.

hokiegir1 | 10. Februar 2020

They have something associated with your account, since only owners can create new threads.

EVRider | 10. Februar 2020

Is the account that Tesla created for you different from the one you’re using for this forum?

I created my Tesla account before ordering my first Tesla, so that I could use the forums, and used that account to order the car. I thought most people created an account either when they order the car or beforehand like I did, so I’m not familiar with your situation.

There should be a link on your account page to add a vehicle to your account — have you tried that?

lessrandom | 10. Februar 2020

Does your phone show your car? If not I’d say that’s a big reduction in functionality. If it were me I’d show up in person at the service center or sales center and not leave until it is fixed.

Wilber | 10. Februar 2020

I'm with lessrandom.

peterbull2004 | 11. Februar 2020

Thanks for your responses guys… to answer a few of your questions:

- I’ve asked the question via the ‘Ask a Question’ feature several times since mid December.
- Regarding new Threads, I agree - they must have something associated with me.
- The account Tesla created for me after placing the order is the same as I’m using on this forum.
- The account page on my account doesn’t have a link.
- My phone shows my car details (VIN number, mileage etc)

I guess the only option left (apart from keep badgering them) is to show up at a Service or Sales Center

EVRider | 11. Februar 2020

@peter: I didn’t get from your first post that you’re seeing the car in the mobile app but on your online account page; I thought it was missing from both.

That’s a different issue. As long as you’re seeing the car in the mobile app, it’s associated with your account. If you’re positive you’re using the same credentials in both places, it’s just a web issue that Tesla needs to fix. Just keep after them, but it’s not really interfering with your use of the car and mobile app.

EVRider | 11. Februar 2020

...but not on your account page...

romediggy14 | 31. März 2020

I plan on ordering a model 3 within the next couple of months. I created my account already. I hope I don't have this problem.