2013 Model S 85 needs a new HV Battery Pack

2013 Model S 85 needs a new HV Battery Pack

My 2013 Model S with 92K miles went into the Sunnyvale Service Center for regular service, cabin filter and such.. I am the original owner.

Just the night before i took the car for service i got a warning/alert that said that the car was unable to charge properly

Tesla got back to me today saying that i need a HV battery pack.

Since my car is now nearly 7 years old, i am not sure what should my expectation be regarding the battery pack. Should i expect a new one or a refurbished battery that matches my current battery state. Tesla's warranty states that they are only liable up to the current performance of the battery before the alert.

My service advisor is saying that Tesla has been replacing the 85 packs with refurbished 85 packs. I did not realize that they could still get 85 packs built.

What has Tesla been doing recently in similar situations? Any information would be useful.


Bighorn | 11. Februar 2020

Refurbished that should match or exceed your current battery. I gained about ~25 miles as I recall, but mine was done at 197k miles.

jordanrichard | 12. Februar 2020

BH +1, they are not going to refurbish a pack to only then purposely gimp it match your current battery.

Did they say what specifically went wrong with it.

Ruby110 | 12. Februar 2020

@BH: So your replacement battery is down to 63 kWh? Is that correct?

PrescottRichard | 12. Februar 2020

I had a HV pack replaced on a 2013 P85, think it showed a few more miles than the one it replaced.

Bighorn | 12. Februar 2020

Yes. I’m right at 288k miles. Full charge is between 226-228 rated miles. It was 261 when I got it in July of 2018 That’s been offset by improvements in efficiency over the years.

wagner.kyle88 | 12. Februar 2020

Your rated miles went down nearly 15% in 18 months??

Bighorn | 12. Februar 2020

It was a refurbished battery, plus I drive about 80k miles a year. That, and firmware has changed on how rated miles are determined, I think, because I had a precipitous drop along with many others last fall concomitant with an update.

TSLC | 13. Februar 2020


Different pack here (75kW) but that is not shocking at triple the mileage to me. I am down approximately 10% on the original pack in roughly two years and 45K miles.

Initial: 259 (Maybe too optimistic)
Current: 232 at 100%

These legacy warranties may end up being a godsend...

pastorjimkuchera | 17. Februar 2020

Turned 100K miles yesterday on May 2014 S85. Still charaging to 257 miles. Always charged on mobile charger at 40 amps. Swapped old charger cord with next gen at 32 amps. Yesterday still charged to 257 miles. Seldom super charge. Car always in heated garage and only fully charge once a week on Sat. night to 80%. Then Sun. morning 100% to preheat battery. Can't ask for more. Baby that battery and save thousands.

jjs | 17. Februar 2020

Replace with refurb a number of years ago. Currently at 170K, charges to 225 at 90, 250 at 100.
You will most likely get a refurbed battery.

Editorial note: 7 year old car gets main battery pack replaced at no cost to owner. Battery still under warranty. Who else does this? And when you consider they were going bankrupt multiple times over the last 7 years, and Tesla killers were lurking around every corner and they could never get to scale and they could never be profitable and Elon was crazy and all the executives were quitting and and and and

and you made a good purchase 7 years ago!

Qwiksilver | 18. Februar 2020


NKYTA | 18. Februar 2020

@jjs +2

MBCMDR | 27. April 2020

I just got a remanufactured HV battery pack for my 2013 Model S 85 as the charging circuit looked like went out inside my battery pack. did take a bit of time to get as had to be shipped to my SC.

SnowFlake | 27. April 2020

What is the charge?

SnowFlake | 27. April 2020

What is the charge capacity?

Bighorn | 27. April 2020

If you mean cost, that would be free since all 85s are still under warranty.

Bighorn | 27. April 2020

If you mean charge capacity, he said 265 miles, so the original advertised capacity.

SCCRENDO | 28. April 2020

I had a sudden drop in my battery capacity from around 247 miles to 225 miles overnight in my 85S April 2013 a few years ago at around 107000 miles. The took my battery away for remanufacture and gave me a loaner battery with 266 miles. I was excited when I did not hear from them for over a year. And then I got a call that my battery was ready. It then had gone back up to 240 miles with my odometer now at 129000 miles. These days my battery is down to 225 miles. I have 175000 miles and the car is otherwise in great shape

wickrem | 28. Mai 2020

My 2012 MS 85 showed the warning "Maximum Battery charge level reduced". About 2 months ago, I had the pyro fuse and the battery contactor replaced, due to warning "my acceleration reduced". I have got the appointment set up. They invoiced me as a warranty replacement. Replacement part on invoice shows 1088815-01-A. My existing battery label shows 1014114-00-B. Does Tesla, replace all battery cells on the remanufactured HV pack I am getting ?. Is the new one good like the ones that come in the newer Tesla MS and durable and reliable and supercharger friendly ?.
my SC in Augora Hills advised me to come by before my actual appointment date, since they have got the battery shipment. Please advise me your thoughts please.