Tree Falls on Tesla

Tree Falls on Tesla

I saw an item in the news the other day about a tree falling on a Tesla. I didn't read the article; the headline said all that I needed to know. I have never seen a news item about a tree falling on any other make of vehicle. No way I'm going to buy a Tesla, since trees fall on them.

PrescottRichard | 15. Februar 2020

Should have read the article to find out if it made a noise.


Earl and Nagin ... | 15. Februar 2020

Obviously it did. They only don't make noise when ". . . in the forest where nobody can hear them". With a Tesla under it, it likely wasn't in the forest where nobody could hear it.

PrescottRichard | 15. Februar 2020

:) | 15. Februar 2020

Can't wait for FSD so it will see the tree falling and move out of the way!

tew ms us | 15. Februar 2020

Foretold in a Nostradamus quatrain
I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay.
I sleep all night and I work all day..

I cut down trees that fall on Teslas
But not on Fords, GMs or Chryslas

lilbean | 15. Februar 2020

The trees are grateful and just want to hug Teslas.

quinney | 15. Februar 2020

The trees could be mad at what is happening in Grünheide.

rob | 15. Februar 2020

A few years back, I took my car in for service (pre-Tesla). I was driving the loaner in a parking lot and I heard a snap and my windshield was covered in leaves. An 8" branch of the tree snapped and the canopy landed on my car. Scratched it up pretty good. BMW wasn't too happy.

hcwhy | 15. Februar 2020

......and the tree didn't even catch on fire?

lessrandom | 16. Februar 2020

Tesla remotely removed the tree, being a softwood feature not paid for.

blue adept | 16. Februar 2020

As @quinney touched upon, the article that @mcdonalk saw the other day might've been about local environmentalists in Gruenheide being granted an injunction that stopped Tesla from clearing the land the eastern state of Brandenburg environmental office had given a green light to for Tesla to clear some 92 hectares (a little less than 230 acres) of forest in order to construct the German Giga factory:

Who knows, maybe Germany isn't the place for Giga-4? Perhaps Elon should consider locating Giga-4 elsewhere, say Denamrk, Norway, or Sweden even?

Afterall, doesn't it seem somewhat counterintuitive to anyone else that a zero-carbon focused electric vehicle manufacturer would have to destroy a part of the very environment it is working to protect / save just to manufacture the very products it is hoping will help to remedy at least part of the Climate Crisis with?

Pretty asshat-ish of Germany to mandate the clearing of part of the very thing that Tesla is working so hard to save, IMHO.

Earl and Nagin ... | 16. Februar 2020

No it is not counter-intuitive. One must often give a little to gain a lot.
Don't let the PERFECT become the enemy of BETTER.

Ross1 | 16. Februar 2020

It was a plantation grown for cardboard production, just happened to have bats and worms in it.

PrescottRichard | 17. Februar 2020

Not just one, a two-for.


blue adept | 26. Februar 2020

@Earl and Nagin ...

Good point and, as it turns out, @Ross1 was correct about the place being a part of an industrial pulp farm that grows softwoods for use as cardboard bulk, so no big environmental loss as that was the intended purpose of the trees all along just as it had been for at least the last 15 years.

Though that still doesn't displace the local outcry over the use of the land for what it had been traditionally used for serving to halt the progress of the site's clearing to allow for the construction of Giga-4, afterall, how in the hell could the locals not know that it was just an industrial tree farm since that's exactly what it had been for so many years?!

So, yes, there's 'giving a little to get a lot', but one shouldn't have to deal with / take BS for it.

blue adept | 26. Februar 2020

@rlwrw & @PrescottRichard

The trees are retaliating...They want their pound of flesh too. (nail-biting, scared-faced emoji here)

TranzNDance | 27. Februar 2020

@Earl and Nagin ...
"Don't let the PERFECT become the enemy of BETTER."

That phrase makes much more sense than "Don't let the PERFECT become the enemy of good."