Does Raven S charge faster than 100D?

Does Raven S charge faster than 100D?

I saw a post yesterday that showed a new “Raven” V3 supercharging @ a max of 180kw. We do a lot of long distance drives and wondering whether the newer Model S will supercharge faster than the 2016-2019 versions.

packpike | 19. Februar 2020

My understanding is ‘yes’. The Raven won’t supercharge as fast as the M3, but it is faster than the pre-Raven MS. | 19. Februar 2020

Max charging of pre- Raven S/X 100 is 150 kW. Max of Raven S/X 100 is 200 kW. Max of Model 3 is 250 kW. For charging above 150 kW, you need a V3 Supercharger, which is not common yet, but new sites are mostly V3, and older sites are being upgraded to V3, although this could take years for every site to be upgraded.

Mhop802 | 19. Februar 2020

Thank you.

rxlawdude | 19. Februar 2020

@Ttap, even the "Long range Plus?"