Glovebox won’t open after HW3.

Glovebox won’t open after HW3.

HW3 is amazing. Love it. I see cones and streetlights. I am unable to open the glovebox now. Anyone else with HW3 have this issue? I have an 2018 build, Dual Motor with acceleration boost.

taronwalton1 | 14. März 2020

Service Center had to remove the glovebox for the HW3 install, they may have forgotten to plug it back in.

OrhanBlue | 14. März 2020

Good call. That makes sense. I’ll have to swing by to have them plug it in. Thank you.

walnotr | 14. März 2020

Apparently it is easy to swap a couple of plugs. When my car got the the new hardware, it’s what happened with mine and some others on here. Only took a few extra minutes to get it right.

OrhanBlue | 16. März 2020

I went back to the service center today and only waited about 20 minutes and they fixed my glovebox to open properly. This was important since my registration and insurance paperwork were in the glovebox and I couldn’t access them. I’m all set now. There was good coffee in the waiting lounge.

Magic 8 Ball | 16. März 2020


Ross1 | 16. März 2020

I would like to say its a 1st world problem, but how long before USA is 2nd World. Leadership would help.

Magic 8 Ball | 16. März 2020

So far we are doing pretty good where I live in bay area CA. People are in a bit more of a hurry but I was super impressed with how the market was handling things. The information is out there and it is up to the people to listen and be smart. I took a video in the market until the manager chewed me out. I apologized and made sure to thank everyone working so hard to help.