How to stop a text message while it is being read

How to stop a text message while it is being read

Sometimes I get a long text message and I just want to stop it from being read to me after I get the gist. In other words, I only want to hear the first part of the textmessage and then I want to push a button, so to speak, to stop it from being read aloud any further.

Anyone know how to do this?

Firmware: 2020.12

TickTock | 15. März 2020

+1 : "Emily says one three four one one two seven eight nine three four one one one three four one one two seven eight nine three four one one seven nine underscore zero three underscore one zero underscore two zero two zero dot jay pee gee"

lbowroom | 15. März 2020

Just guessing, did you try pushing the button? Or tapping the screen?

mrburke | 15. März 2020

Turn the volume all the way down on the steering wheel.

Bighorn | 15. März 2020

I don’t think you can. Pretty silly when it reads out long urls

Shesmyne2 | 15. März 2020

Don’t tap to read. AFAIC it’s too distracting for me.

Still Grinning ;-)

SalisburySam | 16. März 2020

I did learn that if you are on a phone call, a text comes in, and you tap to hear it, the other person on the line doesn’t hear it. Not sure how that’s possible since everything goes into the microphone but they swore they couldn’t hear it. I tried to stop the message by first tapping the card, then one and the other steering wheel buttons, but no joy. I couldn’t just turn the sound down as I would not hear the caller either, but that should work if you’re not on a call also. Maybe a solution is to build in the intelligence to NOT read URLs, USPS/UPS/FedEx delivery codes, and the like.

jamilworm | 16. März 2020

Wife in the car and you accidentally start listening to a text from the mistress?

PagemakersS75P3 | 16. März 2020

You can’t stop it nor can you control its volume!

mrburke | 16. März 2020

When in doubt, press the two scroll wheels on the steering wheel. That should stop the text from your mistress.

lbowroom | 16. März 2020

Muting by pressing the left scroll wheel won’t silence her?

My kids used to send me a page full of emoji’s and Siri would take forever to read them all, so I get it. I can confirm that the mic is muted while Tesla reads your message, that’s how the person you’re talking to doesn’t hear.

billlake2000 | 16. März 2020

Shut the front door

michaelbaturin | 17. März 2020

My friend texted me back that he was in his model 3 using voice to text so I texted him back the word Tesla 100x hahaha. We both love our model 3s.

Jdansinger | 11. April 2020

Very annoying when reading a long url. The problem is that you can't see it before it reads it! Anyone figure out how to interrupt it stop it from reading the message?

Bighorn | 11. April 2020

See what I wrote above.

sfurg73 | 11. April 2020

If you have 2020.12.5 you can swipe the message box down to stop the text being read.

jfaubl | 11. April 2020

I just hit the button to reply but don't reply.

I will have to try the swipe down.