First MY deliveries and what happened?

First MY deliveries and what happened?

TSLA stock heading down.
$475 pre.
This usually happens with a bad ramp, but this time it was different, no fanfare and no disappointments.
Just the virus.

spuzzz123 | 16. März 2020

Where’s the bottom of this market? Have the shorts, who had the stomach to stay the course, grow in their bravado? Will they let it ride, or will they take the opportunity to get out now and not get burned by elon again?

don.lind | 16. März 2020

Well, I finally bought Tesla stock just last Friday and made some money that day. Yay. Then today, not so much.
And yeah, the market is just brutal.

Orthopod | 16. März 2020

IM buying at every dip but it’s getting deeper and deeper

majassow | 16. März 2020

Definitely a TSLA sale. Shorting in this market would be insane: they already know what the potential eventual upside looks like. Unless sales dry up for a long enough period that Tesla's no longer a viable business. But if that's the case, there will be plenty of businesses in the same boat.

lbowroom | 16. März 2020

Unless their goal isn’t to make money