Hong Kong Population took it seriously

Hong Kong Population took it seriously

That’s mainly the difference when a population went through a previous epidemic like SARS

People don’t fuck around on beaches, they stay at home and wear masks when going outside

« This time, though, and without needing to be told much, Hong Kong residents took matters into their own hands. The city’s financial district was reduced to a ghost town in early February as companies closed offices. Bakeries known for hour-long weekend lines were abandoned.
Parties, weddings and family gatherings were canceled — without any government order. Almost everyone rushed to ­procure masks; a recent study ­estimated that 74 percent to 98 percent of residents wore them when leaving their homes. Voluntary social distancing was hailed as a key reason for the lower rate of infections.
“Hong Kong is a population which takes the idea of quarantine, masks and social distancing very seriously,” said Keiji Fukuda, director of the University of Hong Kong School of Public Health and former assistant director general for health security at the WHO. »

Washington post

Tesla-David | 21. März 2020

Yes, deeply embarrassed to have Drumpf as POTUS. He is disgustingly incompetent at every level.

TranzNDance | 21. März 2020

There's also the element of enough people voting for him to make him president, maybe again even after all this.

andy.connor.e | 21. März 2020

Japan and South Korea examples as well. NYC will probably be equal to China, if not more.