Model Y sighting!

Model Y sighting!

I saw my first Model Y on the road yesterday! It was stopped on the opposite side of the road and I glanced over and thought it looked like a taller Model 3. Then it turned in front of me and I could clearly see the chrome delete and overall shape. Midnight Silver color. Bellevue WA. It looks good in real life and I suspect it's bigger inside (more usable space) than it looks from the outside.

I remember seeing the first OG RWD Model 3's on the road and being happy, even before I made a reservation for my AWD.

I know that this is a bad time to launch a new vehicle but Tesla learned a lot from the Model 3 production that will increase the chance of the Model Y being a success.

pasaito | 22. März 2020

I saw one too, in my garage! First Tesla Y in Memphis, TN! Go Tesla!!