Noticed Since Update 2020.8.1 Bluetooth Not Connecting

Noticed Since Update 2020.8.1 Bluetooth Not Connecting

Ever since I updated to 2020.8.1 my car will not connect to Bluetooth when I get inside to drive. I put it in reverse and the key card warning comes up telling me to use it. I deleted my phone and paired it again. Nothing. I think I heard there is a new update 2020.12.1. Please answer if you've updated if this fixes the issues. Funny thing is the update that I did get, 2020.8.1, has some Bluetooth tweaks in it. Anyone with same problems please post and what worked for you.

M3phan | 25. März 2020

For BT connectivity 2020.8.1 was fine for me. Now on 2020.12.1, it’s dropped twice since 3/19 HW3 retrofit. So I’m not sure if it’s related to the retrofit or the software.
Soft reboot immediately fixes issue.

tdwin2000 | 25. März 2020

mine wasn't an issue with bluetooth for the music as I don't stream but use the built-in Slacker radio most of the time. Every time i got in the car and put it in R to back up I'd get the warning to use the key card. I just did the soft reset and it seems to work now. Fingers crossed and thanks for suggesting that.

M3phan | 26. März 2020

Ah. I also noted in Apple service forum that since new iOS update (13.4) BT connectivity is one of the bugs.

007bond | 26. März 2020

Agree it is a problem. I had very few issues before and now 2 issues car will just not unlock and then once I get in my phone is not connected to the car for phone calls. No changes on the phone just the car so issue is with the new software.

tdwin2000 | 26. März 2020

I just called service. It didn't take long to get them on the phone. They are open until 10 pm Mountain time. They walked me thru shutting off my car and doing some other resets. Cars bluetooth connecting fine now. However, my Tesla HPWC when I push the button near my charging port doesn't open the door at all. I had my Tesla app on iphone NOT set to always recognize, it was set to only when using the app (or car). But, even since, charging port not opening when the chargers button is pushed near the door. Think I'm going to go back to my Samsung S9+ (less issues with the Tesla using it). Anyone else having this issue with the door for charging port NOT opening when the button on charging handle is pressed?

EVRider | 27. März 2020

@tdwin2000: At times I’ve had trouble opening the charge port without unlocking the car first by opening the driver’s door, but it’s been working lately. Are you having issues with your phone key?