2 chargers on a NEMA 14-50 circuit?

2 chargers on a NEMA 14-50 circuit?

I have a I have a NEMA 5-15 and a NEMA 14-50 in my backyard

When I will take delivery of the Model Y I guess it will be faster to charge my Model 3 and Model Y on a 14-50 with a splitter if those exist than one on the 5-15 and the other on the 14-50 then switch the chargers.

Anyone use something to split the charge for 2 Teslas at the same time?

jordanrichard | 26. März 2020

Are these two outlets on the same circuit? That is going to be your only issue.

Tronguy | 26. März 2020

@StayThePhoqueHome: I wouldn't do any splitting if I were you. Far as I know, a NEMA14-50 is supposed to be connected to a single 50A breaker, period, with 50A-rated wire. Kind of like major appliances: One per breaker.
The Telsa Mobile Connector (TMC) does have an adapter for a NEMA14-50. One would think that one could draw 80% of 50A (45A) with this thing, but that's not the case. Apparently, the NEC (National Electric Code) allows for a NEMA14-50 to be installed with a 40A breaker; since Tesla can't tell what one has back there, 32A (80% of 40A) is what one gets.
Plug in a MY and a M3 at the same time, you're going to get 64A, and, if you're lucky, all you'll do is pop the 50A (or 40A) breaker. If you're not lucky, the wire inside the wall will heat up and burn the house down. Which is a bad thing.
Obvious things to do:
1. One car at a time.
2. Get a second NEMA14-50, wire, and breaker installed. That works only if your breaker panel has the load capacity and a double-breaker spot to spare.
3. Tesla Wall Connectors. Two of them. Seems that one can wire up two on the same 60A circuit, set the switches inside that one is doing this, and the two will coordinate with each other to not overload the circuit. Downside: Each TWC is $500. On the other hand: They sure are convenient, I got one in the garage, and the TMC stays in the trunk.
4. At one time there was a TWC that could plug into a NEMA14-50. Don't know how the sharing works with that one, you'll need to talk to Tesla and see.
Good luck!

kevin_rf | 27. März 2020

Tronguy, Tesla dropped support for the daisy chained HPWC in the gen 3 HPWC. So you would need to get 2 gen 2 HWPC's.

That said there are some pricey third-party chargers that have two charging cables. Usually work by charge the first connected vehicle, when it's done charge the second vehicle.

No good options, unless you don't need to charge both each day. First one home gets the Nema 14-50 ;-)

kevin_rf | 27. März 2020

Here's one, but look at the price, $1300