Model Y Catch-22

Model Y Catch-22

I'm considering ordering a Model Y. I asked a question about the 7-day trade-in policy. If I purchase the Model Y, I'm going to trade in my Model 3. Unfortunately, if I choose to return the Y within the 7 days, I won't be able to get my Model 3 back. The local sales rep tells me that it will be sent to auction. I asked him if they couldn't wait the 7 days to send it to auction to give me that flexibility, but he said no.

Anyone else have opinions on this?

Magic 8 Ball | 06. April 2020

Does any other car manufacturer offer the terms you want?

WW_spb | 06. April 2020


FISHEV | 06. April 2020

Don't trade it in. You'll get more for it on the market. Though you might want to look at Pick a car that is for sale that is close to yours and see how long it takes to sell it.

Or do that on your local Craigslist.

OCModel3 | 06. April 2020

Since the Model Y is essentially a Model 3 with some tweaks to make it an SUV, why are you even concerned about trading it in within 7 days? If you are just curious about the features, why buy it first? Just find one that you can look over and see the difference.

The 7-day return policy is geared toward ICE and other car buyers who may be apprehensive about converting to Tesla. It really does not make sense for existing Telsa owners, so good that they are not offering you that option of essentially borrowing the Y for a week.

Orthopod | 06. April 2020

Keep your Model 3 and sell privately.

You will get more.

The chance of returning your Model Y are so low that if you really wanna trade in, you will not return your Model Y anyway

blkice | 06. April 2020

Got a new Performance Y in garage, this car is the bomb, definitely a keeper
Can’t drive it because I’m quarantined
First World problem

Uncle Paul | 06. April 2020

You cannot get your trade in back, but they will return to you the price of your trade in.

A busy delivery center can deliver 100 cars a day. They would have no place to store and keep track of all those trade ins.

TranzNDance | 06. April 2020

You could try selling through another service to decouple the buy and sell transactions. People have various results from different places so check around.

trixiew | 06. April 2020

You will not want to give up your Y.

EVRider | 07. April 2020

As others have said, since you already know and like your Model 3, it seems very unlikely there would be anything about the Model Y that would make you want to return it. Go for it.

robgorman | 07. April 2020

Buy the Y. If you like the Y, keep it and sell the 3 to Carmax. If you don't like the Y, return the Y within 7 days, since you still have the 3.

Alex V | 08. April 2020

CarMax appraised my car much less than Tesla game me for a trade- in. I LOVE my Model Y!!

trixiew | 08. April 2020

My third Tesla. The Model Y is Tesla’s best effort by far. So very fortunate to have one.

lwerner310 | 26. April 2020

I love my Model Y. You will not want to trade it back. That said, if you live in Texas, make sure that they have the temp tags. I have been waiting for about a month.