Scrapped up rocker panel - alternative ways to repair?

Scrapped up rocker panel - alternative ways to repair?

I scraped up my passenger side rocker panel running up against roof tiles that the solar installers pulled from the side of my garage to replace broken tiles during their install and I didn't see them pulling into the garage. Estimate to repair is $2,300. $30 of parts. All the rest is labor cuz they have to basically pull the piece out that goes back over the rear wheel well to paint it properly.

Since it's the rocker panel which you can hardly see because it's below the door and then curves underneath the car part way, I'm thinking there might be another cheaper way because you can hardly see it unless you get on the ground, so if it's not absolutely perfect, I'm ok with it. Deductible for insurance is $500, but it's more about taking the hit on insurance, especially if I have another claim in 3 years and then the rates really go up.

Any suggestions or experiences with an alternate way of getting this fixed for cheaper and I would just pay out of pocket? Any recommended shops for that kind of work in the south Orange County area of CA? Or even outside that area? Thanks.

Magic 8 Ball | 18. Mai 2020

Get some masking tape and a rattle can of paint that is close enough in color and for less than $20 you can do it yourself. A touch up kit may be enough to cover a scratch to bare metal if that is all you want to do. The amount you quote for the proper repair and description of event lead me to believe you have more than a scratch tho.

httran26 | 18. Mai 2020

Time to install aftermarket sideskirts. Depending on how bad the damage is, the sideskirts can just cover it up.

eddieb3 | 18. Mai 2020

@Magic 8 Ball - yes it is more than a scratch. But I think your advice may still be relevant because the reason to isolate the whole piece up to the rear wheel well is to have the ability to paint the whole thing. I think they can patch the thing without taking off the piece and then just paint it and if the paint doesn't exactly match down there, nobody will ever know.

walnotr | 19. Mai 2020

Not that I’m a litigious kind of person, but does the solar installer have any culpability in this situation?

FISHEV | 19. Mai 2020

If there's a loss of paint and rust issue, you need to get the raw metal covered.

One suggestion since the rocker covers are a problem for loss of paint anyway would be to get the area wrapped in either car color or a contrasting black(?) using PPF vs. the thinner just color wrap. The PPF's are not coming with colors. This will fix the scrape while addressing an ongoing issue with rocker covers. Doing colored PPF (and mudflaps) will fix two problems, current and future, and likely cost less. PPF for rockers was just $400.

I put on mudflaps and clear PPF'd the rocker covers.

"Tesla Will Pay For Mudflaps In Canada: Generosity Or Strategy?"

Magic 8 Ball | 19. Mai 2020

An article from insideevs does not dictate Tesla policy.

FISHEV | 19. Mai 2020

"The PPF's are NOW coming with colors."

RP3 | 19. Mai 2020

@eddieb3 - patching that area really depends on the extent of the damage. It's aluminum, so when I had mine fixed, they had to replace the whole panel and repaint. Took it to a few places to try to get some other method to 'patch/paint' since for me it didn't need to be perfect, but didn't have luck finding someone that thought they could repair it that way.

eddieb3 | 19. Mai 2020

I should have posted pictures of the damage. I think I may have led y'all to believe it was some minor scratches but it's more than that. See the 4 pictures:

eddieb3 | 19. Mai 2020

@walnotr - Good question on the liability possibly by the solar installers. Probably not. I told them where the tiles were in the garage. They pulled them out to take some and I should have seen them when I pulled into the garage but didn't.