Went for HW3, also got clear display

Went for HW3, also got clear display

A few weeks ago, I took our Model S in for the FSD computer upgrade. When the car was returned, I noticed that the slight yellowish border around the touchscreen was gone. I never really cared about it and never mentioned it to the service department. There was no service report when I picked up the car, presumably because of contagion. What did they do to freshen the appearance of the touchscreen?

Ohmster | 28. Juni 2020

I think you get a new screen with the MCU2 upgrade but not HW3. They probably exposed your screen to UV which removes the yellowing. Had mine done last year (UV).

I am on a slipping schedule for my HW3 and MCU2 upgrade.....very eager to get now that some other members here convinced me to get the latter as well.

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stevenmaifert | 28. Juni 2020

You either got a new touchscreen with the upgrade, or they used a UV light treatment on your old screen which is the fix for the yellow borders.

akikiki | 28. Juni 2020

Well, they usually send us an e-copy of the invoice even with in/out warranty repairs. The email address is your Tesla email address on file in your account.

They have a UV light process where they impose a UV light on the screen and it cures the glue making the yellow disappear. That's the simple explanation. And good as new, maybe better.

There's a shortage of new screens currently. Highly unlikely they swapped your screen out for a different one considering the effort and shortage.

Anthony J. Parisio | 29. Juni 2020

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