Accelerating the Adoption of Sustainable Transport

Accelerating the Adoption of Sustainable Transport

This evening my wife and I offered to split the cost of the reservation deposit for anyone (excluding other partners) in my office ( who reserves a Model 3 between 3/31 and 4/30. We'll pay $500 and they'll pay $500.

As our Teslas and TSLA have been very good to us for the last 3+ years, we felt that it would be a great time to contribute more broadly to the adoption of sustainable transport.

I encourage others considering such a move to do something similar - I was grinning ear to ear as I posted the offer on our company intranet. I have no idea how many people will take us up on it, I assume at least five and perhaps double digits. I'll come back and update this post as numbers change.

Tâm | 21. März 2016

Very impressive!

The people in your office are so lucky!

Cattledog | 21. März 2016

They all do great work, all deserving of a boost, and it's about accelerating a movement (not really about helping them buy a car). Fun for us!

SamO | 22. März 2016

I got a copy of your architecture book at the TMC connect in 2015. Thanks again for the book and for all that you're doing for sustaining transport and Tesla motors.

dd.micsol | 22. März 2016

cattledog-that is mighty nice of you and good reason to do so. I wish more companies would do things like this.
You have a great heart. Wish I could order one through you as were are in VT. We won't see our car until late 2018 if we're lucky and no tax incentives even though we'll order on the first day in store. Incentives can only be redeemed when car is delivered which will put us back about 350k cars as we'll be last on their list to be delivered.
We're the green mountain state but treated by Tesla with this sales release marketing strategy like cow patties. Sorry but we have too many patties here already. LOL.

PhillyGal | 22. März 2016

What a wonderful and generous idea!

Not get to work on installing chargers at the office ;)

rshibley | 22. März 2016

Very cool of you to do that.

SUN 2 DRV | 22. März 2016

Cattledog: Awesome! We all should find a way within our means to encourage those around us to engage in this movement.

What an inspiring way to lead by example.

Red Sage ca us | 22. März 2016

Cattledog: +42! That is an excellent idea!

Cattledog | 25. März 2016

Update 3/25: 3 people on board, 2 others really close, others considering. | 25. März 2016

Great idea. Do you have the caveat that, if they cancel, you're get your $500 back?
Here are some thoughts about your premise: contributing more broadly to the adoption of sustainable transport:

1. Tesla Motors primary mission, according to Elon, is to advance the adoption of sustainable transport.
2. Tesla Motors is the world's leading supplier of BEVs, their entry into the sustainable transport category.
3. The Tesla Roadster, Model S, and Model X are expensive cars that aren't available to most people.
4. In order for Tesla to better accomplish their mission they need to build a lower priced BEV. Their announced entry into the lower-priced category is called the Model ≡.
5. Model ≡ reservations will begin to be taken for $1,000 on March 31.
6. If an extraordinarily large number of reservations are made, TSLA will likely increase in value substantially.
7. In order to build the Model ≡ Tesla will require the Gigafactory to be fully operational, producing high quality Li-ion battery cells in record volume.
8. Also, in order to build the Model ≡ in a volume of hundreds of thousands a year Tesla will need to purchase and install hundreds of millions of dollars worth of manufacturing robots and related equipment.
9. One relatively easy way to acquire the needed capital dollars is to print and sell stock. The higher the value of the shares of stock, the less dilution of ownership in the company for existing shareholders.

Conclusion: Encouraging, as widely as possible, the reservations of the Model ≡ will enhance the likelihood that Tesla will be successful in accomplishing its mission.

Tstolz | 25. März 2016

Hmm maybe we should all order 2

Cattledog | 25. März 2016

georgehawley - Yes, if they don't follow through I have asked them to return the $500. Our office only has about 85 people, and everyone is awesome, so I see it as no issue. I sent out a short eail this evening before leaving clarifying a few things, I hope as the date approaches a few more will decide to join the Tesla team. We'll see!

NKYTA | 25. März 2016

Awesome sauce!!

TesMD | 25. März 2016

Wow. That is such a generous and great idea.

Ankit Mishra | 26. März 2016

Wow!! That's a great act. Very nice of you do that.

robgorman | 26. März 2016

@cattledog: You hiring?

Cattledog | 26. März 2016

robgorman - yes, there's info on this link:

Cattledog | 31. März 2016

Update 3/31: 7 people on board, 2 waiting for reveal, others considering. Hoping for double digits within the week!

Cattledog | 31. März 2016

3 from my office went to Austin today (80 miles from San Antonio) and the rest will be reserving online tonight. I was going to go up with Austin crew but my wife and I are in California, Hermosa Beach, looking at the water and leaving for Hawthorne soon!

Cattledog | 31. März 2016

3 from my office went to Austin today (80 miles from San Antonio) and the rest will be reserving online tonight. I was going to go up with Austin crew but my wife and I are in California, Hermosa Beach, looking at the water and leaving for Hawthorne soon!

Red Sage ca us | 06. April 2016

Cattledog: How'd you like the show?

Cattledog | 08. April 2016

Show was great, funny to call a party for 800+ intimate but compared to the Model X reveal it had that feel. We got there at 6, was supposed to open at 7, but they started letting people in at 6:30, so it never felt too crowded as the crowd slowly built. Elon did a good job, backdrop was awesome, car's great.

Update: Got 11 ordered now in my office, 10 of which we're contributing towards! I'm gonna guess 15+ by month's end.

Unbeliever | 08. April 2016

Actually, you're paying $666.67 to their $500 if you want your employees' paychecks to stay the same. There is no such thing as a gift from an employer to an employee according to the IRS. Talk to your payroll folks and let them know what you're doing. The liability is on you.

The bonus withholding rate for 2016 is 25%. If you give your employees $500 to partially reimburse the cost of of the deposit, you're required to withhold $125 more on their next paycheck. If you want their paycheck to stay the same, you have to "gross up" the gift/bonus. $500 / (1-0.25) = 666.67. You pay them $666.67, and take off 25% to the IRS, that will net a $500 to the employee.

Cattledog | 08. April 2016

Unbeliever - My wife and I did this personally, it was not from our company. I just offered it to people at the company. So it falls way below the IRS' gifting rules for individuals.

Red Sage ca us | 08. April 2016

Cattledog: I take it there will be a selection of J1772s or HPWCs at your office parking lot come the end of next year?

Cattledog | 27. Mai 2016

Final tally seems to be 12. I think I might extend the offer since Tesla is accelerating production, means more people might have access to the federal tax credits. If things change I'll report back.