This is crazy

This is crazy

Seeing some of the pictures of the lines of people are incredible.

Has there ever been anything like this before about a car? About a car no one has even seen yet?

And I saw where Elon was out there greeting those that were waiting in line……..that was way cool.

Not sure you'll ever see any other Automobile Company's top guy out there personally thanking the customers. Oh wait, they don't have lines of customers…..never mind.

Due to the overwhelming response, Elon's Tesla team might have too re-strategize production schedule.

Elon has got to be tremendously happy right about now. (Tesla Mgmt, employee's also)

On another note, after seeing the pictures, reading the overwhelming response today, I shake my head when I was listening to reports today from so called "analysts" on Wall Street. These guys still don't get it. One guy even said this is Tesla's downfall(whats happening today). Talk about not seeing the forest because the trees are in the way.

It'll be interesting how much coverage this gets on the nightly news.

Congrats to all who persevered today!

evaandmarty | 31. März 2016

This is a really happy day for all of us
It is the day ... Transportation changed

carlk | 31. März 2016

You are right those Wall Street types will never get it. Many still call this a hype. It's not a hype. It's Tesla's brand image from those three models it proudced in the past that people now associate it to best designed and made cars on the planet. Exactly follows Elon's plan conceived more than a decade ago.

eye.surgeon | 31. März 2016

It's "Wall Street types" that are funding Tesla and paying for the development of the M3. Who do you think is buying all the stock? It isn't hippies.

Tstolz | 31. März 2016

I guess history repeats itself .. the 'experts' missed the Beatles too. Loveing it!!!

katejwade | 31. März 2016

I've been waiting for this moment since 1992 when I first read about electric cars in a Popular Science magazine. I sure hope for two things:

1) The site doesn't crash before I get my online reservation in.
2) This isn't some April Fools joke; I would be extremely disappointed.

Mathew98 | 31. März 2016

@eye.surgeon - The Wall St. type are the CNBC talking heads which have their brains planted firmly in their arses. Hedge Funds and short sellers love to manipulate and spread FUD to depress the stock prices for their own gains. These folks tend to short sell the stock, they don't typically hold the stock.

The endowment funds, various index funds, and shrewd investment firms who did their research represent the bulk of the initial TSLA purchases. Individual investors and hippies make up a rather small percentage of stock ownership by comparison.

Michael_Bluth | 31. März 2016

David N : I couldn't help but think the same thing. If they get 100k reservations in a week or so, I can't help but think they would have to do everything they could to get production going and rolling out cars as soon as possible.

Ross1 | 31. März 2016

Amid all the hype tho, look at it from the other side:

If Tesla can not get it going, can't fill orders
like if it is too big to handle and the sky falls in

or if Big Oil bomb the plant...

Li-ion batteries are about to be the biggest thing in the world. What could possibly go wrong?

mbb | 31. März 2016

Most of the Wall street types are idiots who never created anything in their life. They make money by preying on people's weakness of fear and greed. So best to do is to ignore their noise and use your own judgment on Tesla

Pricee2 | 31. März 2016

@mbb You nailed it! They make there money giving (poor) advice or writing b.s. articles. Not by investing their own money.

Bighorn | 31. März 2016

I turned on CNBC to catch some Tesla line news. They teased a story about big excitement today in Palo Alto which logically was going to be about Tesla. All it was was Tim Cook showing up to an Apple Store. Crazy

Red Sage ca us | 06. April 2016

Only bad thing about this is that Elon's 120 hour work week may have to stretch to a 160 hour work week for the next three years...

carlk | 06. April 2016


You have a wrong concept of what the stock market really is. There is a capital part of it and there is a gambling part of it. Gambling part is an unfortunate consequence when money and unpredictablily are put together. The Wall Street types make money mostly from the gambling part. Sadly for the general public you can't separate one from the other.