Reservation CONFIRMED!

Reservation CONFIRMED!

That is all...

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wang5150 | 31. März 2016

Reserved... Let the r3volution begin!

sbeggs | 31. März 2016


Salagubang | 31. März 2016

Let the waiting begin...prepare your garage

mwkugel | 31. März 2016


SCCRENDO | 31. März 2016

Also reserved. By the time I get mine my model S will be more than 5 years old with more than 150000 miles

TheAustin | 31. März 2016

I'm psyched for the Model 3, I think it looks awesome...But even though I was one of the first to reserve, you can bet that I'm not going to be holding my breath to see it at the end of next year :p

Haggy | 31. März 2016

But the question is when that will be. Would you prefer to see Musk get this out on time, or to add more features and make it a better car than it needs to be? For now, he hit the high points needed for it to be a great car for the price. But he also showed a car that shouldn't have any engineering challenges that they didn't face before, and the same should apply to manufacturing it. It's a matter of what's not there. It won't have to be a better car than what he showed, and it might be that a year later.

In order to build these in volume, a lot of time will be spent designing the process to build them and retooling the factory, perhaps even more so than adding to the design of the car.

Darryl | 31. März 2016

You have at least 16 months if not more to get your garage ready probably at least 24 months unless you are a current Tesla owner, buying a fully loaded car or an employee. As it will take 2 years to product the first 120,000 so you have a long time to get your garage ready. If orders reach 400k cars, only the fully loaded cars will be produced for first one to two years. They won't be producing 250k+ cars per year until at least 2019 - 2020.

lph | 31. März 2016

Took a chance and reserved before the unveil.
It's a beautiful car... And so much more!