Superchargers to double, Charge points to Quaddruple

Superchargers to double, Charge points to Quaddruple

Did everyone catch that in the reveal. Doubling of Superchargers and quadrupling of Charge points.

Chunky Jr. | 31. März 2016

Doubling of supercharger stalls, not necessarily doubling the number of locations. The extra destination chargers is also a big deal. I stayed at a hotel recently that had them and it was great - just charged each night and didn't even need to go to the local SC before I left. With 15K+ destination chargers, they will probably have multiple chargers at every major hotel chain in the country.

Uncoiled | 31. März 2016

And a partridge in a pear tree. As much as I love Tesla, their charger predictions have been consistently too optimistic by far. Construction is virtually halted right now. I'll believe the doubling when I see it.

milesbb | 01. April 2016

Production is going up 10 X, from 50,000 to 500,00 per year, Tesla will cover it by going 2X on superchargers? Of course Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf and BMW i3 are doing next to nothing.

hateToShift | 01. April 2016

If they could double the number of SC stalls, and halve the charge time, that would be huge. Demand for SCs is going to grow beyond belief as lower income people become Tesla owners. A guy buying a 35k car is much more likely to want to get all his fuel for free, IMO.

carlgo | 01. April 2016

Any charging that requires hours of waiting is not a boon to EV use, but a serious obstacle to the adoption of it. That is the contrarian view of course, and one not shared by many here!

EVs will only really start to take over when there is the presence of fast chargers easily accessible everywhere.

CraigW | 01. April 2016

I think most of you miss the point. You can always charge the car at home. Pressure is going to mount quickly to install chargers in apartment complexes - even if they are a paid option. This is where most people will charge their cars.

Sure, the superchargers will be full more often, but they are still more for traveling than something you plan a couple of times a week. There will be problems, but I really doubt this will be something that discourages people from buying an EV - and Tesla is the best EV made.

Finally, the superchargers were introduced to eliminate a negative - I can't travel, therefore I won't buy an EV - and not to support free fuel for everyone, all the time.

Red Sage ca us | 05. April 2016

Uncoiled: 42, my Friend. 42.

"I don't believe it! Prove it to me, and I still won't believe it!" -- Ford Prefect

J.T. | 06. April 2016

Ds in quadruple to double!! Film at 11.

kevin_rf | 06. April 2016


While I agree that apartment complex chargers are in the future, I think you will first see them in the workplace parking lots. There are all sorts of incentives for companies to install them. I am not only talking tax, but also the perk helps in recruiting the cream of the crop, helps property management companies attract client companies to the site.

I know the San Diego space we rent has two chargers in the parking lot. It is shared between the various companies in the complex. One cool thing is the charger sends a text message when your car is done charging. That way you can move off and give the next person a chance to charge. (They do seem to complain a fair amount about an i3 owner from a different company that hogs the charging station).

Now if we could only convince our Lawrence MA. landlord to install charging stations in the parking lot.

It is just one more item to add to the checklist when renting office space. Price per sq. ft., Location, Services, Access to fiber, Parking, now access to chargers.

In truth, you don't need to charge at home if you can charge at work.

PhillyGal | 06. April 2016

They need to be in workplaces.

Then any other place you spend a few hours (malls, movie theaters, amusement parks) so that charging becomes something you barely have to think about.

I still say we need a major education initiative before the Model 3 gets here to teach people ideal use of super chargers.

Earl and Nagin ... | 06. April 2016

IIRC, Musk said these increases would be before the end of 2017, meaning when the first Model IIIs hit the roads. They could still increase further as Model IIIs roll out to continue to keep up.
I definitely hope that Tesla looks carefully at whether they can keep up with supercharger installation to keep up with the demand for free charging. There's clearly a balance between the new sales they see when they install a free urban supercharger and the impact its overuse by locals has on the viability of required fast charging. Luckily, if there's one thing that Tesla seems to be very good at, it is looking at tradeoffs and making intelligent decisions.

Tropopause | 06. April 2016

Tesla's charger expansion plan was announced before Model 3 reservations shot through the roof.

Guess what? Plans change. Tesla will match charger expansion with sales. They are not a dumb company. Elon has a mission to accomplish.

Today he also advised against shorting TSLA. I'm not betting against him.

aarnold | 06. April 2016

Not sure what a major education initiative would be needed for. When you are doing a long ditance travel, find the SC and plug in. How hard can that be? Filling up at the gas station is a lot more complicated and there are no education initiatives for that.

jordanrichard | 06. April 2016

PG can certainly correct me if I am wrong here, but I believe by "education" she meant explaining to the future Model ≡ owners that the superchargers are for long distance travel and basic charging etiquette. Also helpful things like not intentionally pairing up on the same charger as another car.