Any chance of knowing where I am on the pre-order list?

Any chance of knowing where I am on the pre-order list?

I pre-ordered the Model 3 around 4pm ET on the east coast. As the delivery date gets closer, can Tesla tell me where I am on the list. Yes, over 150,000 pre-orders last I read, but since distribution starts on the west coast, I cannot even begin to guess.

Hey Tesla owners, when you pre-ordered, did you ever get information on how many deliveries were before yours, etc.?

Thanks in advance!

Nexxus | 01. April 2016

They will probably have to sort through the list to see who are owners and who aren't. Then adjust them to the top of the order. Then and only then will they find out who's on first. That's right the name of the guy on first! There will also be some lag time for the owners to order before they adjust them all so they can get the order straight.

dani | 01. April 2016

Thanks, Go_Peddle_4_me. Forgot about the owners being at the top of the list.

dnydam | 01. April 2016

I suspect there won't be a formal numbering this time, so you won't really know beyond the possibility of some rough grouping.

They've consistently said that the most highly configured cars will be delivered first with west coast, current owners, and first day store reservations having priority. Safe to say that a current owner who lives in CA, reserved yesterday in-store, and orders a decked out Model 3 will get the car very early.

However, no one (likely including Tesla at this point) knows how they will prioritize a loaded car to a first time owner vs. a base model order from a current owner.