Model 3 Impressions and Wishlist

Model 3 Impressions and Wishlist

Voted for the future with my $1000 and looking forward to the developments over the next year or two.

Car looks beautiful, but hoping the "snout", will be tweaked somewhat by production, sounds like i'm not alone on this one. Not a deal breaker though because overall design is very nice, and certain angles are exceptional and downright sexy. The looks leave other electrics in the dust.

As far as what I'd like to see:

0-60 in around 5 seconds and 250 miles per charge option without having to drop more than $40k. Personally, I would rather forego every other option for a basic performance package like this.

Include a head up display as standard. I can live with the minimalist dash and single tablet if I could at least have the basics in front of me on the windshield.

Include large enough wheels on even the base model to compliment to the generous roofline, the wheels shown during the unveil looked like they fit the car, anything smaller I believe would make the rear half of the car look heavy and detract from the overall effect.

On a more trivial note, some fun colors, at least perhaps an "electric" blue or other noticeable new paint, we have enough black, white and silver on the road. Not that the Model 3 is going to need help standing out, but I say liven it up!

All the best in getting production under way, cant wait to see this car on the road! (And in my driveway)

OHMY | 03. April 2016

I want a tailpipe that blows bubbles when I pass big diesel pickup trucks that roll coal.

OHMY | 03. April 2016

I also would like exterior speakers and an app that can make my silent model 3 sound like any other car I want it to at the touch of a button, just because in the S so many of my friends complain that silent = soulless. Of course, it is also fun to accuse them of hating the millennium falcon and calling it soulless in that case, since Han's ride probably isn't internal combustion [citation needed]

Red Sage ca us | 03. April 2016

It seems that details such as battery capacity, horsepower ratings, and trim levels will be reserved for the Model ☰ Reveal Part II. I expect that to take place sometime next year, ahead of the first Deliveries.

I have realized that most of the photos from the audience, that were up angle camera shots to the stage, were not very flattering of the design at all. But when seen from above, such as a full standing position next to, and looking down on the car, it is stunningly beautiful on all sides. I'm going to have to buy a Tesla Model ☰.

I was previously rather concerned about it looking too much like a Porsche up front. I no longer harbor those concerns. I saw a video that showed different angles of the front end I hadn't seen before. That brief viewing was enough to explore certain turns of metal and highlight the design features that are unique to the Model ☰. Much prettier than a Porsche. Ahhh...

lock123 | 04. April 2016

Anybody else out there feel they would rather have more power and range than lots of bells and whistles, autonomous drive, etc? For me performance is the foundation, cupholders can wait.

PhillyGal | 04. April 2016

@Red - Agree. I changed my tune as I looked at the test ride model compared to first impressions on stage.

@Lock - I would rather have more power than other options as well. I don't care for leather seats, find no need for upgraded sound, can't stand wood grained interior accents and like the standard coil suspension on our S just fine. That being said, I'll probably do whatever I have to do in terms of options to get the car quickly. Except tires. Darnit. I really don't want bigger tires. Potholes are a real problem where I live.

hcwhy | 04. April 2016

I've brought this up elsewhere in the forums, but I'd love to see the "hat shelf" be removable so the car has a lot of the benefits of a hatchback.

kevin.langenberger | 04. April 2016

Incredibly well designed car........can't wait to get one in the driveway. My only feedback is they offer a different option for the heads up display because constantly looking to the right may get old very fast. If they could integrate the 15 inch screen into the dash I think it would be an absolute game changer or at least offer an option to upgrade for a different interaction with the HUD. I was waiting in line in Fremont last Thursday early in the morning and saw the black Model X with white interior.......pretty much the coolest car Isaac and I have ever seen up close! I asked if we could trade in my highlander and the wife said "Keep dreaming!". Oh well.....our family can't wait to join team Tesla!

adoh2010 | 04. April 2016

40k for 250 miles and 0-60 in 5s sound very close to what's expected. The dual motor option should be no more than $5k on the base battery.

adoh2010 | 04. April 2016

40k for 250 miles and 0-60 in 5s sound very close to what's expected. The dual motor option should be no more than $5k on the base battery.

Red Sage ca us | 04. April 2016

adoh2010: Someone asked via Twitter, Elon answered that the Dual Motor All Wheel Drive option will be less than $5,000. My guess? $38,000 for a Model ☰ 60D/70D.

NKYTA | 04. April 2016

Isn't that 55-65, since we are speculating? :-)

Vegan | 05. April 2016

I really just want the ability to pre-cool the car. I live in Vegas and that's a MUST-HAVE in Summer.

I'm happy to hear that a tow-hitch will be an option because I plan to haul around bikes and I wanted a tow hitch for a bike rack. I'm also happy to hear it will be super-safe.

mos6507 | 05. April 2016

"I was previously rather concerned about it looking too much like a Porsche up front."

Is looking like a Porsche really a bad thing? Porsche's are awesome.

cforte | 05. April 2016

I would like to see the Model 3 in a 2 door coupe, lowered roof and body like the way BMW does it.

adias.angel | 05. April 2016

Only thing I would like to see is a HUD (leave the dash as is) and some new, more vibrant paint colors. Otherwise I love everything about it even the "snout".

Red Sage ca us | 07. April 2016

mos6507: Meh. I'm not a Porsche fan. I believe that the Cayman S and Boxster are both pretty friggin' sleek. And the very old cars... Whuzzat the 356? Oh, and the 550... Those are nice looking too. But the ones I like most were the old 928s, and near as I can tell, those are the cars that actual Porsche fans hate the most.